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2017/03/19 We refurbished 30 wheelchairs for Vietnam.*
2017/03/13 We loaded 99 wheelchairs on the ship for Thailand.
2017/02/19 We refurbished 17 wheelchairs for Thailand.*
2017/02/12 We issued the report of handing-over ceremony in Cambodia.*
2017/01/25 Voice from a volunteer.*
2017/01/19 We issued the activity report Vol.13. *
2017/01/19 We loaded 90 wheelchairs on the ship for Laos.
2017/01/15 We refurbished 25 wheelchairs for Thailand.*
2016/12/31 We issued the report of handing-over ceremony in Vietnam.*
2016/12/20 We did refurbishing 32 wheelchairs for Thailand.*


We have started Cloudfunding. (JapanGiving)  

 Please read the following explanation and click the above photo.

 Our NGO’s operating costs are from membership fees, donations, and private grants. We have been informing of our activities through the Internet and Activity reports, but now we are having a financial problem due to declining fees and donations, which makes it hard to continue our activities. So we applied for ‘Japangiving,’ the biggest donation site in Japan connecting NPOs and ‘supporters’ who want to do something for the society. Now that we got the approval from the site, we’ d like to announce that we have started Cloudfunding(Japangiving). We hope lots of people will notice our site, get interested in our activities, and make a donation to us.
 For more detail, please click here or click the photo above.(Japangiving site is all in Japanese)

 You could also make a donation through here. We are looking forward to receiving your support.