Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

 We have monthly meetings on the third Sunday to refurbish and pack wheelchairs.This page shows what our monthly meeting is like.

 Nov. 16, 2018 We have finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Laos.

   Under the cloudy weather, not too hot nor cold, best for working outside. We had about 40 participants in total;
  Sagami Women’s University, Vitnamese group, Tama Technical High School, Asian Society, and regular volunteering members. We have refurbished 29 wheelchairs for Laos, making it 90 in total. We are loading and shipping those wheelchairs at the end of this month.

写真01 写真02
The work started as usual. The participants start by choosing a wheelchair they are going to refurbish.

写真03 写真04
(Left)There were not a few Activity Chairs today.
(Right)One of our leading players:Tama Technical High School students and their teacher.

写真05 写真06
(Left)A Vietnamese new member trying exchanging tires under the guidance of a veteran member.
(Right)We took a motion picture of the work. We are making these motion pictures to show them to the partners overseas, hoping that they will learn how to maintain or repair the wheelchairs in a proper way.

写真07 写真08
(Left)Tokyo Laos Society members came, asking for a wheelchair and Mr. Morita donated one.
(Right)Three guests came to join our activity; our new members.

写真09 写真10

Thank you, everyone. Let’s meet next month!

 We had a special guest to our monthly meeting.

  Oct. 21, it was a pleasant, fair autumn day. We had about 60 participants today:Vietnamese group, Sagami Women’s University group, Tama Technical High School group, Ethiopian Group, Support Asia For Children Japan group, and a dozen volunteers, mostly regular members.

  We also had a special guest today, Mr. CHAM Ugala Uriat, the ambassador plenipotentiary of Etiopia. The ambassador appeared in the morning, had lunch with us, carefully watched us working, and made a heartfelt speech before leaving.

  There were new participants:several employees from Equinix Japan co.. Their sincere attitude was really impressive. Picasso’s granddaughter joined us again. Many thanks to these newcomers and regular members!

  Today’s lunch was Ethiopian curry plus coffee by Abeba. It was so delicious! We played moving pictures with a projector to show the participants what it was like at the donating ceremony in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. We could say it’s an Ethiopian day.

We started working as usual, with our own national flags on the wall.
写真01 写真02

The ambassador plenipotentiary appeared soon after our work started, and exchanged greetings with Mr. Morita, our president, and other staff.
写真03 写真04

Everyone stopped to listen to the Amassador’s address.
写真05 写真06
The abmassador’s address
“This is my first opportunity to see your activity. Thank you for youw work, the Ethiopian society, the Asian society, and all the volunteering members here. You have sent 520 wheelchairs to the Ethiopian children. Thanks to those wheelchairs they can go to school and have freedom to do anything they like. I hope your wheelchairs will be sent to other African countries too, and I’d like to be of help for that.”

Taking photos with Mr. and Mrs. Amabassador.

Each group took photos with Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador.
写真09 写真10

写真11 写真12

Kanon was also welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador.

Mr. Abebe Zewege, explaining our activity to the Ambassador.
写真13 写真14

写真15 写真16

写真17 写真18

Picasso’s granddaughter.
写真19 写真20

Volunteering members from Equinix Japan co.
写真21 写真22

These T-shirts are their uniforms.

Support Asia for Children Japan group. Veteran volunteers are really helpful.
写真24 写真25

(Left) The professional bicycle maker solves any problem.
(Right)Sagami Women’s Uni members tried changing the armrest cloth and they made it!
写真26 写真44

Lunchtime. This is Ethiopian curry.
写真45 写真28

Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador had Ethiopian curry, saying “So nice.”
The cook was another Abebe.
写真27 写真43

Vietnamese group having curry together.
写真31 写真30

A big group, divided into two, having curry outside and inside.
写真32 写真33

写真51Tama High School students. Their teacher, usually working with them, went on another volunteering work.

181021_1237~01Lots of persimmons for dessert, brought by Mr. Morita. He had picked them from the trees in his yard the day before. It was really nice of him.

The embassy staff and volunteering members peeling persimmons.
写真35 写真36

(Left)The work went on. Refurbished wheelchairs get their numbers and photos are taken.
(Right)This is not a wheelchair but a chair for taking a shower. This type is also welcome.
写真37 写真38

写真39 写真40


 Sep. 16, 2018 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for India.

