Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

 We have monthly meetings on the third Sunday to refurbish and pack wheelchairs.This page shows what our monthly meeting is like.

 June 16,2019 We’ve finished 70 wheelchairs for Malaysia.

  It was surprisingly fair compared with a stormy weather yesterday. We continued to refurbish wheelchairs for Malaysia and finished today’s goal, 70 wheelchairs. Adding these to last month’s 100, we send 170 in total by a 40-feet container.

  Our work process is cleaning, putting seals & measuring the size of each wheelchair, taking pictures of them, and packing, like last month. We didn’t adjust brakes or exchange tires, but we send tires for exchanging and necessary parts, instead. We also send 30 child safety seats and 12 boxes of orthosis. The ship loading them is scheduled to leave Tokyo in the beginning of July.

  Today’s participants were about 60 in total; Sagami Women’s University group, Vitnamese group, Ethiopian group, Tama Technical High School group, and Volunteering members.

sdr sdr
(Left) Wheelchairs to be refurbished today.
(Right) Meeting before working. We need to confirm what to do and how to do it so as to work efficiently.

dav sdr
(Left) Lots of cushion material for packing.
(Right) Child safety seats.

dav dav
Hand-operated lift to prevent height difference. We send it to Malaysia as well.

sdr sdr
(Left) Tama Technical High School group.
(Right) Sagami Women’s University group.(all first-years)

sdr sdr
(Left) Ethiopian group.
(Right) Zena, who joined our activity for the first time, is a graduate student majoring in architecture.

We had a lot of new volunteers today.

dav sdr
Mr. Matsuda from Kyal Fund, which has been supporting the Kyrgyz Republic in Cebtral Asia, worked vigorously with us.

sdr sdr
Mr. Shiraishi, one of whose friends does volunteer work in Columbia, found our NGO on the net and joined us thinking he also would be able to do voluntary activity.

dav sdr
(Left) Mr. Tinh, vice CEO of a construction company, and Ms. Ngan, translator. He got interested in our activity and visited us to see our work.
(Right) They tried refurbishing work too.

sdr sdr
Austin from Yokota base(center). He found our NGO on the net, got interested, and joined us today.

sdr sdr
(Left) Ms. Aida, who has been supporting native peoples in Mindanao, the Philippines, found our NGO on the net. She joined us so that she could learn about wheelchairs.
(Right) Ms. Aida tried cleaning with the help of Vietnamese members.

sdr sdr
(Left) Ms. Nishide from Kodaira Jazz association joined our activity. She also brought us donation.
(Right) Mr. Ikeuchi from Tokyo Laos society. He had got a request of a wheelchair from a child hospital in Laos.
Our chief engineer, Nishio, selected one and handed it to him.

sdr sdr
Mr. and Ms. Asano visited us to bring two wheelchairs. We really appreciate their coming and donation.

dav sdr
It’s not easy (but very important) to keep tool in order. One of our veteran volunteers, Nakao, designed a tool box himself and brought it. Thanks!

sdr sdr
Delicious bolied corns for lunchtime. How sweet!

dav sdr
(Left) Mr. Tinh and Ms. Ngan enjoying corns.
(Right) Oda, our director, and Sagami Women’s University group members.

Thank you everyone for your good work!

 May 19,2019 We’ve finished cleaning 103 wheelchairs for Malaysia.

  It was a fair, pleasant Sunday. Our work today was for Malaysia. We planned to send 90 wheelchairs at first, but we’ve changed the number into 160 to 180, so our goal today became 100.
  Our usual process is cleaning, refurbishing including exchanging tires and adjusting brakes, putting seals, taking measurements, and packing, but as we have confirmed that our partner in Malaysia can cover refurbishing, we can omit refurbishing part, which has shortened the working time and has doubled the number of wheelchairs we can clean and pack today. However, there’s a possibility that the local partner cannot get new tires, so we offer tires for some wheelchairs which will need exchanging tires.

  Today we had about sixty people in total: Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Nokko Asset Management group, Ethiopian group, and volunteering members. Thanks to these participants, we finished cleaning and packing more than 100 (103!) wheelchairs. We’re going to do the same way next month and will be able to send 180 wheelchairs to Malaysia at the end of June.

sdr sdr
100 wheelchairs waiting for volunteers.

sdr sdr
Our staff explaining to participants how different today’s work is.

dav sdr
(Left) A bathing chair. This is very helpful for getting a child into a bath.
(Right) A wheelchair with electric assistance. It doesn’t self-drive, but helps to move, so it’s easy to advance with less power. This is an electric wheelchair, so we will talk with Saito Factory about how to use it.

sdr dav
dav dav
dav sdr
dav sdr
sdr dav
dav dav

sdr dav
(Left) Nikko Asset Management group.
(Right) Vietnamese group.

dav sdr
(Left) Participants listening to today’s results.
(Rigth) Yamashita talking about his bicycle event, where he is going to run a fund-raising campaign for us.

