Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

 We have monthly meetings on the third Sunday to refurbish and pack wheelchairs.This page shows what our monthly meeting is like.

  Meeting under the clear skies.

  On April 14, 2024, we had a meeting under the clear skies. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, Yokota Air Base group, Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members, general volunteers, and staff: 29 in total.

  The U.S. Air Force Yokota Air Base Group will join the regular meeting from this time after an experience meeting for base members on April 2. We would like to continue to include such international exchanges in our meetings from now on.

  The project for the Philippines continues: we have completed and packed 11 units. This brings the total to 28 wheelchairs for the Philippines. Another 10 units have been cleaned and maintained and are waiting to be packed. We will keep working at this pace for the next round and beyond.

  Thank you all for your hard work.

April 21, 2024      Secretariat

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(Left) Abebe, the Ethiopian group leader, and his group members helped set up the venue early in the morning. They laid out plywood and old tatami mats to clean and maintain wheelchairs and placed wheelchairs on them.
(Right) The Ethiopian flag was put on the wall of the warehouse today. Abebe has established the NPO Adei Ababa Ethiopian Association in Yotsugi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, to manage it. Most of its members are Japanese, and its purpose is to support Ethiopians living in Japan. Mr. Abebe, a regular member of our NGO, approached members of the association who had stopped coming during Corona and said he would increase the number of people mobilized in the future.

The venue setup is ready. It is a great help to complete the preparations early.

The Vietnamese group arrives immediately and gets to work right away.

(Left) The Vietnamese group.
(Right) These are two members of the Ethiopian group. The woman on the right said, “I’m enjoying working here again. It’s been a long time.”

Since the sunlight became stronger, we hurriedly put up two tents and three tarps. It will be hot again this year, I guess.

(Left) Sagami Women’s University group started with packing work.
(Right) Vietnamese group and Sagami Women’s University group worked together on packing.

This is the Yokota Air Base group. They are working with a crisp and steady motion.

Today’s lunch was Abebe’s special Ethiopian curry. The curry powder was imported from Ethiopia, and the curry, simmered for three days, tasted fantastic.

Sagami Women’s University group.       Vietnamese group.

Yokota Air Base group.             Ethiopian group.
We all enjoyed Abebe’s curry. Thank you, Abebe-san!

Thank you everyone!

  Meeting with Yokota Air Base members.

  In September 2022, we got the following inquiry from a Japanese woman working at Yokota Air Base.

  “An American serviceman at Yokota Air Base wanted to do some volunteer work, so she contacted the Fussa Volunteer Center and was referred to you (our NGO). When she discussed this with her supervisor, he was very interested and would very much like to participate in volunteer activities. Is it possible for military personnel to participate?”

  Because of the widespread Corona disaster at that time, “We are now limiting our activities to a small group of people. Please join us after the corona subsides,” we had to decline.

  Finally, the Corona settled down and we approached the woman who contacted us, and we were able to hold a meeting on April 2. On the day of the meeting, we had 11 participants from Yokota Air Base. We also called on the members of Sagami Women’s University, and three of them joined us.

  At the beginning, we told them that we would only perform cleaning and explained in detail how to do so. We also showed the necessary tools for each part and how to use them with demonstrations. We then asked members of the Sagami Women’s University, who were able to join us on short notice, to assist the U.S. group in its work.

  We were able to clean 12 wheelchairs, thanks in large part to the serious efforts of the U.S. members and the support of the Sagami Women’s University group.

  Based on this work experience, we will ask Yokota Air Base members to join in our regular meetings from now on. With three groups, the Sagami Women’s University, the Vietnames, and Yokota Air Base, we can expect a steady stream of volunteers.

 The day of the meeting was blessed with mild weather, and both the U.S. members and Sagami Women’s University students actively communicated with each other, making the meeting enjoyable and fulfilling.

  Thank you all for your participation. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

April 4, 2024      Secretariat

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Preparing for the banner welcoming the U.S.members and wheelchairs to be cleaned.

(Left) Getting the participants to disinfect with alcohol and fill in the names and phone numbers.
(Right) Getting started to work with the support of Sagami Women’s Univ. members.

