We’ll send five wheelchairs to Ho Chi Minh.

  An occupational therapist named Haruka Kato has sent us an email asking for wheelchairs for children. Ms. Kato, a member of JICA, working in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, found our website.

  “I’m working at a rehabilitation center in Ho Chi Minh, where 150 children with disability come daily. About 40 of them need a wheelchair and they can use a wheelchair made in Vietnam. However not all the wheelchairs are fit for each child and their backrest is right angle (90 degrees). As these children spend most of the day at the center, I have long wanted to provide wheelchairs with tilting or reclining function. People around me have never seen such functions and it’s not easy for them to understand the necessity of them.
  I’m wondering if you could send some of your wheelchairs to our center. If there are some, I hope it’ll be possible to make similar wheelchairs.” 

  At first I thought it quite difficult to send wheelchairs on our own because of the severe import restrictions for used goods to Vietnam, but I wanted to do as much as I could. Then luckily one of our NGO’s members introduced a Vietnamese, La Van Phuong, who runs a trading company (Raifuku-Boueki) in Japan. Mr. Phuong offered to transport wheelchairs for nothing.

  I called a few members to meet right away. We cleaned, refurbished, and packed five wheelchairs and sent them to Raifuku-Boueki in Nagoya. I hear it takes one or two months to deliver wheelchairs from Nagoya to Ho Chi Min. Though it takes a long time, I’m happy that we can donate five wheelchairs to the south of Vietnam, where we have had no opportunity to deliver our wheelchairs.

March, 2020    Hirokazu Morita

Five wheelchairs waiting for transport

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【Notice】We cancel our monthly meeting on 3/15. *

  We have decided to cancel our next monthly meeting on March 15 to prevent the spread of new corona virus infection.

February 28, 2020   President Hirokazu Morita

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 We shipped 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay. *

  The ship loaded with 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay left Tokyo port on Feburary 24, expecting to reach Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, around April 10. This marine transport is done for free thanks to Ocean Network Express (ONE) JAPAN. About a dozen employees of ONE JAPAN joined our monthly activity of refurbishing wheelchairs too. We feel really grateful to ONE JAPAN.

  The 90 wheelchairs are from several special schools written below and some individuals.
   -Chiba Prefectural Sakuragaoka Special School
   -Tokyo Metropolitan Shikamoto Gakuen
   -Ryokuseikai Seiikuen DayCare Center
   -Tokyo Metropolitan TamaSakuranooka Gakuen
   -Yokohama Municipal Kamisugeta Special School

  The number of the wheelchairs sent to Paraguay so far is 512. We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who have supported our activities.  The donation record graph is from here.

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 We had a little rain at the beginning.*

  We had a little rain at the beginning but luckily it was not so cold for this season. There were about 65 participants today: Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School group, Ocean Network Express Japan group, and regular volunteers. We also had a special guest, the Paraguay Ambassador to Japan, whose visit is the second time following 2018.
To read more,

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  The Paraguay Ambassador to Japan visited us for the second time.

  The Paraguay Ambassador to Japan visited our monthly meeting for the second time after two years absence. (The article of that time)

  The Ambassador (the second person from the left) giving a speech and the national flag of Paraguay.

  “I’d like to express my thanks to everyone here, Vietnamese group, Rotary Club members, students, and voluntary members. The wheelchairs you’ve refurbished are now used children in Paraguay. Your wheelchair have made those children happy, and their families as well. There are still lots of children who need a wheelchair. Your activities are of great importance for them. I do hope you continue your good work. Thank you again on behalf of children in Paraguay.”

  The Ambassador, who is said to hold the additional post of ambassador to Vietnam, had a conversation with the Vietnamese group during the lunchtime.

(Left) From the left, Mr. Nakano, president of Tokyo Akishima Chuo Rotary Club, Mr. Nakayama, an embassy member, the Ambassador, Ms. Kumagai, an embassy member, and our president, Mr. Morita.
(Right) The Ambassador remembers Kanon and spoke to her.

(Left) The Ambassador and Vietnamese group.
(Right) Yamashita from BIKE&CAMP enjoyed talking with the Ambassador in Spanish.

The Ambassador with today’s participants.

February 16, 2020 Secretariat

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 The Vietnam Handover Ceremony Report is on the site.*

  The 90 wheelchairs were shipped on November 14 2019 from Tokyo Bay and arrived at Hai Phong port,Vietnam, on 24.
  This marine transport is for free thanks to the APL. We’d like to express our gratitude for their support.

  The handover ceremony were held on Jan.13 and 14 2020 in two provinces, Vietnam. Our two members attended the ceremony.

The detail is from here.

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  We have donated 8,092 wheelchairs to 24 countries.

  We have donated 8,092 wheelchairs to 24 countries as of the end of December, 2019. We couldn’t have done this without your help. I’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who have supported our activities.

The next goal would be 10,000 wheelchairs to overseas children.

January 26, 2020 Hirokazu MORITA


The following is the revised graph of the presentation results by country. The details can be seen from “Donation Record“.

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 The first meeting was blessed with fine weather.*

    The first meeting in 2020 was blessed with fine weather, warm and pleasant to work. There were as many as 75 participants; Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School group, US Yokota Air Force Base group, Ethiopian group, and regular volunteers.  To read more,

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  Happy New Year!

  It’s a long way to deliver wheelchairs to overseas children. We can’t do it without your great support. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

  I hope that needy children overseas will use donated wheelchairs as long as possible and I’d like to advance our activities considering what we should do after donating wheelchairs.

  I will do my best, with your great help, to deliver wheelchairs to children who want to go out of their house freely but can’t.

I wish all of you a happy new year.

January 1,2020 Hirokazu MORITA

The photo is from “Mount Fuji Photos“(free page).

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 We got 76 wheelchairs from three schools in December.*

  Most of the wheelchairs our NGO send to overseas children are donations from special schools in the Kanto district. They give us five to six hundred wheelchairs every year. In December we got offers from the following three schools.

– 12/2 Ryokuseikai Seiikuen Center                  25 wheelchairs
– 12/18 Chiba Sakuragaoka special school        40 wheelchairs
– 12/23 Kamakura School for the disabled        11 wheelchairs

  Now that we got 76 wheelchairs this month, the number of the wheelchairs we’ve got from April through December in 2019 is 380 in total.

  We promise them to refurbish the wheelchairs completely in our activity and send them to needy children abroad. We also thank them for offering their wheelchairs and giving us help.

December 2019 Secretariat

--------- This is how we get wheelchairs. ---------
  We went to Ryokuseikai Seiikuen Center in Kodaira, Tokyo, on December 2. It’s a day care center for children with disability.

(Left) The day care center is next to Ryokuseikai Seiikuen Hospital.
(Right) We worked in the cold rain.

(Left) We loaded 25 wheelchairs and buggies into the truck.
(Right) Mr. Koizumi, a physical therapist of the center, had cleaned the wheelchairs, removing mold since they had been stored in the basement for a long time and full of mold. The wheelchairs were very clean and we took care not to make them wet.

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