Container filling work

Container filling work

Let us introduce the way of loading wheelchairs.
(The photos below show how we loaded 90 wheelchairs for India into a   container truck on June 20, 2016.)

1. To stick tape inside the container for fixing wheelchairs before loading. コンテナ1

2. To put wheelchairs on the pallet and at the same time clear the number of  wheelchairs from the checklist.


3. To carry the pallet with wheelchairs on to the container by a forklift.


4. This is very important work. Professional technique is needed.
To load wheelchairs into the container with great care and efficiency considering the size and weight of each wheelchair so that they won’t get damaged by each other.


5. To set up a fence to prevent load collapse and then put in the remaining few wheelchairs over the fence using a forklift. This is the last stage of loading work.


6. To confirm all loading work is done by clearing the numbers in the check sheet.


7. To fix the top of the load with cardboard and tape. This is to prevent load collapse during the voyage.

8. To close the door of the container and put a seal rock on it, meaning we’ve finished loading work.

9. The container was transported to a terminal in Tokyo Bay and after customs clearance it was shipped on June 24.