Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

 We have monthly meetings on the third Sunday to refurbish and pack wheelchairs.This page shows what our monthly meeting is like.

  Mini-meeting, second time in October.

  On October 10, we had a second mini-meeting after the state of emergency was lifted. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, and our staff members; twelve in total.

  We checked our body temperature first and wrote down our contact information just in case. We were also careful in wearing a mask and sanitizing our hands and fingers before and after the activity.

  It was a bit hot for October. We finished cleaning 8 wheelchairs and refurbishing 14 wheelchairs. Though we’ve not decided which country we’ll donate these wheelchairs, we’d like to continue refurbishing work through mini-meetings, and decide it while consulting with overseas partners.

Thanks to the two groups we had a mini-meeting and were able to do refurbishing work again. We hope to keep on this activity and increase the number of refurbished wheelchairs. Thank you for your support in the future.

October 10, 2021      Secretariat

Each voluntary member works on the board which we prepared to avoid dirt on gravel.

Sagami Women’s Uni group. They turn over wheelchairs to do perfect cleaning.

Vietnamese group; all experienced mechanics.

Fun time. It’s good to have lunch outdoors.

Thank you, everyone!

 Mini-meeting after a long interval.

  The state of emergency by the government was lifted on October 1, so we had a mini-meeting on October 3 and finished cleaning ten wheelchairs. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group and our staff members, seven in total

  As we’re still under the fear of the new corona virus infection, we took great care of ourselves by checking the body temperature, wearing a mask, and sanitizing hands and fingers both before and after the activity.

  Thanks to the Sagami Women’s University group, we had a mini-meeting again and were able to do refurbishing work. We hope to have mini-meetings and refurbish more wheelchairs from now on. Thank you for your cooperation in the future.

October 4, 2021      Secretariat

    Everyone worked with a mask on.                  Thank you, everyone!

  We had a mini-meeting just before the 4th state of emergency.

  On July 10, though it was announced that the 4th state of emergency would be issued on July 12, we had a mini-meeting as we had planned. We naturally took strong measures against the new corona virus infection. There were six members from Sagami Women’s University group and two from Vietnamese group joining the activity. We worked on 13 not-yet-refurbished wheelchairs for Thailand and finished cleaning 9 out of them.
  So far we have arranged shipment in accordance with the refurbishing schedule, but it’s not possible to expect when we can finish refurbishing all the wheelchairs under the corona crisis. We’re going to finish refurbishing the rest 13 wheelchairs by holding mini-meetings later on, and then we’ll start arranging shipment and clarify the date of arrival in Thailand.

  Restarting our activity will be after the release of the state of emergency on August 22. We’d like to ask for your support.

July 11, 2021 Secretaria

(Left) Putting out wheelchairs, tools for cleaning and refurbishing, and plywood to lay on the ground. Let’s get started!
(Right) The ground around the warehouse in Haijima is mostly covered with gravel and sand. We’ve got plywood and used tatami-mats to lay on the ground so that we could work on wheelchairs without making them dirty.

Lunchtime with vivid green grass in the background. Feel like a picnic?

             Thank you, everyone!

  We had a mini-meeting after a long interval.

  On July 4, we had a mini-meeting with great care of preventing the new corona infection. We held the meeting after a long interval as the state of emergency was released on Jun 20. It rained on and off all day, so we took tents from our warehouse so as not to wet wheelchairs and ourselves.
  The participants were Sagami Women’s University group and four staff members, only eight in total. We took our temperatures and disinfected our hands before starting, worked with our masks on, finished packing five wheelchairs for Thailand. So far we’ve finished refurbishing 77 wheelchairs for APHT, Thailand. We’re going to have mini-meetings to finish our goal, 90 wheelchairs for APHT. We look forward to your joining our activity.

July 5, 2021   Secretariat

〇What the mini-meeting is like.

(Left) Working under the tents.
(Right) Cleaning wheelchairs again as they were stored for a long time.

(Left) Packing.
(Right)Writing identifying numbers in big size.

