A courtesy visit to the mayor of Fussa.*

  On November 5, I paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Fussa, Mr. Ikuo Kato. During the visit, I told him that our activities have been supported by many volunteers, companies, private funds, and the government, adding that we have been donating 8,500 wheelchairs to children in 24 countries for 16 years. I also told him that the Council of Social Welfare of Fussa has been of a great help to us and various kinds of assistance from Fussa city has enabled us to donate such large number of wheelchairs to overseas children. Then I promised him that we would continue our activities even harder after we move our working base from Hamura to Fussa city with the great help of ISHIKAWA BREWERY Co.,Ltd.

  The mayor said, “I have known about your NGO since the very beginning and I think your activities considering overseas children are great. I am proud of your having worked for 16 years. Good for you and good luck with your NGO! I am the one supporting you.”

We talked only for a short while but it was a meaningful visit for me.

 The mayor, Mr. Kato(right) and me(Morita).

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