Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

 We have monthly meetings on the third Sunday to refurbish and pack wheelchairs.This page shows what our monthly meeting is like.

  Mini-meeting on another hot Sunday.

  On July 10, we had a mini-meeting with regular Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. Although it was not so hot as the extreme heat of a few weeks before, the temperature was over 30 degrees and we felt really hot under the strong sunlight. In addition to that, the Covid-19 infection is spreading gradually again and it’s even said to be the seventh wave. So we were much more careful than usual in taking measures for both Covid-19 and heat illness.

  Thanks to the participants’ hard work, we have finished cleaning 10 units, refurbishing 7 units, and packing 10 units of wheelchairs. Good job, everyone!

July 11, 2022      Secretariat

Tents and tarp for the strong sunlight, and checking temperature, sanitizing hands and fingers with alcohol, filling in names and phone numbers for Covid-19.

(Left) These packed wheelchairs, which we had planned to send undone to RICD, Thailand, are all “sitting-aid,” used indoors. Since the recipients need normal type rather than this type, we’ve decided to clean and refurbish them today and send them to another country.
(Right) Preparing the air-compressor, an indispensable tool for cleaning and refurbishing.

(Left) Sagami Women’s Uni group.
(Right) Vietnamese group.

The right photo shows working in the shade of the warehouse. Though the shade lasted only for an hour in the morning, we made the most of it doing the activity.

Children’s wheelchairs are hand-crafted so as to fit its own users and there are some which have special shape cushion or seat. We make them into normal shape before packing and sending overseas. The photo on the left shows a cushion just cut off the projecting part. The photo on the right shows covering the seat after cutting.


Thank you, everyone.

  We had an extra mini-meeting.

  On Saturday, July 2, we had an extra mini-meeting with 6 employees of Bloomberg L.P.. They had contacted us, saying they got interested in our activity and were considering joining it. It was another ‘intense heat’ day, so we took measures for heat illness such as getting shelters from the sunlight, having enough breaks, and supplying plenty of water, as well as for Covid-19.

  We got them to make pairs and each pair did cleaning wheelchairs supported by our staff. Most of them touched children’s wheelchairs for the first time and they seemed to enjoy working in sweat in the open air, quite different from their usual desk work in the office. They worked hard even in the intense heat. Some members tried removing parts so as to clean and scrub wheelchairs fully. As a result, there were some wheelchairs perfectly cleaned and as good as a new one.

  President Morita was happy with their words that they would bring more employees in the near future. Though we are still under the restriction of the number of participants, we aim to have more active meetings with new members.

July 3, 2022      Secretariat

After Mr. Morita’s welcome greeting, we started working right away. The temperature was over 30 degrees already. The members experienced working in the shade.

(Left) Cleaning every inch of a wheelchair with the support of the staff.
(Right) Turning a wheelchair upside down to do perfect cleaning.

(Left) One of the staff demonstrated how to exchange tubes and tires. Hopefully they will join refurbishing too.
(Right) Trying lunch outside. Their comment was “delicious!”

Their blue T-shirts show the members have participated in some kind of volunteering.    Thank you for joining today. Let’s work together again!

  Mini-meeting in the intense heat.

  On June 26, we had a mini-meeting in the intense heat. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, and voluntary staff. We took measures for heat illness, as well as for Covid-19, such as providing enough water, putting up tents and tarp, and having many breaks during the activity.

  All the members worked hard in spite of the fierce heat and finished refurbishing and packing 10 wheelchairs for Mongolia, which project was decided urgently. Thank you, everyone!

June 26, 2022      Secretariat

Starting to work under the tents. So hot even in the shade.

(Left) We tried a tarp to shelter from the strong sunlight. It was airy and easy to work under the tarp. Maybe we could get two more.
(Right) Thanks to Ishikawa Brewery, it’s pleasant to work under the big roof of the wood shed.

The tent gave us shade, but it was kind of muggy. It might be airy if we put the tent a bit higher.

These are the same wheelchair. We fold wheelchairs like this and pack them in small size so that we can load as many wheelchairs as possible into the container.

(Left)Sagami Women’s Uni group.           (Right) Vietnamese group.

Thank you, everyone!

  Mini-meeting closed by a sudden thundershower.

  On June 12, we had the first mini-meeting in June with regular Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. The participants were 17 in total. Since the number of the Covid-19 infected has been decreasing recently, we thought it would be OK to have a meeting with less than 20 members. Even so, we took preventive measures with great care.

  The cloudy sky began to clear up and the sun was getting strong while putting wheelchairs out of the warehouse. So we set up two tents for sheltering the sunlight like last time. We got Sagami Women’s University group to divide into two teams, for cleaning and packing. Vietnamese group worked as a refurbishing team as usual. We went ahead with the work, calling everyone to drink enough water during the activity.

  It was about twenty minutes after the lunchbreak that the sky suddenly darkened and the rain came pouring down following claps of thunder. We all rushed to put tools and wheelchairs into the warehouse and took shelter under the roof. Ten minutes passed, still downpouring. We decided to close the meeting and dismiss.

