Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

 We have monthly meetings on the third Sunday to refurbish and pack wheelchairs.This page shows what our monthly meeting is like.

  Second mini meeting in 2023.

  On January 29, we had the second mini meeting this year with Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. To our relief, the new infection of Covid-19 in Tokyo has been declining. Still, we limited the number of participants and took full measure for Covid-19.

  We completed packing 30 units for Malaysia, which were selected at the previous meeting. Along with 40 units already packed, there are 70 wheelchairs ready for sending. We’ll send 183 pairs of orthoses as well. They are stored in 15 cardboard boxes.

  The following is what we’re going to send to Malaysia this time.
18 wheelchairs, 19 walkers, 12 sitting aids, 10 buggies, 5 standing aids,
 6 bathchairs, 183 orthoses

  After packing work, we finished cleaning five wheelchairs for Vietnam. We had planned to start refurbishing wheelchairs for Vietnam in December, but it was delayed due to the sudden shipment for Ukraine. We would like to complete the cleaning and maintenance of 90 units and send them to Vietnam as soon as possible for the volunteers from Vietnam who have been participating every time as regular members.

February 2, 2023       Secretariat

Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

(Left) Vietnamese group, starting to pack wheelchairs for Malaysia immediately they arrived.
(Right) Sagami Women’s Uni group, also packing. They’re writing wheelchair numbers on the surface of the package.

(Left) Mr. Saito, coming early for wheelchair cleaning.
(Right) High-pressure cleaner donated by Mr. Saito. We already own steam cleaners, but now we have added a high-pressure cleaner. This will allow us to deal with even more difficult wheelchair stains.

Lunchtime, enjoyed by each group at a separate location.

Thank you everyone, for good work!

  First meeting in 2023.

  On January 15, we had the first meeting in 2023. We had wondered whether we’d be able to hold a meeting as Tokyo’s new infection on previous Friday was 11,241. Our decision was to have a meeting with limited number of people.

  It was cloudy at the beginning, but light rain began to fall before noon, and we ended up after lunch. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, and staff, 12 in total. During the morning activity, we finished cleaning five wheelchairs and selecting 30 wheelchairs for Malaysia.

  The five wheelchairs we’ve just cleaned are for Vietnam. We’re planning to finish refurbishing 90 units by June and send them around June or July. Another project is sending special wheelchairs to Malaysia. Since our partner in Malaysia, Mr. Seyd, Aleps Dream Factory representative, had requested us to send him equipment useful in treatment, other than wheelchairs, we prepared the following things.

sitting aid     walking trainer   standing trainer     bath chair            orthosis

  The equipment we have prepared are 70 units of sitting aid, walking trainer, standing trainer, and bath chair as well as normal wheelchairs, and 180 pairs of orthoses.

  We will now focus on preparing for the third Ukraine project, for which we expect to receive even more requests, and on Vietnam. We look forward to your continued support.

January 19,2023      Secretariat

Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

Sagami Women’s Uni group.                         Vietnamese group.

(Left)Both groups worked under the roof, avoiding rain.

Thanks, everyone!

  Final meeting in 2022.

  On December 25, 2022, we had this year’s final meeting with Vietnamese group. The new infection in Tokyo was 15,403 as of Dec. 23, which was large enough for us to think of cancelling the meeting, applying it to our criteria so far. Since our activities are all outdoors and we seldom work closely to each other or talk loudly, we’ve decided to hold it with a limited number of people.

  What we did was to pack the rest of ten wheelchairs for Ukraine and to prepare special types for Malaysia, which was decided just recently. Ten wheelchairs for Ukraine are to depart from Japan in January 2023. We’re sending them to “Wheelchairs of Hope,” which is in charge of this project. It’s a joint project of three NGOs, “Wheelchairs of Hope,” “Go! Fly! Wheelchairs,” and our NGO. We’ve finished preparing ten wheelchairs today. They will leave Japan for Poland within next month and reach Ukraine by land from Poland.

