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2019/04/21 We’ve finished refurbishing 40 wheelchairs for Thailand.*
2019/03/26 We loaded 90 wheelchairs on the 2nd ship for Philippines.*
2019/03/17 We completed refurbishing 90 wheelchairs for Philippines.*
2019/03/15 The India Handover Ceremony Report is on the site.*
2019/02/28 The Laos Handover Ceremony Report is on the site.*
2019/02/17 We continued refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines.*
2019/02/09 We loaded 77 wheelchairs on the ship for Philippines.*
2019/01/20 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines(2nd).* 
2019/01/11 We received photos of children from Thailand.* 
2018/12/16 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines.* 


  We’ve left 14 electric wheelchairs to Saito Factory.

  Our NGO gets used wheelchairs from special schools in the Kanto district, refurbishes them and sends them to overseas children. We sometimes get electric ones among the collected wheelchairs, but we don’t send them abroad because it is difficult for our partners overseas, which receive those used wheelchairs, to fix electric ones or to get spare parts to fix them.

  However, electric wheelchairs are not only expensive but also high-performance, and overseas children are sure to be happy to use them if they can. We looked for organizations which can send electric wheelchairs abroad and have found a perfect NGO, SAKURA WHEELCHAIR PROJECT. MR. Sho Saito, president of Saito Factory, is the chief director of this project.

  SAKURA PROJECT has been sending electric wheelchairs to mostly Pakistan, 630 wheelchairs in total. Mr. Saito himself has visited Pakistan fifteen times to hand down his techniques. Recently the project has widened the area to Nepal, Mongolia, and Costa Rica. Mr. Saito is such an admirable man.

  As for electric wheelchairs, we intend to leave them to Saito Factory and ask them to send them to foreign countries.

April, 2019 Hirokazu Morita

IMG_0328 IMG_0317
Mr. Saito, the Tanabes(twins), who came to help us, and Morita. They loaded 14 electric wheelchairs onto their truck, leaving no room. They carry them to Ibaragi prefecture and refurbish them there.