Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

 We have monthly meetings on the third Sunday to refurbish and pack wheelchairs.This page shows what our monthly meeting is like.

  The coldest day of the year.

  On November 26, the coldest day of the year, we had a regular meeting with Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School teachers, voluntary members; 23 participants in total.

  We did cleaning and refurbishing work as the fourth time for Paraguay. We were able to meet the goal for this day, cleaning, refurbiching, and packing ten units. We now have 40 units ready and hope to ship 90 wheelchairs to Paraguay in March 2024.

  Around noon, a couple living in Meguro-ku delivered two wheelchairs that were no longer in use. Seeing our website, they had emailed us asking if we would accept their wheelchairs, and we invited them to our meeting. The child who used the wheelchairs passed away in 2019 at the age of 14. President Morita received the gift and promised, “We will definitely deliver them to overseas children.”

  We ended the activity early as it was getting even colder.
Thank you all for your hard work.

November 28, 2023      Secretariat

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(Left) Vietnamese group starting to work immediately after they arrived.
(Right) Vietnamese group and staff members working on exchanging casters. Seemed quite hard to do, but they managed to replace them with new ones.

(Left) Two students of Sagami Women’s Uni group.
(Right) Tama Technical High teachers and Sora-san working together.

(Left) Lunchtime.
(Right) Relaxing after lunch in the warehouse.

  Mr. and Mrs. S, coming over to deliver the wheelchairs their child had used.

  President Morita received them, saying they would be sent to Paraguay.

Thank you all for working in the cold.

  A cold day for the activity.

  November 12 was a cold day. We’ve been working in the heat rather than the cold so far, fighting for the heat in various ways. On this day, however, we had to endure the cold!

  The participants were Vietnamese group, one from Asian Youth Committee, one from Ethiopian group, one high school student, wheelchair professionals, Mr. Miyata and Ms. T, and staff: 15 in total.

  We had two groups of visitors that day. Mr. Syed from Malaysia who is visiting Japan and his friend came to see the meeting. The friend also joined in the work. Thanks to her good understanding of the instructions from the members and her deftness, we were able to complete almost all of our goals despite the small number of people at the meeting.

  The other group were Ms. F., teaching at Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, and her five-year-old son. She said she’s got interested in the situation of overseas users of the wheelchairs that our NGO sends abroad and our activities from an academic research perspective.

  We finished packing nine units, making 30 untis ready for Paraguay. We’d like to complete 60 more by the end of February next year for shipping.

Thank you, everyone!

November 16, 2023       Secretariat

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The Vietnamese group immediately began cleaning and refurbishing work.

(Left) Sora-san, from Asian Youth Committee, and a high school student, K-san, coming often these days.
(Right) Mr. Abebe, one of the volunteers who understands our activities best, coming early as usual and very active.

Wheelchair professionals; on the left is Mr. Miyata and on the right is Mr. T. Thanks to them, the level of refurbishing wheelchairs in our NGO has improved dramatically.

(Left) This is Chena (the woman on the right), a friend of Mr. Syed, who understands the instructions of Ms. T (the woman on the left) and handles the packing work quickly and efficiently.
(Right) Mr. Syed(the man on the right) answers questions from Ms. F of Gunma Prefectural Women’s University.


Thank you for your hard work in the cold weather.
The fifth person from the left in the back row is Mr. Syed from Malaysia and his friend Chena, leaving one person behind.

  Meeting with MFS Investment Management K.K.

  On October 29, we held a meeting with MFS Investment Management people. It was the third meeting in October. Our NGO has received long-time support from them, both in finance and activity.

  Seven employees from MFS worked hard on refurbishing work and finished packing ten units. These wheelchairs are to be included into 90 wheelchairs sent to Paraguay early next year, and we will focus on completing the 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay in the meetings beginning in November.

  Although it was not a regular meeting, two Sagami Women’s University students participated in support of the event. Since they have experience working in regular meetings, they were able to provide accurate advice to the MFS members. We were also impressed by their proactive response and understanding of the work process.

  At the end of the meeting, I introduced part of overseas children’s lives by telling them about individual families I had seen when visiting them. I’m sure the participants would understand the necessity of sending children’s wheelchairs to those fgamilies.