  At the beginning of December, Mr. Seyd, our partner in Malaysia and manager of Aleps Dream Factory, requested us that we send him special types such as walking trainers and standing trainers. He wanted orthoses as well. These are used for treating rather than for daily use. We consider that Aleps Dream Factory is aiming at a new development and have decided to meet his request.
  We selected 20 walking trainers, 6 standing trainers, 11 sitting aids, and 4 other types. There are 173 pairs of orthoses stored at our warehouse and we’re going to send all of them to Malaysia.

  Though it was in the middle of increasing corona infection and with only 11 participants today, we could finish arrangement for both Ukraine and Malaysia. We also finished refurbishing 7 units of wheelchairs. Thank you, everyone! We’d also like to say thanks for your support this year. We wish all of you a happy new year!

December 29, 2022      Secretariat

(How to see the photos)
Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

(Left)Regular volunteer, Saito, always works only in the morning as he runs a store. Thank you for joining every time.
(Right)Vietnamese group, packing wheelchairs for Ukraine with the support of a staff member.

Walking trainers for Malaysia. We’ve prepared 20 units as of Dec. 25.

Standing trainers.

Orthosis, used for assisting in standing. While we often ask overseas partners if they need orthoses, many of them request wheelchairs alone. The orthoses we’ve received so far are mostly clean and good to use and we’ve kept them carefully. We’re glad to send all of them to children who’re waiting to use them.

Orthoses, 173 in total, are put into 11 boxes and 8 plastic bags.

Working as usual, but away from others.


Today’s participants with President Morita (at the right side) and a staff member Takano (at the left side).

  Mini-meeting in the eighth wave.

  On December 11, 2022, we had a regular mini-meeting with Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group.

  The Covid-19 infection in December tends to increase across the country and it is called the eighth wave. Our criteria of deciding the number of participants by using Tokyo’s infected number two days before the meeting is as follows.
(1) Less than 5,000: 10 to 15 volunteers and staff.
(2) 5,000 to 10,000: several volunteers and staff, less than 10 in total.
(3) More than 10,000: only staff members, 5 or 6 in total (no volunteers).

  Though the new infection in Tokyo were around 15,000 since December 5, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has announced there’s no need to wear a mask outside regardless of season. Since our activities are outdoors, we’ve changed our criteria and considered holding the meeting under the following conditions while “avoiding density”.
1. Meeting on Dec. 11 will be done by 4 members from both regular groups and 5 staff members.
2. Every participant is supposed to have vaccinated three times or more.
3. If the new infection in Tokyo on Dec. 9 is over 15,000, only staff members will participate.

  Luckily, the new infection in Tokyo on Dec. 9 was 13,556 and we decided to hold a meeting under the above condition 1. As there were volunteers who became sick the previous day, the actual participants were 11 in total.

  At the meeting, we packed five wheelchairs for Ukraine, which means we can expect to finish five more at the last meeting this month and ship all ten of them to Ukraine in January. We also refurbished five out of ninety wheelchairs, which we’re planning to send to Vietnam around April to June next year.
Thank you, both groups!

December 12, 2022      Secretariat

(Left)Sagami Women’s Uni group.
(Right)Checking temperature and filling the contact number.

(Left)Vietnamese group, coming a long way by car.
(Right)Checking temperature and filling in the contact number.

(Left)Sagami Uni group worked on packing wheelchairs.
(Right)Vietnamese group did maintenance work such as changing tires.

Lunchtime, not altogether but away from others.

Both groups hanging their flags.

  Mini-meeting only with staff members.

  We have been holding small meetings with around ten participants on the second and fourth Sunday since the corona crisis. We have also limited to regular members, Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. At the meetings, we have taken strong measures against infection and recorded all the participants’ contact numbers in case.

  However, the eighth wave appeared in October, and the infected number has been increasing since then. So, we have made a new standard of holding our refurbishing meetings, which is based on the new infected numbers in Tokyo two days before the meeting.
(1) Less than 5,000: Sagami Women’s Uni and Vietnamese groups plus staff.
(2) 5,000 ~ 10,000: Sagami Women’s Uni or Vietnamese group plus staff.
(3) More than 10,000: only staff members (no voluntary people).
  On November 11, the new infected number in Tokyo was fewer than 8,000, so on Nov. 13, we decided to have a meeting only with Vietnamese group and staff. On Nov. 25, it was nearly 13,000, so we had a meeting only with staff members on Nov. 27.