Thank you, everyone!

 April 21,2019 We’ve finished refurbishing 40 wheelchairs for Thailand.

  It was a pleasant monthly meeting day with about fifty participants in total; Sagami Women’s University group, Tama Technical High School group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, and volunteering members.
  Our plan for Thailand is to send ninety wheelchairs in May. We’ve asked General incorporated corporation independence support group to refurbish some of of them. We did finish refurbishing forty wheelchairs today.

dav dav
sdr dav
Our staff put the wheelchairs in a row for today’s work before participants come.

dav sdr
We get lots of rag ready for cleaning. We also need various kinds of tools for refurbishing.

dav dav
These are other necessities; stationery for packing and plenty of buffers for transporting by containers.

sdr sdr
Two members from General incorporated corporation independence support group join us today with wheelchairs to refurbish.

dav sdr
Refurbishing work has just started. Veteran members are helpful in exchanging tires.

sdr dav
(Left)Miku, third grader, was always with Sagami Women’s Uni students.
(Right)Ethiopian group. Nanami Tomita, Miss Eco International, tells us about the international contest, “I was ranked sixth. I think I did my best, and it was most enjoyable moment for me. I’d like to thank everyone for giving me supportive messagaes.” The detail is from her blog.

sdr dav
(Left)Mr. and Mrs. Iwai, friends of one of our volunteering members, has donated their wheelchair. It’s sad to say that their child passed away just after their new wheelchair was made. They do request that their wheelchair be sent to an overseas child and be used effectively.
(Right) Mr. and Mrs. Iwai watching how wheelchairs are packed.

dav dav
(Left)Friends of Vietnamese group, Mr. Sasaki and Doita.
(Right)Tama Technical High School’s Junior Red Cross members and Ms. Kawada, who is in charge of the club.

dav sdr
(Left)Mr. Takano, ex-teacher of Tama Technical High School, and his students.
(Right)The students and teachers work together in packing.

sdr sdr
Vietnamese group, our most powerful members.

dav dav
Fun time! Let’s have lunch together!

Thank you, everyone, for your great work.

 Mar. 17, 2019 We completed refurbishing 90 wheelchairs for Philippines.

  It was fair in the morning but it became cloudy with a bit cold wind in the afternoon. Today’s participants were about forty in total; Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, Tama Technical High School group, and volunteering members.
  We set the goal of 35 so that the number of wheelchairs for Philippines would be 90 in total, and thanks to each member’s hard and efficient work, we were able to reach today’s goal. Following the transport in February, the second ship is scheduled to arrive in Manila on April 5, after packing into the container on March 19 and loading into the ship on 25.

photo-01 photo-02
(Left) Our place for refurbishing:the site of Tama packing industry Co., Ltd.
(Right) Wheelchairs ready for refurbishing. There’re few participants yet.

photo-03 photo-04
(Left) The warehouse is full of used wheelchairs, though we were worried that we might not send enough wheelchairs overseas as there had been less and less wheelchairs gathering for one time.
(Right)Volunteering members got together in half an hour, active at work.

photo-05-1 photo-06
(Left) Ethiopian newcomer, Abenezer, 18 years old. He got first prize in the 10km marathon in Moscow and hopes to be active as a runner in Japan.
(Right) Abenezer working with Abebe.

photo-07 photo-08
(Left)Tama Technical High School group. Ms. Kawada (female teacher) takes over the regular member, Mr. Takano (male teacher).
(Right) Nagamine has delivered two wheelchairs which her friends donated for us.

photo-09 photo-10
(Left) Kanon and Maki in the sunlight. What are you two talking about?
(Right) Mothers were busy preparing for lunch.

photo-11 photo-12
Mr. Nishino, in charge of technical part, is today’s chef. After broiling frankfruters he starts making yakisoba, fried noodles.

photo-13 photo-14
Yakisoba for sixty(!) people. So delicious that it was eaten up in a flash.

photo-15 photo-16
(Left)Five students of Sagami Women’s University who graduate this month made a brief speech.
(Right) Mr. Takano(center) and Ms. Kawada(right), in charge of JRC of Tama Technical High School, made a brief speech. Mr. Takano joined for the last time as their teacher, but hopefully he will continue working with us.

photo-17 photo-18
(Left) Mr. Abebe introducing Abenezer.
(Right)Ho Awi making her final speech before returning to Vietnam.

