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2018/10/21 We had a special guest to our monthly meeting.* 
2018/09/16 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for India.* 
2018/09/14 We loaded 86 wheelchairs on the ship for Thailand.*
2018/09/03 We got a mail from Nepal about the arrival of wheelchairs.* 
2018/08/19 We finished refurbishing 80 wheelchairs for Thailand.* 
2018/07/15 We did refurbishing wheelchairs for Thailand in the fierce heat.* 
2018/07/03 We loaded 90 wheelchairs on the ship for Nepal.*
2018/03/24 We loaded 80/160/90 wheelchairs on the ship.*
2018/02/25 The Paraguay Ambassador to Japan visited us.*
2018/02/18 The project report from Laos is on the site.*


 The annual Fussa Blues Festival was held.

  Fussa Blues Festival was held today, and a lot of people came in spite of the rain. I cooked Ethiopian curry for fifty people with Mr. Abebe and it was sold out in the morning.
I was pleasantly surprised that the Ethiopian minister, Mr.Samuel , visited the festival. I am also grateful that many guests made a donation for our NPO. Last, but not least, I’d like to thank professional musicians for their nice and voluntary performances.

  November 4, 2018
     President, Hirokazu Morita

フェスティバル案内 IMG_0764-3
フェスティバル案内Mr. Abebe with Ethiopian curry. IMG_0764-3Photo with Mr. Ishikawa, owner of Ishikawa Brewery.