  As for the meeting on Nov. 17, we finished refurbishing ten wheelchairs for Ukraine as it was requested to the president Morita. We’re planning to pack those ten units on December 11 and ship them for Ukraine within December (the receiver this time is Future For Ukraine, FFU, different from the previous one).

  There still seems to be confusion in marine transport and freight charges are on the rise. Though we are not sure if we can even confirm the dates of shipping, we hope our wheelchairs will reach children under the flames of war in Ukraine.

December 5, 2022       Secretariat

Ten wheelchairs ready to be packed for Ukraine.

  Second meeting with Bloomberg L.P. employees.

  On Tuesday November 22, we had a second meeting with Bloomberg L.P. employees. Eleven people participated in the event. They came to our warehouse at 1 pm after working in the morning at their office in Tokyo and having lunch in the microbus.

  This is the second time after July 2 for them to join in our refurbishing work. The first six participants came by car, and after that event, they told us that they would join next time with about 10 people from their company in a microbus. This time, that talk came true.

  First, the president Morita expressed thanks for their coming, and then a staff member explained to them about today’s goal (cleaning 14 wheelchairs) and how to proceed activity. We got them to work in pairs. At first, they asked us if they were doing things correctly or if they had the right tools, but gradually their efficiency improved, and the goal of cleaning 14 units was completed after 3 pm.

  They left for their office in the microbus they came in, leaving a message saying, “We will come again next time.” We were able to secure the number of wheelchairs by holding an extra meeting with a group of people on weekday afternoon other than the usual second and fourth Sundays. We plan to send today’s wheelchairs to Vietnam.

Thank you, Bloomberg employees! Good job!

November 23, 2022      Secretariat

(Left)”Welcome” panels for Bloomberg L.P. employees.
(Right)Bloomberg people checking temperature and disinfecting hands.

President Morita expressed thanks and talked how he started this activity.

They started to work immediately.

Mr. Morita worked on cleaning with the Bloomberg participants.

Thank you for your good work. We’re looking forward to working with you again.

  Minimum mini-meeting with 5 volunteers.

  On October 23, we had a literally ‘mini’ meeting, the minimum meeting ever with two members from Sagami Women’s University group and three from Vietnamese group.

  It was a fine and pleasant day, fortunately, and we finished refurbishing and packing 10 wheelchairs, which has made 60 wheelchairs complete for India. When the outsourced 30 units are added, the total number of units sent is 90.

We plan to ship to Kolkata, India by the end of November or early December. There are many uncertainties in the container shipping situation, both in terms of price and schedule, due to the Corona crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but we hope to deliver to India as soon as possible.

  We began refurbishing work for India on May 29 this year and it has taken about five months to complete 60 units. Before Corona, the number was 30 units a month, but now it is less than half of that. We can’t help it since we have a meeting with only a small number of people. We will continue to make our way in this way. Even so, we’ll try our best to send wheelchairs to many overseas children with your support.

October 25, 2022      Secretariat

(Left)Two members from Sagami Women’s Uni group. Taking temperature, writing it down with contact information, and disinfecting hands as usual.
(Right)Three members from Vietnamese group, all aware of how to start the activity.

Sagami Women’s Uni group, working on packing with a staff member.

(Left)Vietnamese members are good at refurbishing work, performing appropriate repairs quickly.
(Right)Vietnamese group, joining the packing work.

A staff member trying tough repairs.                  Lunchtime.

Everyone did their best. Thank you very much.

  A meeting with MFS Investment Management employees.

  On October 15, we had a meeting with 15 MFS Investment Management K.K. employees, to whom President Morita had introduced the activities of our NGO through Zoom on September 14. At that time, they offered to participate not only in study but also in the actual activity, and we made it after a month. Since the recent new corona infections were less than 5,000, we thought it OK to hold a meeting.

  Before starting to work, Mr. Morita thanked them for joining the activity as well as supporting our NGO so far. Then a staff member told them that the activity would be focused on cleaning and that they would work in pairs aiming to finish cleaning one wheelchair in the morning and another in the afternoon.

