Request for Support

Please support us!

  In Japan, disabled children buy new wheelchairs when they outgrow their old ones and those used wheelchairs are handed over to our organization.
The handed-over wheelchairs are refurbished by volunteers first and with the assist of cooperators who share the same thoughts with us, we provide opportunities for disabled children abroad, mainly in developing countries, to use those wheelchairs for free.
   In this way, we aim to help disabled children abroad grow in good health and to contribute to building up a society which is easy for disabled children to live in.

  We have four collecting activities as follows and your support makes each activity go smoothly.

1. Collecting old or used wheelchairs for children:
    We collect 500 to 600 used wheelchairs per year.

2. Collecting volunteer workers to refurbish wheelchairs:
   20 to 40 volunteers get together on the third Sunday every month.

3. Collecting money to make all the activities go smoothly:
   We concentrate on donating wheelchairs and we do not earn money by selling wheelchairs or through our services.
  In order to get money for collecting and maintain wheelchairs and sending them to disabled children abroad, we collect donations from people   in general, charitable persons,companies and organizations, and we also collect grants and public subsidies.

4. Collecting regular members who approve of our activity and support us mentally:
   Annual membership fee is 3000 yen for an individual and 20000 yen for a corporation.

  You can see these four collecting activities by clicking each item. Please take a look at these activities and give us your support after you have fully understand our activities.