  Normally, Sagami Women’s University students work together, but today we had each member join the U.S. group. Below are the students’ comments.
“It was the first time for me to explain the cleaning and packing of wheelchairs in English, and it was a very good experience for me. I was very happy when I could communicate in English, even though my English was not very good. For us students, the opportunity to be exposed to live English is invaluable, and I hope to continue to actively participate.”

(top, bottom left) We had 11 sturdy military members in the small warehouse for lunch.
(bottom right) When the staff prepared a place away from the group, they moved to a place “closer to” the U.S. members. After the meal, the U.S. members turned to the Sagami Women’s Univ. students and enjoyed conversation with them.

After the work, Darryl, the leader of the U.S. group, thanked for their participation.

Thank you all for your hard work. We look forward to your participation again.

  Last meeting of fiscal 2023.

  On March 24, we had the last meeting of the fiscal year 2023 under cloudy skies. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School group, Ethiopian volunteer, general volunteers, and staff:23 in total.

  We are continuing our project for the Philippines: we have completed and packed 9 wheelchairs. Our goal is to complete the maintenance of 20 units per month, so we will pick up the pace a little more from April.

  Several wheelchairs arrived before the volunteers gathered. Mr. Sengoku left Nagoya early in the morning and arrived at the warehouse around 9:00 a.m. He delivered a total of eight wheelchairs (three wheelchairs, four sitting-aids, and one buggy-type), all at no charge.

March 25, 2024       Secretariat

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           Vietnamese group working together.

Tama Technical High School group working on packing wheelchairs after being briefed on how to pack them.

  Ethiopian volunteer, Abebe-san.     Vietnamese group having lunch.

Lunch scene of Tama Technical High School group and Sagami Women’s Uni group.

  Currently it’s not possible to send wheelchairs to Vietnam due to restrictions on importing used goods. However, Mr. Ba of the “Japan-Vietnam International Exchange Organization” offered to carry them in his carry-on luggage and deliver them to the children when he returns to Vietnam at least once a month, and four of them have already arrived in Vietnam.
  We prepared another four units, and this is a photo of the chairperson, Mr. Morita, with the Vietnamese group members.

  Mr. Morita introducing Ms. Okabe, a fourth-year student at Sagami Women’s University, and Ms. Okabe making her final remarks.

Thank you all for today’s work.

  These are wheelchairs and other items delivered by Mr. Sengoku, who lives in Nagoya.

  Some of them are in good condition and could be sent overseas as is. Thank you, Mr. Sengoku!

  The project for the Philippines has started.

  On March 10, 2024, the cold wind blew strongly from the north, making it a cold day of activity. Even so, once we were out in the sun, the cold eased and we managed to get some work done. The participants of the day were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School group, general volunteers, and staff: 16 in total.

  From this meeting, we started a project for the Philippines. Also on this day, the Sagami Women’s University group had only one participant, a fourth-year student. She had already finished her graduation ceremony and came for her last activity.

  There was another special service; miso soup with plenty of vegetables was served in addition to the usual bento. Thank you, S-san, for making delicious dishes every time.

  We’ve finished cleaning, refurbishing, and packing eight units for the Philippines, even though there was rather smaller number of participants than usual. We’d like to make shipping around July 2024.

Thank you, everyone!

March 13, 2024      Secretariat

(How to see the photos)Click on the photos to enlarge them

  Abebe, the lone participant in the Ethiopian group, was already waiting when the staff arrived before 9:00 a.m. and immediately set up the venue. Before the volunteers gathered, he set out plywood for working on and wheelchairs to be cleaned.

Vienamaese group also came early, and began to work right away.

(Left) Abebe, starting refurbishing work after setting up the venue.
(Right) Teachers and a student from Tama Technical High School, in charge of packing work again. Their packing skills have improved, and they are now able to pack neatly and sturdily.

(Left) Tama Technical High School group, Okabe from Sagami Wmen’s University, and a staff member, Takano, at lunchtime. Thank you, Okabe-san, for bringing delicious sweets!
(Right) Vietnamese group at lunchtime.

Yummy! Miso soup by Sora-san.

Thank you all for your hard work.
Okabe-san, thank you very much for participating in our activities so far.
(The woman in the middle of the photo holding the Sagami Women’s University project flag)

  90 wheelchairs complete for Paraguay.

