We have received the 2020 Global Citizenship Award.

  We’ve received “the 2020 Japan Foundation Global Citizenship Award“. The Japan Foundation, an individual administrative agency, is the only specialized institution in Japan that has been practicing international cultural exchange all over the world and the Award given by this Foundation is for organizations which promote collaboration of Japanese citizens and those overseas, exchange information and ideas of both sides, and think together through international cultural exchange.

  There are almost one hundred applications for this Award annually and a strict and fair judgment is made on them. I’m proud of our NGO elected one of the three winners of the Award in 2020. What was appreciated through the examination is that we’ve continued to work in cooperation with everyone who help us in various ways since 2004, I think.
  Moreover, there have been a growing number of voluntary people joining our refurbishing activities, high school and university students, office workers, retirees, plus lots of foreign residents in Japan. Our refurbishing meeting now serves as a gathering of people across different generations and nationalities, that is, a place for international exchange, which was highly evaluated this time.

  The supplementary prize of the Award is a big amount, bigger than ever. Although we’re still in the midst of the corona crisis, I’d like to make good use of the money and deliver as many wheelchairs as we can to needy children abroad.

It’s all thanks to everyone who have supported us that our NGO was awarded.
I am really grateful for your help.

February 4, 2021 Hirokazu Morita

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