  We’ve got comments from MFS members, such as “Joining this activity makes it easier for us to understand the goal of your NGO,” and “The pictures drawn and sent by overseas children makes our heart warm.” We appreciate their giving us such encouraging comments. (The book of paintings by children abroad are from here.)

We’d like to thank you for your participation. We’re looking forward to working with you again.

November 1,2023      Hirokazu Morita

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(Left) Morita expressed his gratitude to MFS members at the opening.
(Right) The usual work scene. In the front right is Mr. Miyata, a professional, coming to provide technical support and repair wheelchairs.

A commemorative photo with the banner “Welcome, MFS Investment Management K.K. people” in the back and the Sagami Women’s University group flag in the front.

  We had ONE Japan coming to join our meeting.

  On October 22, we had ONE Japan coming to join our meeting besides the regular Sagami Women’s University group, the Vietnamese group, the Ethiopian group, voluntary members, and the staff, 35 in total.

  It’s two years and a half since Ocean Network Express (ONE)’s last visit on February 16, 2020. We’re grateful for their participation in our activity in addition to their great support in marine transport.

  We were able to start a new project with a large group of people. We have not yet finalized the destination for the new project, but we are moving forward with the cleaning, refurbishing, and packing process. 12 wheelchairs have been completed and packed. Thank you everyone.

October 27, 2023      Secretariat

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Vietamenese group arriving earlier as usual. Taking temperature, disinfecting with alchol, and filling in phone number as usual, too.

(Left) ONE Japan employees, taking temperature.
(Right) ONE Japan people, all in pink T-shirt, listening to explanation.

(Left) Vietnamese group, starting to work.
(Right) Ethiopian group; leader Abebe instructing a young member.

ONE Japan members starting to work, too. A 14-person team is powerful enough.

            (Aftert )                                        (Before)
(Left) Kite, now a high school student, came by himself. He is pictured here with President Morita.
(Right) Kite, who was an elementary school student in 2019, joined with his family.


Thank you to everyone at ONE Japan for your hard work. We really appreciate it.

Thank you everyone!

  Pleasant working day in autumn.

  On October 8, we had a meeting in the autumnal atmosphere. Light rain around noon didn’t disturb our activity.

  The participants were Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, voluntary members, and staff; 15 in total. We’ve had big meetings these days, so it was rather quiet this time.

  Now that we’ve completed 90 units for Ethiopia, we were planning to start a new project. The 5th shipment for Ukraine, however, is to be scheduled at the end of 2023, and we decided to prepare 10 to 20 more to add to the 40 finished units.

  We’ve finished cleaning, refurbishing, and packing 10 units. Considering the space in the container, we’d like to add ten more if possible. Children’s wheelchairs seem to be welcomed in Ukraine, too, as they are not so common. We hope to deliver as many units as possible to children in the ravages of war.

October 9, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see photos)Click on the photos to enlarge and see them condsecutively.

  With the help of Vietnamese group, who came earlier as usual, we put down wheelcahirs from the upstairs of the warehouse and arranged them outside. We can’t send some of them even though their cleaning and refurbishing are finished because of a lack of necessary parts. Sometimes it takes time, but we get those parts and make such wheelchairs usable again. To manage these things is also important work.

(Left) Most of the members of Vietnamese group were experienced and their work went smoothly.
(Right) Abebe, the veteran leader of the Ethiopian group.

(Left) From April through the end of September, 190 wheelchairs were provided. A staff member puts a sticker showing the school name and the date on each wheelchair brought during weekdays. We indicate where the wheelchair is coming from on our website and in our activity reports. We apply stickers for this purpose.
(Right) Ms. T, wheelchair professional, is instructing us on how to put cushions on the whelchair. There are a variety of cushions and belts, and it often happens that there’s no clue how to put on or use them, and advice from such professionals are really helpful.


President Morita expressed his gratitude to the participants at the end of the activity.

Group photo with their national flags. Thank you everyone for your hard work.

  A day of activity with a little less heat.

  On September 24, we started a meeting without tarps or tents, since there was a little less heat. The particpants were the big Vietnamese group, regular Sagami Women’s University group, Tama Technical High School group, the Ethiopian group, and general volunteers.

  We also had a special guest, Mr. Sengoku from Nagoya. In order to launch a similar activity in his hometown, he said, he wanted to see our activity in action and experience the work himself.

  The sun got stronger near noon, and we set up tarps and tents. There were so many people that some could not get into the shade. We called out to them not to work in the sun for a long time.