       Having lunch with sitting apart from each other.

         Thank you, everyone, for working in the rain!

〇Our scale has improved.

Our former scale: we put a wheelchair table on the stand and put a wheelchair on the table to measure its weight. The table is not large enough for wheelchairs and also it’s not fixed to the stand. It takes time to keep a wheelchair from shaking and measure its weight.

Our new one: we’ve made a bigger stand and it’s fixed to the original stand under. Now we can measure even big-sized wheelchairs with ease and without making them wobble.

  We had a mini-meeting after a long interval.

  As the state of emergency for COVID-19, issued on January 7, 2021, was lifted on March 21, we had a mini-meeting on April 11, after a long interval. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. There were also Tanabe twin brothers, Fussa residents, working with us during the morning.

  We took great care in holding the meeting such as measuring body temperature, sanitizing with alcohol, and wearing a mask so as to prevent the new corona virus infection.

  The day’s task was cleaning, refurbishing, and packing wheelchairs for APHT, Thailand, started in November last year. We’ve finished cleaning and refurbishing twelve wheelchairs and packing seven out of them, meaning we’ve got 30 wheelchairs ready for APHT now.

  Under the corona crisis, all we can do is hold mini-meetings, which means activities by a small number of people. As the number of wheelchairs we can refurbish in such meetings is not large, we’ve entrusted NGO Youth Support Center to refurbish wheelchairs in the same way as we do. They’ve finished refurbishing 22 wheelchairs as of April 11, so there are 52 wheelchairs for APHT in total, and we plan to refurbish 38 more for Thailand.

April 11   Secretariat

The activity went like this.

Sanitizing with alcohol and measuring temperature first, then filling in the form.

Sagami Women’s Uni group, cleaning wheelchairs.

(Left)Vietnamese group, cleaning wheelchairs.
(Right)Giang, chief of Vietnamese group, refurbishing wheelchairs as usual.

Tanabe brothers, cleaning wheelchairs.

It was a fine day.

Today’s participants. Thank you for joining the meeting!

  We had the last mini-meeting of the year on Dec. 20.

  On December 20, we had the last mini-meeting of 2020. The participants were five members from Sagami Women’s University group and a few voluntary members.

  What we did first was tidy up our new warehouse, which was full of wheelchairs, around 200. There was no room for new wheelchairs and it’s necessary to keep everything in order. We put all the wheelchairs out and divided them into three groups according to their condition. Then we put them back into the warehouse keeping in mind that we make good use of space inside.
  We also set various tools we use for cleaning and refurbishing in order and put them in boxes with stickers on them so that we could tell what tools are in each box.

  We did usual refurbishing work as well and finished cleaning eight wheelchairs. In order to realize our present goal of sending 90 wheelchairs to Thailand, we continue our activities in mini-meetings in 2021, too.

The following is how the activity went today.

Putting wheelchairs out and dividing them into groups according to their condition.

(Left) Making space inside to keep wheelchairs and tools in order.
(Right) Putting wheelchairs back into the warehouse.

Each wheelchair is built for its particular user and some of them have their own shape, but it’s not easy for the overseas partner to find children suited to such wheelchairs. So we make them into regular-type wheelchairs before sending abroad, cutting sponge in the cushion for example.

(Left) Many tools are assorted and put into boxes with stickers on them.
(Right) Lunchtime in the warm sunlight.

Thank you for joining today, everyone.

It’s been a hard year with the new corona virus and moving to the new warehouse, but thanks to your support we’ve been able to hold mini-meetings and carry on our activity of refurbishing wheelchairs. We’d like to thank you with all our heart.
We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

  We did a mini-meeting with Sagami Women Uni group on Dec. 6.

  We keep having a mini-meeting at our new activity base under the corona-influenced situation, and we’ve got used to working in a small group. On December 6, Mr. Takano, ex-teacher of Tama Technical High School, and five members from Sagami Women’s University group joined this meeting. It was a warm, pleasant day for December.