  We were annoyed by the changeable weather today, but thanks to the hard work of the participants, we were able to measure the weight of eight wheelchairs, which we couldn’t do last time, and we also finished cleaning three units, refurbishing seven units, and packing four units of wheelchairs. Thank you, everyone!

June 12      Secretariat

Sagami Women’s Uni group and Vietnamese group, checking temperature, disinfecting hands and fingers, and filling in names and phone numbers.

Measuring the weight of wheelchairs.

Two tents for sheltering from the sunlight.

Taking photos of wheelchairs with their number plate. After that, wheelchairs are to be packed.

(Left) Turning a wheelchair upside down or aside so as not to overlook dirt.
(Right) Various kinds of tools used for refurbishing work.

Today’s lunch in a eco-friendly package. They’re delicious too!

We managed to take a photo of the participants in the rain. Thank you again, everyone.

  Mini-meeting on a summer-like day.

  On May 29, we had a mini-meeting with Sagami University group and the Vietnamese group. It was a very hot Sunday all across the country. In Fussa city, Tokyo, where we had our activity base, the highest temperature rose above 30℃ and it was literally a summer-like day.

  We set up two tents so as to shelter from the sun. Some worked in the tent and others worked inside the warehouse or under the roof of firewood shelf of Ishikawa Brewery to prevent heat illness.

  Thanks to the participants, we finished packing eight units, cleaning three units, and refurbishing five units of wheelchairs. So far we tried to do cleaning and refurbishing ahead of other things, but today we got Sagami University group to work on packing. Packing wheelchairs requires standing and squatting all the time, and in today’s heat. It must have been really tough! We can’t thank you enough. The Vietnamese group did refurbishing work as usual. Thank you, everyone.

May 29, 2022      Secretariat

(Left) Sagami Women’s Uni group came early as usual. Taking temperature and filling in contact address in the first place.
(Right) Two tents ready and waiting for volunteers. Wheelchairs also waiting for cleaning or refurbishing.

(Left) Sagami Women’s Uni group divided into two teams: cleaning and packing teams. This team is cleaning a wheelchair.
(Right) The Vietnamese group came so early, half an hour ahead of time. They’re exchanging tire tubes.

〇Packing includes several related tasks.

(Left) Packing team of Sagami Women’s Uni group, wrapping a wheelchair with packing material called “puchi-puchi.”
(Right) Related tasks before wrapping: filling in the task control table. The first item is the individual number of each wheelchair. The seat size is used as information for which child could use which wheelchair. The weight is needed for container transport. Though they are all blank as we couldn’t prepare a weight meter today, we’ll measure all the wheelchairs later on. Other items are ‘donors’ (the name of school, for example), ‘photo’ (in order to give overseas partners clear image of wheelchairs), and ‘stickers'(individual number, our NGO’s logo sticker, and Sagami Women’s Uni sticker, all put on each wheelchair).

(Left) Taking photos of each wheelchair with its individual number.
(Right) We make a file of all the photos and the content written on the task control table and send it to the overseas recipients before sending them wheelchairs.

Having lunch in the shade. Cool breeze made lunch more delicious.

Thank you everyone for your work today!

  Mini-meeting with Sagami Women’s Uni group.

  On May 15, we had a mini-meeting with Sagami Women’s University group.

  Since we have not finalized the specific recipient for the next donation, we have decided not to do any maintenance or packing, but only cleaning. As in the past, we ensured that corona measures were taken and got to work, and finished cleaning 10 wheelchairs. We would like to thank every participant for their hard work.

May 15, 2022      Secretariat

Sagami Women’s Uni group gathered 5 minutes before the scheduled time as usual and immediately started working after taking temperature checks and other corona measures.

(Left) Working in pairs to clean wheelchairs.
(Right) The equipment circled by the red dotted circle are steam cleaners that emit steam at 150°C. They can remove stubborn stains with high-temperature steam.

Cleaning with the wheels removed so as to wash the dirt off completely. Perfect!

Wheelchair used as a stretcher. Removing the wheels is good for complete cleaning.

(Left) The cleaning procedure is now well understood. We turned over wheelchairs and cleaned them carefully.
(Right) Lunchtime is fun. Today’s lunch was a stylish hamburger box lunch in an eco-friendly paper package. It was delicious.

Thanks again for your hard work today.

  Meeting with a bit large number of participants.

  On April 24, we had a meeting with a bit large number of participants, mostly Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group. We got them to work in pairs. Sagami group did cleaning wheelchairs and Vietnamese group did both cleaning and refurbishing work.

  The weather got worse and worse unfortunately, and we worked under the roof of the wood yard of Ishikawa Brewery or inside the warehouse. As it was not easy to do in such small places, we finished the activity earlier than usual. Thanks for working in the rain.

April 26, 2022      Secretariat

(Left) Setting wheelchairs in front of the warehouse before volunteers come.
(Right) Sagami Women’s Uni group arriving ahead of time. Filling in the temperature and contact number.

Sagami group (left) and Vietnamese group (right): both starting to work.