  With 36 participants, 15 wheelchairs were cleaned, refurbished, and packed. The 90 unis for Ethiopia are now in place, and we’re aiming for container ship departure in October.

Thank you to all participants!

September 30, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see the photos) Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

Vietnamese group at work; the power of 20 people was amazing.

(Left) Tama Technical High School group engaged in packing work.
(Right) Ethiopian group working on cleaning and refurbishing.

(Left) Sagami Women’s Uni group also working on packing.
(Right) Tarps and tents were set up to avoid the strong sun.

(Left) Sagami Women’s Uni group at lunchtime.
(Rigth) Vietnamese group at lunchtime.

Mr. Sengoku from Nagoya having lunch with Tama Technical High School group.

Thank you all for your tough work.

  Members of the Tokyo Akishima Chuo Rotary Club joined us.

  On September 10, we had a refurbishing activity. Among the 36 participants were Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School group, Voluntary members, and members from Tokyo Akishima Chuo Rotary Club, which has been supporting us in various ways.

  We took measures against Covid-19, which is still a concern, and also to prevent heat stroke due to the high temperatures. We would like everyone to work in the shade, but as the sun rose, the shadows of the buildings became less and less, and the tarps and tents were not enough to provide shade. We asked them not to work too long in the sun.

  Few members of today’s group were able to do refurbishing, and only 8 units were able to complete packing. Still, we finished cleaning 15 units. We expect to refurbish and pack them next time.

  As a result of today’s work, we now have 48 units ready for Ethiopia.
Thank you all for your hard work.

September 15, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see the photos)Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

(Left) Three tarps and two tents prepared.
(Right) Alcohol disinfection, taking temperature, and writing down name and phone number.

The Vietnamese group; experienced members took the lead in the cleaning work.

(Left) Rotary Club members gathered one after another.
(Right) Cleaning work under the two tents.

Extra work by Rotary Club members, to put the school name sticker on each wheelchair so that we can tell which wheelcahir delivered to which country.

Lots of people devoted to cleaning up wheelchairs.

(Left) A flyer of a charity concert for Ukraine, put on the car window of one of the Rotary Club members. The concert is to be held on November 5 at Akikawa Kirara Hall. 3,000 yen for adults and free for high school students and younger. If you wish to view the concert, please contact the secretariat.
(Right) Rotary Club members.

Thank you everyone!

  We did refurbishing 10 units despite a little rain.

  On August 27, we had a meeting still in mid-summer heat. There were 16 participants; Vietnamese group, Abebe from Ethiopian group, Tama Technical High School teachers, and voluntary members. Regular Sagami Women’s University group were absent. They joined their local festival instead.

  Although it was such a small group of people, we’ve finished refurbishing 10 units for Ethiopia. Just before noon, the sky was clear, but there was a few flurries of rain! Luckily, the rain was brief and we continued to work in the afternoon, getting the above results. With these, we’ve completed 40 wheelchairs for Ethiopia.

Thank you all for your hard work!

August 27, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see the photos) Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

(Left) Vietnamese group came so early while the staff was still installing the tarps for awning.
(Right) Finished putting up three homemade tarps. We cannot work without this shade.

(Left) Two tents were also set up as usual. To make it easier to work, the two tents are connected with string.
(Right) Wheelchairs for today’s work are lined up outside the warehouse.

(Left) Lots of drinks to avoid heat stroke.
(Right) Abebe, from Ethiopia, devoted himself into the activity.

(Left) Three members of Vetnamese group.
(Right) Mr. Minei, a professional photographer, is good at bicycle maintenance and quickly servicing wheelchairs.

(Left) Asia Youth Society group.
(Right) Tama Technical High School teacehrs.

(Left) A general volunteer, Ms.K.
(Right) International partnership beween Ethiopia and Vietnam.

(Left) Lunchtime, all together.
(Right) Mr. Miyata, having lunch with a volunteer, Mr. K.

Thank you everyone!
We look forward to your joining again in September.

  Lively and grand meeting in the middle of Obon.

  On August 13, we had a regular meeting with typhoon No. 7 approaching. It was raining lightly in the morning, but it gradually cleared up.

  There were lots of participants, 31 in total: regular Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, Bike & Camp group, voluntary members, and staff.