  The spread of new coronavirus around the world has made it difficult for us to choose a place to send wheelchairs, but recently it has become almost certain to send 90 wheelchairs to Thailand. Today’s meeting is refurbishing and packing wheelchairs for the country. We’d like to finish cleaning and refurbishing 90 wheelchairs and send them to Thailand by March 2021.

The following is how our activity went today.

(Left) Wiping a wheelchair, the first step in cleaning.
(Right) Removing dust and hairball from magic tapes.

(Left) Laying a tatami mat so that sands or gravel won’t come in.
(Right) Lunchtime is always a fun time.

Today’s participants. (Taking off their masks for the photo.)

“Though it’s a hard time for everyone due to corona, we had a good time working together with sufficient measures for preventing it. We’re glad to have joined the activity today. We’d also like to thank the staff members, who gave us instructions in refurbishing wheelchairs.” (Participants’ talk.)

Thank you for joining.

  We did a mini-meeting with Vietnamese group on Nov. 29.

  Instead of holding a big monthly meeting, we’ve been doing a mini-meeting several times. On November 22, it was held mainly with Sagami Women’s University group, and on November 29, it was with Vietnamese group.

  It was a bit cold on Nov. 29, and there were also Ms. Nagamine and her daughter, Kanon. During refurbishing work, Mr. Inagaki of So company, who has often brought us wheelchairs, visited us with eight wheelchairs. Another guest was Ms. Nagamine’s friend, Ms. Otaka, who runs a child day-service office at Hino city. She brought us three wheelchairs she had received from Hachioji-higashi special school. We’d like to express our thanks to them, who are nice and kind to support our activity.

(Left) Arranging wheelchairs in line to be refurbished today.
(Right) Preparing various kinds of tools.

(Left) Four members of Vietnamese group working on wheelchairs.
(Right) Lunchtime.

(Left) Mr. Inagaki and wheelchairs he brought today.
(Right) Ms. Otaka and her child.(On the left. To her right is Ms. Nagamine.)

So sorry, Kanon! We failed to take your photo.

  We did a mini-meeting at our new base.

  Since October 2020, our working base has moved to a new warehouse in Fussa. We’ve had a mini-meeting twice there mainly with Sagami Women’s University group and Tama Technical High School group, but we couldn’t cover these activities so there’s no report on them.
  On November 15, we did a mini-meeting with Tama Technical High School group and Sagami Women’s University group. We were a bit confused at the beginning as the new base was kind of unfamiliar to us but it was pleasant to work outside under the blue sky. The following is how we had the meeting.

(Left) The complete view of our new warehouse. There’s gravel covered on the ground around it.
(Right) The signboard of the new base. Everyone can see it from the distance.

Tama Technical High School group. With the help of ex-advisory teacher, Mr. Takano, and present-advisory teacher, Ms. Kawada, the members did reliable refurbishing work as usual.

(Left) We put tatami-mats on gravel and worked there.
(Right) Lunchtime.

Today’s participants. We took off our masks only for taking pictures.
Thank you everyone!

  We had a mini-meeting on September 13.

  September 13, a cool Sunday for a mini-meeting. The participants were Vietnamese group, Sagami Women’s University group, and voluntary members. We all took our temperature, sterilized our hands with alcohol, and started working with a mask on to prevent the new coronavirus infection.
  We have finished refurbishing and packing 16 wheelchairs, finishing up 70 wheelchairs through several mini-meetings.

  We had a guest, Ms. Namekawa, teacher from a special school in Tokyo. She joined our activity thinking that her students might be able to clean the wheelchairs collected at their school. She hopes to provide us with those wheelchairs if possible, which is a great idea. She tried cleaning a wheelchair and worked with us to the end of the meeting.

(Left) Checking the temperature and condition.
(Right) We worked away from each other, keeping physical distancing.

(Left) Sagami Women’s University members.
(Right) Regular voluntary member.

  Ms. Namekawa, who visited us to learn about our activity, tried cleaning a wheelchair after she got explanation about our NGO by President Morita.

Today’s participants. Thank you, everyone!