  Under the cloudy sky we started our monthly meeting with the regular groups, Vietnamese team, Sagami Women’s University team, Tama Technical high school team, Ethiopian team, and voluntary members, more than 60 in total.
  Now that we finished wheelchairs for India, they are to be shipped within September.Today’s special guests were Imai and Kitamura, who had graduated from Sagami Women’s University this March, and Mr. Nakajima from the NPO, ILSI, who had kindly supported the exhibition of drawings from overseas children at Fussa Art Gallery. There was also a new volunteer, Katayama, working as a hairmake artist in Tokyo.

  The sky cleared up pleasant in the afternoon, when all the participants left for home. 

(left) Sagami Women’s University graduates, Imai(right) and Kitamura(left).
(right) Both graduates were giving tips to the freshmen so that refurbishing work would go smoothly. It’s so nice of you, two!
9月写真01 9月写真02

(left) Yamashita and Katayama(center). On the left is Kimura, who works mostly for Thailand.
(right) Mr. Nakajima. This was his first visit to our meeting.
9月写真03 9月写真04

(left) Tama Technical high school team, Mr. Takano and two students.
(right) They are from the NPO, Support Asia For Children Japan,one of the Ethiopian teams. The president, Mr. Aoyagi, Mr. Nakadai, and Mr. Yamada(from left to right).
9月写真05 9月写真06

(left) Ms. Sakurabayashi, one of our regular voluntary members, is a friend of Mr.Oda, a director of our NPO,from high school.
(right) Mr.Toshima, who has been a regular voluntary member for over ten years, and Oda.
9月写真07 9月写真08

Walking trainers are also helpful in many countries.
9月写真09 9月写真10

The senior members teaching the freshmen how to fold walking trainers. It’s not easy to fold and make up at first.
9月写真11 9月写真12

(left) We take some parts out of the wheelchair which cannot be used any more as a wheelchair.
(right) Measuring the weight after packing and put the serial number.
9月写真13 9月写真14

Vietnamese team is a powerful workforce in the activity. They are really helpful!
9月写真15 9月写真16
9月写真17 9月写真18

(left) Sagami Women’s University team filling in the checking sheet as a final task.
(right) The members giving directions about how to pack wheelchairs.
9月写真20 9月写真21

We put the complete wheelchairs one by one in the warehouse.
9月写真22 9月写真23

(left) Lunchtime. We always have lunch together like this.
(right) You can have lunch inside, too.
9月写真24 9月写真25

Sagami Women’s University team.

Participants listening to today’s report from a director, Mr.Oda.

Today’s participants.

 Aug. 19, 2018 We finished refurbishing 80 wheelchairs for Thailand.

  It was another hot summer day after several days of fierce heat. More than 70 participants joined the monthly meeting and finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Thailand.
  In addition to the regular members, Sagami Women’s university team, Vietnamese team, and Tama Technical high school team, there were Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members, who have been supporting the Thai project. We also had Fussa high school students and other high school students, a boy named Kaito, Picasso Maria Christina, through Fussa Volunteer Societ. Christina is a granddaughter of the famous painter, Pablo Picasso and has been a resident in Fussa for over 27 years.

  The wheelchairs complete with refurbishing are to be loaded into the container on 29th and shipped on September 2nd for Bankok. The donation ceremony is to be held at the end of October, after the Asian Paralympics, and Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members are palnning to attend it.

Fussa high school students joined the activity like in July.
写真01 写真02

Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members.
写真03 写真04

Christina and our president, Mr. Morita.
Christina said she knew our activity and had been interested it.
写真05 写真06

Kaito, like last month, was in charge of weighing wheelchairs and got relaxed in a packing sheet during his work.
写真07 写真08

A Nepali family joins our activity almost every month.
写真09 写真10

Participants working together.
写真11 写真12 写真13 写真14
写真15 写真16
写真17 写真18

Working in the shade, preventing the strong sunlight.

Yamashita, who visited Ethiopia last month, Ethiopian team, Nagamine, and her daughter, Kanon.
They had fun talking about his stay in Ethiopia.

Relaxing time with lunch.
写真21 写真22

Water melon and cold drinks for preventing heat illness.
写真23 写真24

Having fun watermelon splitting after today’s work.
写真25 写真26

Thank you everyone for your work!

 July 15, 2018 We did refurbishing wheelchairs for Thailand in the fierce heat.

  More than seventy people gathered in high spirit to join our monthly meeting in spite of the intense heat.

  Today’s participants were from Sagami Women’s University, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School as usual, and from Akishima Rotary Club and Fussa High School. The work went on smoothly and we have finished refurbishing 43 wheelchairs for Thailand, which is more than we expected. We’ll finish 27 more next month and load 70 in total.