  Although the sun was not too strong, the temperature rose to 35°C and the humidity was slightly high at 50%, so we called each one to take plenty of water while working.

  We finished cleaning, refurbishing, and packing 18 units, high productivity these days. In addition to selecting wheelchairs with the least amount of dirt possible, the power of 31 people made it possible to complete many wheelchairs!

  We were glad to have all the work done without getting rained out. After we broke up, the sky suddenly darkened and a strong rain started to fall, so it was really lucky to be able to do our activities.

  We have now completed 28 units for Ethiopia. It takes time to ship to Ethiopia, so we would like to have 90 units ready and loaded into a container as soon as possible.

August 15, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see the photos)Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

We prepared three tarps and two tents to provide plenty of shaded space. A bit cramped for 31 people, but almost everyone was able to work in the shade.

Vietnamese group came early as usual and started to work.

(left)Abebe, of the Ethiopean group, came earlier than the other members, working hard because the destination is his home country.
(Right)Yamashita and his Bike & Camp group, good at refurbishing as they know a lot about bicycles.

Sagami Women’s Uni group, in charge of measuring the seats and taking photos of each unit.

(Left) The photo taken by Sagami Women’s Uni group. We send these photos with the information of each wheelchair to the overseas partners in advance so that they can find the fittest child to each unit, making it smooth to provide the wheelchairs to children locally.
(Right) Rino, a first-year junior high school student(in the mask on the right) applied for the “2023 Summer Experience Volunteer Activity Promotion Project” by Fussa City, and participated in our activities with her mother. Welcome!

(Left) At 11:00 a.m., the temperature was 35°C and the humidity was 50%. It was still hot.
(Right) Tires and tubes (for 8 tires and tubes) and tools offered to our NGO through Mr. Yamashita of Bike & Camp. They were donated by Mr. Yoshikawa, of PR International, Inc.  Thank you very much!

Plenty of drinks in two cooler boxes.

(Left) Lunch under the tarp(avoding the strong sunlight).
(Right) Rino and her mother, lunch with Vietnamese group.

(Left) Sagami Women’s Uni group and Ehiopean group, having lunch together.
(Right) Watermelon for dessert.

Thank you all for your hard work in the hot weather. Thank you very much. From left to right: Sagami Women’s University flag, Vietnamese flag, and Ethiopian flag.

  Meeting in the intense heat.

  July 23 was a terribly hot day with a temperature of 35°C. The strong sun shone into the meeting site in the morning, and we prepared two tarps and two tents for the activity. During the morning, with the shadows of buildings, somehow everyone was able to work in the shade. Near noon, however, the sun was directly overhead, and the heat was at its peak.

  The prepared drinks were placed in cooler boxes filled with ice and chilled to a crisp. We asked the participants to take plenty of water, especially the one who couldn’t help working in the sun. We tried to wear masks to prevent corona and to stay hydrated to prevent heat stroke, but it was too hard to wear masks in that heat, so we didn’t force it.

  Despite such circumstances, a total of 21 people came together: three from the Sagami Women’s University group, seven from the Vietnamese group, two from the Ethiopian group, five general volunteers, and four staff members. We’ve made ten units complete and five units ready for packing.

  Since we finished refurbishing and packing 70 units for Vietnam, we’ll go for Ethiopia from now. We hope to send 90 units in December.

July 31, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see photos) Click on photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

Two tarps and two tents prepared. (A bit cloudy at the time, but soon changed into the glaring sunlight.)

(Left) Mr. Saito, coming earliest to the site to work. He also brought us 30 cans of well-chilled juice. Really nice of him!
(Right) Next to Mr. Saito are Ethiopian group, Mr. Abebe and Yuko-san. Mr. Abebe was in high spirits as it started for Ethiopia on that day.

             Vietnamese group, very active as ever.

(Left) Two members of the Sagami Women’s Uni group. The other is working with the Vietnamese group. It is an international exchange while working.
(Right) This is Mr. M, a professional photographer. (His face is hidden by the tag sheet.)

Mr. Fujiwara and Mr. Oka, from Asian Youth Society. The sun is directly overhead, and the heat is at its peak.


(Left) Vietnamese group having lunch in the warehouse to avoid the strong sunlight.
(Right) Ethiopian group, Sagami Women’s Uni group, Mr. M, staff, mixing for lunch.

          Thank you everyone!