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2020/02/16 We had a little rain at the beginning.*
2020/01/29 The Vietnam Handover Ceremony Report is on the site.*
2020/01/19 The first meeting was blessed with fine weather.*
2019/12/29 We got 76 wheelchairs from three schools in December.*
2019/12/27 We issued the activity report Vol.22. *
2019/12/15 No work for today!*
2019/11/29 “Bike & Camp” was held at Kasumigaura.*
2019/11/28 26 wheelchairs reached Mongolia.*
2019/11/27 We shipped 90 wheelchairs for Cambodia. *
2019/11/25 We got 64 wheelchairs from four schools in November.*


  The Paraguay Ambassador to Japan visited us for the second time.

  The Paraguay Ambassador to Japan visited our monthly meeting for the second time after two years absence. (The article of that time)

  The Ambassador (the second person from the left) giving a speech and the national flag of Paraguay.

  “I’d like to express my thanks to everyone here, Vietnamese group, Rotary Club members, students, and voluntary members. The wheelchairs you’ve refurbished are now used children in Paraguay. Your wheelchair have made those children happy, and their families as well. There are still lots of children who need a wheelchair. Your activities are of great importance for them. I do hope you continue your good work. Thank you again on behalf of children in Paraguay.”

  The Ambassador, who is said to hold the additional post of ambassador to Vietnam, had a conversation with the Vietnamese group during the lunchtime.

(Left) From the left, Mr. Nakano, president of Tokyo Akishima Chuo Rotary Club, Mr. Nakayama, an embassy member, the Ambassador, Ms. Kumagai, an embassy member, and our president, Mr. Morita.
(Right) The Ambassador remembers Kanon and spoke to her.

(Left) The Ambassador and Vietnamese group.
(Right) Yamashita from BIKE&CAMP enjoyed talking with the Ambassador in Spanish.

The Ambassador with today’s participants.

February 16, 2020 Secretariat