90 wheelchairs finally reached Paraguay.(updated)

We’ve added a new photo.

  The ship with 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay left Tokyo port on March 8, 2022(Click here for the ship’s departure). It was expected to arrive at the port of Asuncion, Paraguay, around May 18. (Click here for the details of the project.)

  In addition to the disorder in marine transport, however, it took too much time to get tax-free permission in Paraguay. It was August 11 that we got the news that the wheelchairs finally arrived at the recipient, Asunción Villa Morra Lions Club. It was about half-a-year long journey. We started this project by refurbishing the first wheelchair for Paraguay in November 2020. So it was a long term project in one year and nine months.

  Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.(ONE), who offered marine transport for free, had made another offer of giving children some presents needed by them. They provided gloves, stationery, and other things. We put them along with wheelchairs in the container.

  From now on the Lions Club will be delivering wheelchairs and presents to children. We look forward to seeing the photos of children with joy on the wheelchair or having presents.

August 12, 2022      Secretariat

〇How the wheelchairs are transferred in Paraguay.

(Left)With the container door opened, 90 wheelchairs from our NGO are seen.
(Right)After transferring from the container to the truck, wheelchairs are going to the Lions Club.

Transferring wheelchairs from the container to the truck.

Ninety wheelchairs from our NGO lined up in the facility of the Asunción Villa Morra Lions Club.

〇Presents from ONE to children in Paraguay.

     30 gloves and caps          48 square cushion

     18 round cushion           30 sketchbooks

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