  On February 11, 2024, we had another pleasant weather for activity. Tha partcipants of the day were Sagami Women’s University group, Tama Technical High School group, general volunteers, wheelchair professionals, and staff:16 in total. Vietnamese group was absent due to the Vietnamese New Year celebration.

  The goal of today’s work was to complete the remaining 10 of the 90 units for Paraguay. Although we had fewer people than usual, we were able to complete the target 10 units.

  Tama Technical High School group, which is almost a regular these days, is in charge of packing. The packing process is more detailed than it appears. The difficult part is how to fold the wheelchair. Japanese wheelchairs for children are designed in various ways to be compact for easy transportation. The various folding methods make it difficult for those in charge of packing. When we are unsure, we ask a wheelchair professional for advice.

  In actual packing, items that stick out, such as handles, will break through the wrapping during loading and unloading if left as they are. To avoid this, the protruding parts are covered with a small piece of wrapping. After that, we wrap the whole unit. This way, the entire packing material is prevented from tearing during transport and loading.

  Sagami Women’s University group tried maintaining work for the first time. Previously they’ve been in charge of cleaning or packing, but the students requested to experience maintenance, and from this time on, the group was given consistent responsibility for both cleaning and maintenance. They learned the names of the parts and tools and learned how to use them from the staff in practice while working on their own.

  There was a special treat again! About an hour into the work, the white bean soup was served. It was just the right sweetness, warming and delicious. Thank you, Sora-san, for making delicious food every time!

  The container loading date for Paraguay has been set for March 18. The ship is scheduled to leave Tokyo Port on March 26. We hope for the ship’s safe departure.
Thank you all for your hard work. (There is an extra article at the end of the photos.)

February 12, 2024      Secretariat

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(Left) Around 9 o’clock, the staff begins gathering to prepare the venue.
(Right) Volunteer Abebe always comes about the same time. Today he is trying to raise the Ethiopian flag as a way of thanking and celebrating the recent wheelchair delivery to Ethiopia.

(Left) Tama Technical High School group, packing “waiting-to-be packed” wheelchairs one after another.
(Right) In response to a request from the Sagami Women’s University group to “experience maintenance,” a staff member shows them how it is done. After this, they proceeded with the maintenance work on their own.

“Shiratama Oshiruko” (white bean soup) made by Sora. So delicious that everyone lined up for seconds.

           Everyone continued to work after “Oshiruko” break.


              Thank you all!

〇Extra article〇
 We have sent many children’s wheelchairs to Vietnam for the Vietnam Red Cross. In 2023, however, we were told that they couldn’t receive wheelchairs because the import permit was not granted. Due to restrictions on importing used goods, we are currently declining to ship to the country.

  Such is the situation, but we talked to a volunteer on the Vietnam group, who introduced Mr. Bah, representative of Japan Vietnam International Exchange Organization. He requested us to provide wheelchairs, saying “I return to Vietnam at least once a month and would like to carry it in my hand luggage and deliver it to a child in Vietnam. So we decided to prepare 1-2 wheelchairs/month, and Mr. Fee from the organization came to our meeting place today to pick up the wheelchairs.

  The wheelchairs we handed today will be brought to Vietnam around February 20, and delivered to children. President Morita told Mr. Fee that he would like to continue to send one or two units to Vietnam, even if it is one or two at a time in this way.

(Left) Mr. Fee, in place of Mr. Bah, received two buggy-type wheelchairs from Mr. Morita.
(Right) Photo of Mr. Fee and Mr. Morita with Sagami Women’s Uni group.

  Meeting under mild weather for midwinter.

  We had a meeting under mild weather for midwinter. The participants of the day were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, general volunteers, and staff members: 16 in total.

  We did cleaning and refurbishing wheelchairs for Paraguay again. We’ve completed our target of 10 units of the day. We now have 80 units, and once we have 90 units ready by the end of February, we will be able to ship them to Paraguay in March.

  On the same day, there was TV coverage of the activities of our NGO. An interview with President Morita was also conducted, which will be aired around April. We will let everyone know when we get more concrete information.

Thank you all for your hard work.