  Today’s issue was how to prevent heat illness. We put ice and water in a plastic pool and got watermelons and plenty of drinks ready. Plus salty candies for supplying salt. The members parked their cars outside to secure the shade for working space. Also we got started working earlier and were able to finish today’s work before it got really hot in the afternoon. We are relieved that no one felt sick during the activity.

Watermelon and cold drinks.
16 17

Fussa High School students refurbishing supportive devices.
4 1
3 2

Kaito, a fifth grader, in charge of refurbishing devices and measuring the weight of wheelchairs.The refurbishing work is not complete until the wheelchair is weighed by him.
5 19
20 24

Vietnamese group working vigorously, saying “We’re used to such heat!”
25 6

Abebe, Ethiopian, in his usual careful manner, engaged in polishing and packing wheelchairs with high school students. Many thanks! We trust you!
7 32

Sagami Women’s University students doing their job efficiently as usual.
28 33

(left)Rei, from Malaysia, joined us today. Thank you for coming!
(Right)Fixing work following the instructions from Mr. Nishino.
8 10

Mr. Takano, teacher of Tama Technical High School, is one of our core members.
9 12

(Left)Washing away dirt with water. Cool and fun task for today.
(Right)Fussa High School students working on wooden wheelchairs after refurbishing supportive devices.
26 31

Continuing the work in the shade, avoing the direct sunlight.
27 29

Akishima Rotary Club members joining our work. They have been supporting our activity for years and are going to attend the donation ceremony in Thailand.
14 13

Mr. and Mrs. Furuya, JICA members, asking two wheelchairs for Ecuador.
They are delivering the wheelchairs as their own baggage.
Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Furuya and President Morita.
15 23

(Left)Watermelons supply water.
(Right)Having fun with lunch and talk.
18 21

Vietnamese couple, knowing each other through this wheelchair activity, getting married in September. “Congrats!” from all of us.

It was terribly hot today, but we did our work on schedule.
Thank you so much, everyone!

 Jan.18, 2018 The first monthly meeting in 2018.

  Almost every monthly meeting is blessed with fine weather(there was heavy snowfall on the following Monday!). The participants today were Sagami Women’s University group, Vitnamese group, Ethiopean group, Tama Technical High School group, and other volunteers. Mr. Morita suggested making ‘amazake’ or sweet low-alchohol drink, which was a great idea. Every participant got warm after drinking a cup of amazake. We finished refurbishing 24 wheelchairs for Paraguay, making the total number 60. We are going to refurbish 20 more next month so that we will be able to send 80 wheelchairs in total to Paraguay.

写真1 写真2
This is how we start working: each member chooses a wheelchair and start refurbishing.

写真3 写真4
Sometimes two three people work together for one wheelchair and do close work carefully.

写真5 写真6
We remove tires or cushions and clean thoroughly if necessary.

写真7 写真8
Cushions are made one by one to match each user’s figure. We remake them into a regular form. After remaking we put a cover over the cushion and it’s finished!

写真9 写真10
(Left) Ethiopian group and Mr. Katano.
(Right) Kanon and her mother.

写真11 写真12
(Left) Vietnamese group having lunch joyfully.
(Right) Vietnamese group.

Each group is holding up their flags.

Feb.18, 2018 The Paraguay Ambassador to Japan visited our monthly meeting.

 It was very cold in the morning but luckily it soon became sunny. There were many participants as usual:Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, Nepalese group, Tama Tecnical High School group, and other volunteer members.
 Today we had a special guest, the Paraguay Ambassador to Japan.
The ambassador talked to volunteers frankly and expressed his gratitude for our activity in his speech, adding that he would appeal to Paraguayans living in Japan for participation to our meeting.
 We refurbished 20 wheelchairs and have finished 80 in total for Paraguay today. Those wheelchairs are to be carried onto the container on 21st and the ship is to depart from the port of Tokyo on 27th this month. It will take about three months to get to Paraguay.

 We did refurbishing work for Ethiopia, too. We are planning to ship for Ethiopia and Indonesia in March.

写真01 写真02
(Left)The wheelchairs waiting for refurbishing.
(Right)Meeting before today’s work.

写真03 写真04
(Left) Tokyo Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members and Mr. Morita.
(Right) Rotary Club members start to work.

写真05 写真06
Tama Technical High School students and their teacher.

写真07 写真08
(Left) Nepalese family, Japanese mother and her daughter on the wheelchair, and Mr. Yamashita.
(Right) Ethiopian group.