  The MFS Investment Management members worked so hard, hard enough to ask us for better tools for cleaning. Some of them even tried to remove wheels so as to do the perfect cleaning. It seems they had difficulty restoring the wheelchair, but they polished it completely. Mold on used wheelchairs is another problem, but we can manage it using mold remover and a steam cleaner. One of the members, having used the steam cleaner, was good at removing stubborn mold. Perfect!

  On this day, 10 units were finished for cleaning. The high level of cleaning was done thanks to their careful efforts such as removing wheels and getting rid of mold with a steam cleaner. Thank you, everyone!

October 17, 2022      Secretariat

(Left)President Morita, expressing thanks to the participants.
(Right)A staff member, explaining about the activity with a cleaning manual.

Working in pairs. Everyone is wearing matching T-shirts, which they wear when volunteering.

Putting the company stickers they had prepared on all the wheelchairs when finishing cleaning.

(Left)The fruit of their effort.
        “It takes a lot more time than expected,” said someone.
(Right)A bit crowded, but it seemed fun to have lunch outdoors.

Thank you for joining.
There was a request of another opportunity. We look forward to it as well.

  We had a mini-meeting after three months’ interval.

  On October 9, we had a mini-meeting with regular voluntary members, Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. We haven’t had such meetings for three months since July 10, due to the corona crisis.

  We’ve made it one of the conditions of holding a meeting that there’re less than 5,000 newly Covid-19 infections in Tokyo two days prior to the meeting.

  The number of new cases on Friday, October 7, was 3,016. This figure does not assure we’re all safe, but we decided to hold the meeting because we believe that the risk of new outbreaks of infection at the meeting is low.

  There were 16 participants, and we all worked by taking body temperature, disinfecting hands with alcohol, and filling in our contact information.

  We finished cleaning and refurbishing 16 out of 37 units destined for Pakistan on short notice. We also finished packing 7 wheelchairs for India, to which we’re planning to send 90 at the end of the year. Now that we have 50 units ready for India, we hope to have the remaining 40 completed by the end of November, with outside help.

Thank you for joining today, Sagami Uni group and Vietnamese group.

October 10, 2022      Secretariat

(Left)Carefully disinfecting hands and filling in contact information before working.
(Right)Wheelchairs for today’s activity.

(Left)Three members of Sagami Women’s Uni group focusing on packing.
(Right)Two members the Sagami group trying to clean a wheelchair with removing wheels.

(Left)Vietnamese group, all in red uniform.
(Right)How efficiently they’re working! So speedy, too!

  Having fun talking with each other after
  a long absence.

Really grateful for your work today!

  Mini-meeting on another hot Sunday.

  On July 10, we had a mini-meeting with regular Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. Although it was not so hot as the extreme heat of a few weeks before, the temperature was over 30 degrees and we felt really hot under the strong sunlight. In addition to that, the Covid-19 infection is spreading gradually again and it’s even said to be the seventh wave. So we were much more careful than usual in taking measures for both Covid-19 and heat illness.

  Thanks to the participants’ hard work, we have finished cleaning 10 units, refurbishing 7 units, and packing 10 units of wheelchairs. Good job, everyone!

July 11, 2022      Secretariat

Tents and tarp for the strong sunlight, and checking temperature, sanitizing hands and fingers with alcohol, filling in names and phone numbers for Covid-19.

(Left) These packed wheelchairs, which we had planned to send undone to RICD, Thailand, are all “sitting-aid,” used indoors. Since the recipients need normal type rather than this type, we’ve decided to clean and refurbish them today and send them to another country.
(Right) Preparing the air-compressor, an indispensable tool for cleaning and refurbishing.

(Left) Sagami Women’s Uni group.
(Right) Vietnamese group.

The right photo shows working in the shade of the warehouse. Though the shade lasted only for an hour in the morning, we made the most of it doing the activity.

Children’s wheelchairs are hand-crafted so as to fit its own users and there are some which have special shape cushion or seat. We make them into normal shape before packing and sending overseas. The photo on the left shows a cushion just cut off the projecting part. The photo on the right shows covering the seat after cutting.


Thank you, everyone.