The fifth shipment for Ukraine departed Tokyo Port.

  The All-Japan Project for Ukraine, which started by Mr. and Mrs. Kimura, journalists living in London, has sent five shipments to Ukraine. Six organizations in total have cooperated with the project. Our NGO took part in the second, third, and fifth shipments. The total number of children’s wheelchairs from our NGO is 101, and the total number of units shipped as an All-Japan Project is 1,095.

  The fifth shipment of 280 units(40 from our NGO), loaded into the container on December 19, departed Tokyo port on December 30. It is expected to arrive in Poland around February 15, and from there, the wheelchairs will be transported overland to Ukraine.

  According to Kimura, Japanese wheelchairs donated to Ukraine so far have already been delivered to and used by children at the National Children’s Hospital in Kiev, elderly and disabled people and at a nursing home in the village of Ivankiv near Kiev, wounded soldiers at a public hospital in western Ternopil region, children at a children’s hospital and orphanage, and evacuees from Lysychansk city.

  This brings the total number of units donated to Ukraine to 113, including 12 units in October 2022 (our own project). The total number of units sent abroad so far is 9,665. Click here to view the graph of donation result.

  Detailed scenes from the first four shipments can be seen on the website of journalist Kimura, the initiator of the All-Japan Project. 
  The wheelchairs for the fifth shipment to Ukraine were provided by lots of special schools and other individuals.

December 31, 2023      Secretariat

Container loading took place on December 19 at the Ohi Office of the Tokyo Terminal Department of Sankyo Unyu Co. The wheelchair with yellow tape wrapped around it is thought to be the one from our NGO.

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