Thank you everyone for your work today!

 Feb. 17, 2019 We continued refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines.

  We did refurbishing 38 wheelchairs to send to Philippines in March.

  It was a fair Sunday, but the wind was cold. Still, there were around forty participants: Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, Tama Technical High School group, and regular volunteering members.

No-01 No-02

sdr dav sdr
Let us show the variety of wheelchairs. How precious they were to the users and their parents.

sdr sdr sdr

sdr sdr dav

dav sdr
(Left) A manual to use the wheelchair properly and keep it in good condition.
(Right) How unique! This is operated only by the right hand. The little ring moves the right wheel and the big one moves the left wheel.

No-14 No-15
  We had visitors from Edogawa, Tokyo, Daichi Segawa and his parents. Daichi has just passed the entrance exam for a high school and seemed to enjoy today’s visit, moving freely and talking with volunteering members on his electric wheelchair. The parents were also glad to talk to Mr. Nishino, who is one of our directors and in charge of technical part, and got useful advice from the professional technician.
  Daichi’s mother said when Daichi outgrew his former wheelchair they didn’t know how to put it away and they didn’t want just to dispose of the usable wheelchair. Then they found our website and contacted us to make a donation, through which they got interested in our activity and visited us today.

No-16  Daichi, making a peace sign after he got the tires of his wheelchairs pumped up.

No-17 No-18
(Left) Tama Technical High School group.
(Right) Vietnamese group.

No-19 No-20
(Left) Ethiopian group(though they are all Japanese for today).
(Right) Okada and her son. Good to have you two again.

No-21 No-22
Lunchtime. We all had the same lunch.

No-27 No-28
Vietnamese sweets. Sesami-sprinkled candy(left) and ginger-flavored dried plum(right). They were so good! Thank you.

No-29 ホー・アーイさん-3 No-30 吉原さん
(Left) Ho Awi, making a farewell speech before going back to Vietnam.
(Right) Yoshihara, the leader of Sagami Women’s University group, saying that they will do their best during their stay in Laos.

No-31 高野先生 No-32 森田さん
(Left) Mr. Takano, Tama Technical High School teacher, told us that they got the prize for the activity of Junior Red Cross for the third time.
(Right) Mr. Morita gave thanks to today’s participants.

No-33 集合写真
Thank you for your good work, everyone!

 Jan. 20, 2019 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines.

  We did refurbishing 35 wheelchairs for Philippines.

  The weather was fair, not so cold or windy, good for our monthly meeting. There were over sixty people for today’s activity; Sagami women’s university group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, Tama technical high school group, and regular volunteering members. In addition to 45 wheelchairs finished last month, we refurbished 35 today, making it 80 in total. All of these are to leave Japan in about two weeks and reach Philippines around February 15th.

  Thanks to a large number of participants we finished 14 more today. As we continue the work for Philippines, we’ll be able to send another 80 wheelchairs in March.

photo-01 photo-02
Wheelchairs in line, waiting. Volunteering members coming one after another.

photo-03 photo-04
Meeting before work is essential. We confirm today’s goal, how many wheelchairs to finish, and the destination, which country to deliver, with Sagami women’s uni group.

photo-05 (From left) Mr. Horiuchi, Mr. Saiki, and our Ethiopian member Abebe. (The two are Abebe’s friends)
  Mr. Saiki got interested in our activity as he is planning to start a company related recycing in the near future.

photo-07 photo-08
Kanon joined again, waiting calmly while her mother was working.

photo-09 photo-10
There were plenty of unique wheelchairs; kind of stretcher, walking trainer, and activity chairs.

photo-11 photo-12
(Left) Mr. Yamada, from NGO Suport Asia for Children Japan.
(Right) A veteran volunteer, Oshima.

photo-13 photo-14
Tama technical high school group; the teacher and two students.

photo-15 photo-16
Vietnamese group working on activity chairs(Left) and repapering the cloth of armrest(Right).

photo-17 photo-18
(Left)We hadn’t seen this type before and we don’t even know how to use it. (maybe for moving a child and some equipments?)
(Right)A bicycle for kids. We hope some children with disability will ride it some day.

photo-19 photo-20
We put seals of our NPO and other support groups such as Sagami women’s university and Nikko Assessment.

photo-21 photo-22
This was the most unique one; a partition and you can put your arms through it easily. It’s used as a screen in a place like a bathroom; you can take things on the other side with ease.

photo-23 photo-24
Nanami Tomita, the nominee for Miss Eco International Japan. She said she joined us since our activity is recycling wheelchairs and she got interested in it. She is hoping to win first prize in Miss Eco International World Contest, which is held in Egypt in March this year. Good luck!

photo-25 photo-26
Photo with Nanami Tomita.

photo-28 photo-29
Tonjiru miso soup (miso soup with prok and vegetables) was served. Mr. Nishino, the head of refurbishing work, worked as a chef with the help of volunteering members. It was soooo good that many came for seconds.