Feburary 3, 2024      Secretariat

(How to see the photos) Click on the photos to enlarge them.

The spread of Covid-19 infection has been reported recently. We made sure that temperatures were taken, fingers were disinfected with alcohol, and contact information was provided. Today, too, the Vietnamese group began gathering much earlier than scheduled.

(Left)Three of the eight members of the Vietnamese group joined for the first time. The leader of the day thoroughly explained the work procedures and precautions to the entire group, including these people.
(Right) They got to work as soon as the explanation was over.

Vietnamese group.

Sagami Women’s Uni group, in charge of packing.

(Left) President Morita, interviewed in front of the warehouse.
(Right) President Morita explained about the work and introduced the participants to the interview team. An interview with Kaito was also conducted. He used to come to our activity with his family and now participates by himself after he became a high school student.(There’s an article about Kaito on October 22, 2023. See the 10th and 11th photos in the same article, which show Kaito as an elementary school student and a high school student.)

(Left)President Morita also introduced the Vietnamese group to the interview team.
(Right)A veteran staff member was exchanging brakewires. It was a struggle to get the right parts, but he managed to find parts that could be used and completed the repair.

Following Oshiruko the last time, Sora-san made hot lemonade. The genuine honey and Japanese lemons were prepared by President Morita. Drinking it between tasks warmed our bodies.


              Thank you everyone for your hard work.

 The first meeting of 2024.

  We held the first meeting of 2024. Although the morning temperature was cold at 4°C (39°F), once the sun began to rise, it was close to 10°C (50°F) and there was no wind, making the weather mild and comfortable to work.

  The participants of the day were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School group, voluntary members, and staff: 26 in total.

  We continued cleaning and refurbishing wheelchairs for Paraguay as we did last year. We were able to complete and pack our target of 10 units. This brings the total to 70. and we expect to have 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay after the two meetings in February.

  It was the first meeting of the year, so we served oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup) in addition to lunch. We had a big pot of soup with 40 prepared rice cakes baked. The sweetness was just right, and the soup was a big hit with the participants, who said, “Delicious, delicious!” It was perfect for the New Year.

Thank you all for your hard work!

January 15, 2024      Secretariat

(How to see the photos) Click on the photos to enlarge them.

  We started with temperature check as usual. If nothing is wrong with temperature, we fill in our name, temperature, and phone number. The phone number is to be contacted in case of emergency.

  The Vietnamese group began to work immediately on the working tatami mats prepared by the staff. The group consisted of 10 Vietnamese this day, all experienced. Ms. Mai, who is coordinating the group, inquired how many participants we should have for the next meeting. We had asked her to keep the number of participants to about 10 this time. Therefore, they have received requests for participation that exceeded that number and have turned them down. We plan to increase the number of participants to about 15 next meeting onward. We are very grateful that so many Vietnamese living in Japan participate in our activities in this way.

(Left) Tama Technical High School group, in charge of packing.
(Right) K. a voluntary member, fixing some parts of a wheelchair.

  Many of the wheelchairs we collect could be cleaned up with a little fabric restoration. We purchased a vocational sewing machine for the purpose of its restoration. Ms. T, a wheelchair professional, immediately put it to use and restored a variety of fabrics. On this day, we were able to repair four units and proceed to packing.

  Sora, a voluntary member, and a staff member prepared for oshiruko, and it was served to all the participants. With the sweetness of the soup and the fluffy mochi, everyone got warmed.

  Lunchtime. Sagami Women’s Uni group(upper left), Tama Technical High School group(upper right), Vietnamese group(lower left), and a high school student, Kaito(lower right).

Thank you, everyone. We look forward to working with you again this year.

  We had CMA CGM Japan coming to join our meeting.

  On December 10, we had CMA CGM Japan K.K. coming to join our meeting besides the regular Sagami Women’s University group, voluntary members, and the staff; 26 in total.

  It’s been four years since the previous CMA CGM Japan’s visit in September 2019. They had also offered a tour of the container terminal in July 2019. Everyone who attended the workshop said it was a meaningful study session.

  At the beginning, President Morita thanked everyone for their participation and explained how to do the work since many of them were new to the activity.

