The ceremony of the Global Citizenship Award.

  The ceremony of the Global Citizenship Award held on February 24, 2021 is in the website of the Global Foundation.  Click here.

  Three organizations out of 98 applying for the 2020 Global Citizenship Award won the prize after a fair and strict judgment and in the ceremony the reasons for the awarded organizations are presented. There are also moving pictures of the activities of each organization and delighted comments by the three representatives.

  Our president, Mr. Morita, expresses his gratitude and determination by saying, “It’s all thanks to lots of support that we’ve been able to continue delivering wheelchairs to overseas children for 17 years. There are not only Japanese volunteers but plenty of foreign residents in Japan joining and supporting our activities, which is great help to us. We’ll keep on working from now on, longing for children in the next generation to live with dignity and enjoy freedom.”

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March 22, 2021 Secretariat

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