Happy New Year!

  With the support of many of you, we were able to deliver about 450 wheelchairs to overseas children in 2023. (January – December, 2023)

  This is all thanks to special schools providung us with wheelchairs and parents bringing us their used wheelchairs, voluntary members coming to join our refurbishing activities, and companies, organizations and inidividuals making donations to us. Thank you for always supporting us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  Since last year, the All-Japan Project for Ukraine, a joint effort of related groups, has sent more than 100 children’s wheelchairs to Ukraine from our NGO. Overall, the project has sent over 1,000 wheelchairs to Ukraine, including the fifth shipment. I pray that even in the harsh environment of war, both adults and children will find some joy in being able to move around, even if only a little.

  I think about children’s wheelchairs 365 days a year. I cannot separate it from my life. It is very difficult, but I try to understand the minds of children with disabilities. Based on the children’s feelings, we are promoting the sending of wheelchairs to children living in distant foreign countries where we may never actually see them. The important thing is that we want the wheelchairs to not only support the children’s bodies, but also enrich their minds.

  Recipient children need assistance afterwards. This is a problem that becomes apparent when the children grow up and need to change wheelchairs. A long-term commitment to those children must be the most important thing. We are still searching for ways in which we can provide continuous support. We will continue to move forward little by little while thinking of concrete plans. We want to take good care of the children’s hearts.

  I try to give the utmost consideration so that those who participate can work together with their hearts. I’d like to resonate with the heart and send wheelchairs with approval and cooperation. The heart, which is all invisible to the eye, is the starting point of our activities. The motto that I cherish in managing our NGO is “Harmony is the key to success. Without the combined efforts of everyone involved in the NGO and your help, I cannot realize my goal of sending wheelchairs to children who are unable to move.

Our challenge will continue as we work to solve problems. Thank you for your continued support this year.

January 1, 2024       Hirokazu Morita

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