The following is how participants were enjoying their lunch. Looks yummy, doesn’ it?

photo-30 photo-31

photo-32 photo-33

photo-34 photo-35

photo-36 photo-37

Today’s participants. Thank you everyone!

 Dec. 16, 2018 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Philippines.

  It’s a freezing cold day. Today’s participants were Vietnamese group, Sagamai Women’s University group, Ethiopian group, Tama Technical high school group, and regular volunteers; about fifty in total. We focused on Philipines and most of the wheelchairs we refurbished were special ones. Let us show them.
  We finished 36 wheelchairs today. We did 9 last month, making 45 in total, most of which are much bigger than standard ones, so probably about 70 of them will be enough for the 20-foot container. We expect to finish refurbishing all 70 wheelchairs next month.

photo01 photo02

photo03 photo04

photo05 photo06 photo07
Various kinds of training instruments.

photo08 photo09 photo10

photo11 photo12

photo13 photo14

photo15 photo17

photo19 photo20
  Mr. Nakadai from the NPO Support Asia For Children Japan, exchanging tires. He brings his own tools, and does cleaning, exchanging parts, and overhauling with them, saying “It’s as easy as bicycle work.” Thanks for perfect work!

photo21 photo22
Replacing small tires into new ones.

photo23 photo24
Instant miso soup was served for lunch. Keep warm!

photo25 photo26
(Left) Vietnamese group having lunch and enjoying conversation.
(Right) Some of Sagami Women’s University group having lunch in the sun.

photo27 photo28
Tama Technical high school group and Sagami Women’s University group.

photo28-2 photo28-3
  We were delighted to have Mr.Kuun for today’s work. He’s back from Vietnam, where he and his partner held their wedding. They had met at our monthly meeting and got married. He joined the activity by himself today and said the two of them would join us soon.
(Left) Mr. Kuun at refurbishing work.
(Right) Mr. Kuun telling all the members about his marriage.

We finished the final activity for 2018. We appreciate your cooperation this year.
Let’s keep on good work next year, too.

 Nov. 16, 2018 We have finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Laos.

   Under the cloudy weather, not too hot nor cold, best for working outside. We had about 40 participants in total;
  Sagami Women’s University, Vitnamese group, Tama Technical High School, Asian Society, and regular volunteering members. We have refurbished 29 wheelchairs for Laos, making it 90 in total. We are loading and shipping those wheelchairs at the end of this month.

写真01 写真02
The work started as usual. The participants start by choosing a wheelchair they are going to refurbish.

写真03 写真04
(Left)There were not a few Activity Chairs today.
(Right)One of our leading players:Tama Technical High School students and their teacher.

写真05 写真06
(Left)A Vietnamese new member trying exchanging tires under the guidance of a veteran member.
(Right)We took a motion picture of the work. We are making these motion pictures to show them to the partners overseas, hoping that they will learn how to maintain or repair the wheelchairs in a proper way.

写真07 写真08
(Left)Tokyo Laos Society members came, asking for a wheelchair and Mr. Morita donated one.
(Right)Three guests came to join our activity; our new members.

写真09 写真10

Thank you, everyone. Let’s meet next month!

 We had a special guest to our monthly meeting.

  Oct. 21, it was a pleasant, fair autumn day. We had about 60 participants today:Vietnamese group, Sagami Women’s University group, Tama Technical High School group, Ethiopian Group, Support Asia For Children Japan group, and a dozen volunteers, mostly regular members.

  We also had a special guest today, Mr. CHAM Ugala Uriat, the ambassador plenipotentiary of Etiopia. The ambassador appeared in the morning, had lunch with us, carefully watched us working, and made a heartfelt speech before leaving.

  There were new participants:several employees from Equinix Japan co.. Their sincere attitude was really impressive. Picasso’s granddaughter joined us again. Many thanks to these newcomers and regular members!

  Today’s lunch was Ethiopian curry plus coffee by Abeba. It was so delicious! We played moving pictures with a projector to show the participants what it was like at the donating ceremony in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. We could say it’s an Ethiopian day.

