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2019/02/17 We continued refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines.*
2019/02/09 We loaded 77 wheelchairs on the ship for Philippines.*
2019/01/20 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines(2nd).* 
2019/01/11 We received photos of children from Thailand.* 
2018/12/16 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines.* 
2018/12/13 We loaded 90 wheelchairs on the ship for India.*
2018/11/26 We loaded 90 wheelchairs on the ship for Laos.*
2018/11/18 We have finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Laos.* 
2018/10/21 We had a special guest to our monthly meeting.* 
2018/09/16 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for India.* 


〇 We delivered two wheelchairs to the ambassador of Ethiopia.

  We received a request of two wheelchairs from the ambassador of Ethiopia, who has visited our monthly meeting, and I delivered two wheelchairs to the Etiopian embassy with Mr. Abebe, one of our volunteers.

  One of them is to be sent to Gambella, the birthplace of the ambassador, and the other to Gondal. The container for these wheelcahirs left Tokyo Bay in late January.

January 31,2019 Hirokazu Morita

IMG_1126 IMG_0943
(Left) The pink one for Gondal, the blue one at the back for G..
(Right) The girl who is waiting for our wheelchair.

IMG_1141  The blue one for the girl above.