Another news of the Global Citizenship Award.*

  The Nishitama weekly paper ran an article of the Global Citizenship Award on March 12, 2021.

  The article says that the Award was founded in 1985 and that in 2020 three out of ninety-eight organizations applying for the Award have won the prize. It also shows how we have been doing our activities and that Mr. Morita, our president, started sending wheelchairs to overseas children after miraculous recovery from cancer.

  Mr. Morita expresses his determination by saying, “My life is a saved one. I’d like to promote social contribution and international exchange to show my gratitude.”

March 31, 2021    Secretariat

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(Right) Mr. Morita and Tanabe brothers, who’re Fussa residents and have been supporting our activities. The center is Hidehisa Tanabe, elder brother, and the left is Naohisa Tanabe, younger one.
(Left) Refurbishing wheelchairs.

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