Booklet of Paintings of Overseas Children.*

  It was in 2018 that we got so many paintings from overseas children showing their gratitude to people in Japan, who had offered to provide wheelchairs, cleaned or refurbished them. We carried all the paintings on our website at that time. Though it’s been quite a while since then, we’ve finally made a booklet of those paintings together with the children’s smiling photos.

  We’ve sent the booklets by mail to both individuals and organizations who have paid an annual fee or have made a donation to our NGO. As for online members, we’ve sent them by e-mail. We’d like everyone to enjoy both overseas children’s paintings and photos of their smiles.

  The data of the booklet can be downloaded from here. (It might take time due to the large file size.) Please contact the secretariat for a printed booklet instead of the online one.

January 14, 2022      Secretariat

-------- Address by Mr. Morita --------

    A Happy New Year!

  We have been delivering wheelchairs to overseas children for years. We’ve been trying to do our best to let those children who are left behind from society feel the joy of moving at will.

  While doing activities of sending wheelchairs, we made a request that they draw or paint a picture showing themselves on their wheelchair in their community. They sent us pictures in no time.

  Through their paintings we realized how dramatically their daily lives have changed into bright and joyous ones.We feel that the international exchange with overseas children has been promoted by sending wheelchairs and receiving paintings.

  It’s our great joy to make their paintings into a booklet and to get everyone in Japan who have provided their precious wheelchairs for us to see the booklet and realize how happy those children have become.

  It is a challenging time due to the new corona virus all around the world and we continue to try any possible means to send wheelchairs overseas. We intend to go forward with the help of your continued support.

January 14, 2022         Hirokazu    Morita

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