The 3rd shipment to UKR was loaded into the container.*

  Our NGO has sent children’s wheelchairs to war-torn Ukraine twice, once with 12 and once with 10 units. At the request of additional shipment, we had proceeded refurbishing work since March.

  At the May 14 mini-meeting, six units were cleaned, refurbished, and packed, and we got ready to ship 61 wheelchairs to Ukraine.

  The packed wheelchairs were transported to the Oi Office of Sankyo Co. Here all the wheelchairs for the third shipment were collected and loaded into the container on May 18.

  Once again, the event was facilitated by Mr. and Mrs. Kimura, journalists living in London. The three organizations that participated in the project were the same as last time, Wheelchairs of Hope, Go! Fly! Wheelchairs, and our NGO.

  The wheelchairs are scheduled to leave Tokyo Port around June 1, arrive in Poland in early July, and head for Ukraine by land. We sincerely hope that these wheelchairs will reach Ukraine as soon as possible.

May 24, 2023      Secretariat


<The following is the details of donation>
−NPO Wheelchairs of Hope    wheelchairs for grown-ups    124 untis
−NPO Go! Fly! Wheelchairs wheelchairs for grown-ups      30 units
−Our NGO    wheelchairs for children      61 units
                   Total 251 units

(Above) The container that has been

(Left) Wheelchairs loaded in the container.
  The ones with yellow tape on the
  bottom are our wheelchairs.

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