180 wheelchairs delivered to RICD, Thailand.

  Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development(RICD), our new partner in Thailand, has just told us that they received children’s wheelchairs on August 17. The ship loading a container of 180 wheelchairs had left Tokyo port on July 19 and the container finally arrived at RICD.

  According to Mr. Joey Tell, who is in charge of this project at RICD, they finished unloading and checking wheelchairs on 17 and are planning to refurbish them from 18, the next day. He also said that they have already decided who will receive wheelchairs. By hearing about their activities and seeing the photos sent by them, we realize RICD has organizational strength.

  We’d like to see children on their wheelchair next time.

August 18, 2022      Secretariat

~~~ Wheelchairs delivered to RICD ~~~

Unloading wheelchairs from the container and carrying them into the warehouse.

Taking wheelchairs out of packing.

Wheelchairs in the warehouse. Packing materials are disposed of.

Probably they’re checking the condition of each wheelchair and making management sheet.

We sent all 180 wheelchairs undone this time, so they’ll start cleaning and refurbishing wheelchairs right away at RICD.

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