  We worked on wheelchairs for Paraguay, and finished cleaning, refurbishing, and packing ten units, which was the goal of the day. Now that we have got 50 units ready, we expect to complete 90 units toward March next year.

Thank you everyone for your work.

December 16, 2023      Secretariat

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President Morita, expressing thanks at the beginning.

Getting to work immediately.

(Left) Today’s special participants: two energetic elementary school students.
(Right) Mothers working as hard as the children.

(Left) Veteran Abebe, supporting first-time participants.
(Right) The joint parent-child and Ethiopian work.

Two teams of Sagami Women’s Uni group, getting more proficient, and working faster.


CMA CGM Japan k.k. brought a donation. Thank you very much!

In closing, Chairman Morita expressed his gratitude.
He said, “We will send 90 wheelchairs, including the ones you worked so hard to clean today, to Paraguay next March.”

Thank you everyone!

  The coldest day of the year.

  On November 26, the coldest day of the year, we had a regular meeting with Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School teachers, voluntary members; 23 participants in total.

  We did cleaning and refurbishing work as the fourth time for Paraguay. We were able to meet the goal for this day, cleaning, refurbiching, and packing ten units. We now have 40 units ready and hope to ship 90 wheelchairs to Paraguay in March 2024.

  Around noon, a couple living in Meguro-ku delivered two wheelchairs that were no longer in use. Seeing our website, they had emailed us asking if we would accept their wheelchairs, and we invited them to our meeting. The child who used the wheelchairs passed away in 2019 at the age of 14. President Morita received the gift and promised, “We will definitely deliver them to overseas children.”

  We ended the activity early as it was getting even colder.
Thank you all for your hard work.

November 28, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see the photos)Click on the photos to enlarge them and see them consecutively.

(Left) Vietnamese group starting to work immediately after they arrived.
(Right) Vietnamese group and staff members working on exchanging casters. Seemed quite hard to do, but they managed to replace them with new ones.

(Left) Two students of Sagami Women’s Uni group.
(Right) Tama Technical High teachers and Sora-san working together.

(Left) Lunchtime.
(Right) Relaxing after lunch in the warehouse.

  Mr. and Mrs. S, coming over to deliver the wheelchairs their child had used.

  President Morita received them, saying they would be sent to Paraguay.

Thank you all for working in the cold.

  A cold day for the activity.

  November 12 was a cold day. We’ve been working in the heat rather than the cold so far, fighting for the heat in various ways. On this day, however, we had to endure the cold!

  The participants were Vietnamese group, one from Asian Youth Committee, one from Ethiopian group, one high school student, wheelchair professionals, Mr. Miyata and Ms. T, and staff: 15 in total.

  We had two groups of visitors that day. Mr. Syed from Malaysia who is visiting Japan and his friend came to see the meeting. The friend also joined in the work. Thanks to her good understanding of the instructions from the members and her deftness, we were able to complete almost all of our goals despite the small number of people at the meeting.

  The other group were Ms. F., teaching at Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, and her five-year-old son. She said she’s got interested in the situation of overseas users of the wheelchairs that our NGO sends abroad and our activities from an academic research perspective.

  We finished packing nine units, making 30 untis ready for Paraguay. We’d like to complete 60 more by the end of February next year for shipping.

Thank you, everyone!

November 16, 2023       Secretariat

(How to see the photos)Click on the photos to enlarge them.

The Vietnamese group immediately began cleaning and refurbishing work.

(Left) Sora-san, from Asian Youth Committee, and a high school student, K-san, coming often these days.
(Right) Mr. Abebe, one of the volunteers who understands our activities best, coming early as usual and very active.

Wheelchair professionals; on the left is Mr. Miyata and on the right is Mr. T. Thanks to them, the level of refurbishing wheelchairs in our NGO has improved dramatically.

(Left) This is Chena (the woman on the right), a friend of Mr. Syed, who understands the instructions of Ms. T (the woman on the left) and handles the packing work quickly and efficiently.
(Right) Mr. Syed(the man on the right) answers questions from Ms. F of Gunma Prefectural Women’s University.


Thank you for your hard work in the cold weather.
The fifth person from the left in the back row is Mr. Syed from Malaysia and his friend Chena, leaving one person behind.