We started working as usual, with our own national flags on the wall.
写真01 写真02

The ambassador plenipotentiary appeared soon after our work started, and exchanged greetings with Mr. Morita, our president, and other staff.
写真03 写真04

Everyone stopped to listen to the Amassador’s address.
写真05 写真06
The abmassador’s address
“This is my first opportunity to see your activity. Thank you for youw work, the Ethiopian society, the Asian society, and all the volunteering members here. You have sent 520 wheelchairs to the Ethiopian children. Thanks to those wheelchairs they can go to school and have freedom to do anything they like. I hope your wheelchairs will be sent to other African countries too, and I’d like to be of help for that.”

Taking photos with Mr. and Mrs. Amabassador.

Each group took photos with Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador.
写真09 写真10

写真11 写真12

Kanon was also welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador.

Mr. Abebe Zewege, explaining our activity to the Ambassador.
写真13 写真14

写真15 写真16

写真17 写真18

Picasso’s granddaughter.
写真19 写真20

Volunteering members from Equinix Japan co.
写真21 写真22

These T-shirts are their uniforms.

Support Asia for Children Japan group. Veteran volunteers are really helpful.
写真24 写真25

(Left) The professional bicycle maker solves any problem.
(Right)Sagami Women’s Uni members tried changing the armrest cloth and they made it!
写真26 写真44

Lunchtime. This is Ethiopian curry.
写真45 写真28

Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador had Ethiopian curry, saying “So nice.”
The cook was another Abebe.
写真27 写真43

Vietnamese group having curry together.
写真31 写真30

A big group, divided into two, having curry outside and inside.
写真32 写真33

写真51Tama High School students. Their teacher, usually working with them, went on another volunteering work.

181021_1237~01Lots of persimmons for dessert, brought by Mr. Morita. He had picked them from the trees in his yard the day before. It was really nice of him.

The embassy staff and volunteering members peeling persimmons.
写真35 写真36

(Left)The work went on. Refurbished wheelchairs get their numbers and photos are taken.
(Right)This is not a wheelchair but a chair for taking a shower. This type is also welcome.
写真37 写真38

写真39 写真40


 Sep. 16, 2018 We finished refurbishing wheelchairs for India.

  Under the cloudy sky we started our monthly meeting with the regular groups, Vietnamese team, Sagami Women’s University team, Tama Technical high school team, Ethiopian team, and voluntary members, more than 60 in total.
  Now that we finished wheelchairs for India, they are to be shipped within September.Today’s special guests were Imai and Kitamura, who had graduated from Sagami Women’s University this March, and Mr. Nakajima from the NPO, ILSI, who had kindly supported the exhibition of drawings from overseas children at Fussa Art Gallery. There was also a new volunteer, Katayama, working as a hairmake artist in Tokyo.

  The sky cleared up pleasant in the afternoon, when all the participants left for home. 

(left) Sagami Women’s University graduates, Imai(right) and Kitamura(left).
(right) Both graduates were giving tips to the freshmen so that refurbishing work would go smoothly. It’s so nice of you, two!
9月写真01 9月写真02

(left) Yamashita and Katayama(center). On the left is Kimura, who works mostly for Thailand.
(right) Mr. Nakajima. This was his first visit to our meeting.
9月写真03 9月写真04

(left) Tama Technical high school team, Mr. Takano and two students.
(right) They are from the NPO, Support Asia For Children Japan,one of the Ethiopian teams. The president, Mr. Aoyagi, Mr. Nakadai, and Mr. Yamada(from left to right).
9月写真05 9月写真06

(left) Ms. Sakurabayashi, one of our regular voluntary members, is a friend of Mr.Oda, a director of our NPO,from high school.
(right) Mr.Toshima, who has been a regular voluntary member for over ten years, and Oda.
9月写真07 9月写真08

Walking trainers are also helpful in many countries.
9月写真09 9月写真10

The senior members teaching the freshmen how to fold walking trainers. It’s not easy to fold and make up at first.
9月写真11 9月写真12

(left) We take some parts out of the wheelchair which cannot be used any more as a wheelchair.
(right) Measuring the weight after packing and put the serial number.
9月写真13 9月写真14

Vietnamese team is a powerful workforce in the activity. They are really helpful!
9月写真15 9月写真16
9月写真17 9月写真18

(left) Sagami Women’s University team filling in the checking sheet as a final task.
(right) The members giving directions about how to pack wheelchairs.
9月写真20 9月写真21

We put the complete wheelchairs one by one in the warehouse.
9月写真22 9月写真23

(left) Lunchtime. We always have lunch together like this.
(right) You can have lunch inside, too.
9月写真24 9月写真25

Sagami Women’s University team.

Participants listening to today’s report from a director, Mr.Oda.

Today’s participants.