写真09 写真10
(Left) The Paraguay ambassador and Mr. Morita exchanging cards.
(Right) The ambassador listening to Mr. Oda talk about refurbishing work.

写真10-2 写真11
(Left) Rotary Club members and the ambassador.
(Right) Vietnamese group and the ambassador.

写真12 写真13
(Left) The mabassador and Sagami Women’s University students.
(Right) The ambassador, Mr. Morita, and Mr. Katano with the national flag of Paraguay.

The ambassador and today’s participants.

The photos show today’s activities.

写真15 写真16
We kept working.

写真17 写真17-2
(Left) Vietnamese group having lunch.
(Right) Vietnamese group brought ‘バイン・チュン’ Vietnamese dish for New Years for all the participants. How delicious!

Today’s participants. Thank you for your work!

August 20, 2017 We have finished refurbishing 90 wheelchairs for Nepal.

 It’s still August, but neither boiling hot nor rainy and about 70 participants, the biggest number so far, joined today’s work. We refurbished 29 wheelchairs and have finished 90 wheelchairs for Nepal in total. We also finished packing 43 for the Phillippines with no refurbishing work. We don’t have to since our partner organization in the Phillipines is able to do refurbishing work by themselves.

 It’s a little after ten a.m. Lots of volunteers had already come and started to work.
写真1 写真2

 Today’s participants: 12 members from Tokyo Akishima Chuo Rotary Club, 10 Nepalese residents in Japan, 15 students from Sagami Women’s University, Fussa High School students, Tama Technical High School students, and other volunteering members.
写真3 写真4
写真5 写真6

(Photo left)This volunteer says he is interested in such work and that he is thinking about associating our activities with the bike-related events he has been hosting.
(Photo right)This volunteer also joined our activity for the first time. Good Job!
写真7 写真8

(Photo left)A boy in Nepalese group doing his part.
(Photo right)Tokyo Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members working energetically.
IMG_6803 IMG_6806

(Photo right)Packing carefully so that wheelchairs will not get damaged during transportation.
(Photo left)Wheelchairs waiting for loading onto a container.
IMG_6808 写真15-2

We sometimes fix armrests.
写真9 写真10
These armrest need exchanging. First, we remove them.

写真11 写真12
We get new cushions and cover them with new cloths.

Nicest treat for the work in such a muggy day: watermelons and cool drinks!
写真13 写真14

(Photo left)Volunteers listening to our staff member’s talk about today’s work.
(Photo right)A member of Nepalese group thanking for today’s refurbishing work for Nepal and hoping for another project.
写真17 写真16

Taking pictures of all the participants.

We refurbished 40 wheelchairs for Nepal.* 

 It was a boiling hot day! Over 60 participants were welcomed with plenty of cold water, salty candy, and watermelons and finished refurbishing 40 wheelchairs and 5 buggies as scheduled.

 Sagami Women’s University members were learning how to fix wheelchairs.
写真1 写真2

写真31 写真4

写真5 写真6

 Students from Tama Technical High School and Fussa High School were working in high spirits.
写真7 写真8

写真9 写真10

写真11 写真12

 Vietnamese members join our activity regularly. They are the main force now.
写真13 写真14

 Local elementary students joined, working hard on cleaning and packing wheelchairs. We’re glad to hear them say “It was fun!” after today’s work.

A Nepalese member joined with her son.

A two-year-old Vietnamese girl made everyone smile. How cute!

(Photo lower left)Lunchtime. Sagami Women’s University members having discussion over lunch.
(Photo lower right)Vitnamese members having lunch.
写真18 写真192

Watermelon tastes best in hot summer, providing energy.
写真204 写真213

写真222 写真23

Refurbishing work finished. Thank you, everyone!

Mar.19th 2017 We refurbished 30 wheelchairs for Vietnam.

 Today’s participants were 12 Vietnamese members, 8 Sagami Women’s College members, 3 Tama Technical high school members, Ethiopian and other volunteers, about 40 in total.
 We finished refurbishing 30 wheelchairs for Vietnam and the finished units for Vietnam is 35 so far.

写真1 写真2

写真3 写真4
A volunteer from Ethiopia exchanging wheels under the guidance of an experienced member.

写真5 写真6
Changing a specially designed form into a ordinary one.

写真7 写真8
An employee of Nikko Asset Management joined with his son, who had seen our website and decided to come.

写真9 写真10
(Left)   We take apart unusable wheelchairs and remove any usable parts.
(Right) Reclining function has come to life after exchanging parts.

Today’s participants.