(Left) It began to rain during the activity. Sagami group working under the roof of the wood yard of Ishikawa Brewery. (Firewood is seen in the far back.)
(Right) Vietnamese group moved into the warehouse. Sorry for the inconvenience!

(Left) Sagami group at lunchtime.
(Right) Vietnamese group having lunch inside.

(Left) Sagami group having their University project flag.
(Right) Vietnamese group, including the ninth member, a cute toddler.

Thank you everyone for joining the activity in the rain!

 We had the first meeting of FY 2022.

  On April 10, we had the first meeting of FY 2022, following the release of the Semi-emergency coronavirus measure in Tokyo on March 21.

  The participants were only Sagami Women’s University group again. Among them were two members who had just graduated this spring and started working. We’re glad we had them coming as we know it’s not easy to join the meeting after graduation.

  Mr. Inagaki from SOU Company, Ltd. visited us to deliver some wheelchairs during the activity. He always brings such clean wheelchairs that they need almost no cleaning and says, “Be sure to deliver the wheelchairs to overseas children.”

  We just purchased two steam cleaners, one for business use and one for household use, and we used the household one to clean wheelchairs at the meeting. We found it possible to clean the frame and metal parts efficiently with the household one as well as with the business use one we tried last time. It was also easy to remove mold on the cushion. We’d like to send overseas children wheelchairs polished up with the brand-new steam cleaners.

April 11, 2022      Secretariat

Let’s get started!

(Left) It feels good to use the steam cleaner and remove the dirt so well.
(Right) A staff member exchanging casters.

Mr. and Mrs. Inagaki with various types of wheelchairs they have brought.

Lunch indoors, it was very hot outside.

Thank you for joining today, Sagami Women’s Uni group!

 We had the final meeting of FY 2021.

  Due to the corona crisis, we hadn’t had regular meetings from January through March 2022, after the extra mini-meeting on December 23, 2021. As the Semi-emergency coronavirus measure was released on March 21, we had the final meeting of FY 2021 on March 27.

  We still need to be cautious about the corona virus. The participants were only Sagami Women’s University group. Three senior students joined us literally for the last time.

  The students started cleaning wheelchairs in pairs. The wheelchairs were heavily soiled and it took them much longer than usual to clean up one wheelchair, but they patiently worked on the activity and finished cleaning eight wheelchairs. Good job, Sagami Women’s Uni group!

  This time we tried cleaning with a steam cleaner. As a result, we were able to clean the frame and metal parts of the wheel efficiently. We also found it easy to remove mold from cushions by using both mold remover and the steam cleaner. We couldn’t help giving up removing heavy mold so far, but by cleaning this new way, we might be able to make used wheelchairs into as good as new ones and send them abroad.

March 28, 2022      Secretariat

(Left)Sagami Women’s Uni group, arriving before 10 o’clock, disinfecting hands and fingers, checking temperature, and filling in the registration form.
(Right)Starting to work on wheelchairs.

(Left)Removing off dirt by turning a wheelchair sideways or upside down.
(Right)Trying to clean the frame and remove the mold from cushions using the steam cleaner. The steam cleaner was really effective.

(Left)Lunchtime, having delicious bento.
(Right)The senior students handing over a token of appreciation to Mr. Morita for the guidance so far. Very nice of them!

Thank you for joining, Sagami Women’s University group, especially the seniors!

 We had an extra meeting.

  On December 23, we had an extra meeting with the help of TM Project Co., Ltd. staff members, who undertake a task of taking wheelchairs for us. What we did was putting our warehouse in order and packing buggy-type wheelchairs undone.

  While it’s been hard to refurbish lots of wheelchairs at a time since last year, more and more wheelchairs have been brought in from special schools and certain number of individuals. That’s why our warehouse is full to capacity and we need to work on it. Actually we have been asking some of our overseas partners whether they’ll be able to accept wheelchairs undone.

  Mr. Syed in Malaysia, to whom we had sent wheelchairs undone before, offered to accept buggy-type wheelchairs as they’re popular in Malaysia and relatively easy to refurbish. We did send 90 wheelchairs to Malaysia in August this year, but they seem to want buggy-type additionally because of the popularity of that type being light and easy to handle.

  In such a situation, we got offering from TM Project that they’d like to do something for our NGO in return for getting a job of transporting wheelchairs. So we asked them to check how many buggy-type wheelchairs were in the warehouse and pack them. There was also one of our voluntary member, Mr. Tanabe, working with us.

  We all carried out buggy-type wheelchairs, put them both number and logo stickers, then packed them. It took only a few hours to finish packing 22 buggy-type wheelchairs.

  We expect to add relatively small wheelchairs to all the buggy-type wheelchairs we have, and send 90 wheelchairs to Malaysia in the beginning of February. Thank you very much, TM Project members and Mr. Tanabe!

December 23, 2021      Secretariat

Carrying out buggy-type wheelchairs from the warehouse.

Putting wheelchairs both number and logo stickers and packing them. Surprisingly quick and neat work of professionals!

Today’s participants. Five people from the right are TM Project members, the sixth is Mr. Tanabe, and the last one is our President, Mr. Morita.