News of the Global Citizenship Award.

  Several newspapers have reported that our NGO received the Global Citizenship Award by the Japan Foundation.
  The Global Citizenship Award was found in 1985. The Award aims to encourage organizations which collaborate with both Japanese and foreign citizens, exchange wisdom and ideas with them, and think together.(from the website of the Japan Foundation)

  As for the year 2020, nearly one hundred organizations applied for the Award and we were selected one of the three winners after a strict and fair judgment.

  Since the announcement of the prize winners by the Japan Foundation on February 4, we’ve got applications for news coverage by the press. In answering their questions, our president, Mr. Morita, said, “It’s all thanks to our supporters who have helped us for a long time that we’ve got this great award. Let me express my gratitude to all of them. I’d like to deliver as many wheelchairs as we can to overseas children from now on.”

Our sincere appreciation for your support on our activities.

March 6, 2021     Secretariat

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”Nisino Kaze Shinbun” March 4,2021  ”Yomiuri Shinbun” March 2,2021

”Minichi Shinbun” Feb. 23,2021
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