38 wheelchairs from two facilities.*

  We got offered children’s wheelchairs from two facilities below.
May 22, Murasaki Aiikuen 15 units
May 25, Seiikuen Commuting Center 23 units

  With 38 wheelchairs stored at one time, our warehouse has been filled with nearly 190 units, which is about 90% occupied. These wheelchairs will be refurbished for Vietnam and will be ready for shipment at the end of July.

May 30, 2023      Secretariat

<Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Center Murasaki Aiikuen>

When the staff arrived, 15 wheelchairs were lined up under the crosswalk, covered with plastic to prevent staining. We immediately loaded up with the truck driver and headed for the warehouse in Haijima.

<Tama Ryokuseikai Seiikuen Commuting Center>

Wheelchairs that had been lined up in the facility were carried to the truck by the center staff.

We managed to load 23 units into the truck. We appreciate the help of the center staff.
(Right) From left to right: Mr. Koizumi, truck driver, and Mr. Nakajima.

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