Aug. 18,2019 We started the activity at nine, earlier than usual.

  We started today’s activity at nine, an hour earlier than usual, as the temperature was expexted to be over 36℃. Lots of participants gathered instead of this early start, though: Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Fussa High School group, Akishima Rotary Club group, U.S. Yokota Air Base group, Ethiopian group, Tama Technical High School group, and regular voluntary members. There were more than 100 people working, quite similar to last month.

  Today’s aim was to refurbish 30 wheelchairs for Vietnam. Thanks to the hard work of plenty of participants, we have finished 70 altogether so far. We’ll be able to meet our goal of 90, if we finish 20 next month. We expect to ship 90 wheelchairs to Vietnam in the end of September or at the beginning of October.

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(Left) Today’s wheelchairs to be refurbished.
(Right) We prepared six wastebaskets for everyone to sort garbage easily.

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(Left) U.S. Yokota Air Base group brought their own buckets with brushes and cleaning tools. They left their things as they will come and use them again.
(Right) Brook, five-year-old, joined the activity with the group.

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(Left) Brook, working with her parents.
(Right) U.S. Yokota Air Base group. (Brook’s family left early, so they are not here.) This is their third time. Thank you for your active work.

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(Left) The girls in black shirts are Tateishi twin sisters and a Sagami Women’s University student is explaining how to clean a wheelchair. The sisters joined through Fussa Voluntary Action Center.
(Right) Ms. Tomita, from Fussa Voluntary Action Center. This is her second time and she says she will continue to join our activity. How nice of her!

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Mr. Saito, who closed his barber shop lately, donated a lot of towels, both new and used (but clean) ones. We really appreciaite it. Thank you, Mr. Saito.

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(Left) Ms. Imokawa, teacher from Machidanooka Special School, visited us with her family, bringing two wheelchairs. Ms. Imokawa, her daughters, Mr. Morita, our president, and Mr. Oda, director.
(Right) There were family participants among Vietnamese group.

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(Left) Ethiopian group: Regular volunteer, Abebe, and marathon runner, Abee.
(Right) Kaito joined again, taking a on a cart.

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(Left) U.S. Yokota Air Base group lifting wheelchairs one after another. It was a great help!
(Right) Lifting members. Thank you, everyone!

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(Left) Akishima Rotary Club members with Mr. Morita. Thank you for your support.
(Right) Fussa High School group, with their teacher, Mr. Hara.

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(Left) Regular, Tama Technical High School group. We always rely on your work!
(Right) Vietnamese group with Maki.

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(Left) Watermelons in a pool.
(Right) Watermelon pieces left(in a minute).

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Lunchtime. As we started early, we had no more work after lunch.

Thank you, everyone!

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