We had 17 Vietnamese volunteers!*

  We had our last activity in May. To our surprise, 17 volunteers from Vietnam came. Other participants were five Sagami Women’s University members, two volunteers, two professional technicians, and the staff, 31 in total. The weather was fine, and it was a pleasant day for the activity.    To read more,,,

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 38 wheelchairs from two facilities.*

  We got offered children’s wheelchairs from two facilities below.
May 22, Murasaki Aiikuen 15 units
May 25, Seiikuen Commuting Center 23 units

  With 38 wheelchairs stored at one time, our warehouse has been filled with nearly 190 units, which is about 90% occupied. These wheelchairs will be refurbished for Vietnam and will be ready for shipment at the end of July.

May 30, 2023      Secretariat

<Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Center Murasaki Aiikuen>

When the staff arrived, 15 wheelchairs were lined up under the crosswalk, covered with plastic to prevent staining. We immediately loaded up with the truck driver and headed for the warehouse in Haijima.

<Tama Ryokuseikai Seiikuen Commuting Center>

Wheelchairs that had been lined up in the facility were carried to the truck by the center staff.

We managed to load 23 units into the truck. We appreciate the help of the center staff.
(Right) From left to right: Mr. Koizumi, truck driver, and Mr. Nakajima.

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 The 3rd shipment to UKR was loaded into the container.*

  Our NGO has sent children’s wheelchairs to war-torn Ukraine twice, once with 12 and once with 10 units. At the request of additional shipment, we had proceeded refurbishing work since March.

  At the May 14 mini-meeting, six units were cleaned, refurbished, and packed, and we got ready to ship 61 wheelchairs to Ukraine.

  The packed wheelchairs were transported to the Oi Office of Sankyo Co. Here all the wheelchairs for the third shipment were collected and loaded into the container on May 18.

  Once again, the event was facilitated by Mr. and Mrs. Kimura, journalists living in London. The three organizations that participated in the project were the same as last time, Wheelchairs of Hope, Go! Fly! Wheelchairs, and our NGO.


<The following is the details of donation>
−NPO Wheelchairs of Hope    wheelchairs for grown-ups    124 untis
−NPO Go! Fly! Wheelchairs wheelchairs for grown-ups      30 units
−Our NGO    wheelchairs for children      61 units
                   Total 251 units

  These wheelchairs are scheduled to leave Tokyo Port around June 1, arrive in Poland in early July, and head for Ukraine by land. We sincerely hope that these wheelchairs will reach Ukraine as soon as possible.

May 24, 2023      Secretariat

(Above) The container that has been

(Left) Wheelchairs loaded in the container.
  The ones with yellow tape on the
  bottom are our wheelchairs.

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 Extra mini-meeting.*

    The mini-meeting originally scheduled for May 14 was cancelled for volunteers because rain was forecast the day before.

  Instead, the staff members did cleaning, refurbishing, and packing six wheelchairs for Ukraine. Thus the third shipment of 61 units to Ukraine was ready and loaded into the container on May 18.

To

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 Perfect weather for our activity.*

  On April 23, we had a mini-meeting with Sagami University group, Vietnamese group, and voluntary members, 27 participants in total. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but gradually it became warmer and a perfect day for the activity.
To

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   We’ve got a racing wheelchair.

  On April 5, we got 29 wheelchairs from Saitama Prefectural Kawashima Hibarigaoka Special School. There was a racing wheelchair among them, which weighs 7.2 kg, about half or one third of regular bicycle. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the front and rear wheels are ultra-thin to reduce rolling resistance and emphasize speed. It is probably for track and field competitions on a flat track. The style is very cool, and one can imagine how it is used in the race.

  The teacher at Kawashima Hibarigaoka who provided the wheelchair said, “The student who was using it has graduated, and after that, there were no more students who wanted to use it. It’s been left for long and needs to be repaired, but we can’t afford the cost of that, so we would like you to take it.”

  Meanwhile, around 2018, we received an inquiry from our partner in Ethiopia, “We have a young man who wants to compete in the Paralympics. Could you provide him with a racing wheelchair?” At the time, we approached various parties to provide racing wheelchairs, but no one offered. We considered purchasing a new one, but it proved to be too expensive, and we had to give up.

  Because of this background, getting the racing wheelchair was a happy one for us. We are not sure if the young man at the time still wants a racing wheelchair today, but we thought it would be a good idea to make the appropriate repairs to this wheelchair and send it to Ethiopia.

  Before actually shipping the wheelchair, we’ll make sure whether it’s possible for the partner to receive the racing wheelchair. We also have an expert look at the wheelchair to ensure that it is in proper condition for racing and that it is functional and safe.

  The racing wheelchair is different from the wheelchairs that have been the goal of our NGO’s activities, which are based on the daily lives of the children, “bringing the joy of mobility to them.” However, it is exciting just to imagine young people with physical disabilities being able to play sports and run lively with our support. We do not know how much we will need to pay for the maintenance, but we will do our best to send it to Ethiopia without wasting the donation from the special school this time.

April 14, 2023      Hirokazu Morita

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 First meeting of the new fiscal year.*

  On April 9, we had the first mini-meeting in FY 2023 with Sagami Women’s University group. Along with 11 participants in total, there were also two professional wheelchair technicians coming.    To read more,,,

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 The ship for the Philippines has departed Tokyo Port.*

  The ship loaded with 83 wheelchairs for Jesus V. Del Rosario Foundation, our partner in the Philippines, departed Tokyo port at 18:00 on April 6.

  Wheelchairs (52), buggy-types (9), standing trainers (6), sitting-aid devices (13), stretchers (3), etc. are loaded. They are to arrive at the port of Manila, Philippines, around April 22.

  JVR Foundation was unable to receive the wheelchairs for the time being because of the corona disaster and the lack of means to deliver them to the children. However, we decided to ship the wheelchairs to the Philippines because we were told that the corona crisis had finally subsided and that they would be able to receive the wheelchairs.

  This brings the total number of wheelchairs sent to the Philippines to 1,024. Click here to see the graph of donation results.

April 10, 2023       Secretariat

〇Loading the wheelchairs to the container
  We loaded wheelchairs into the container on Friday, March 31. The work was done on the premises of Tama Packaging Industry Co.
Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

(Left) All the wheelchairs were on the pallets, ready for loading.
(Right) Forklift loading wheelchairs into the container.

(Left) Loading done in order at the beginning.
(Right) At the end, a fence is set up to prevent the wheelchairs from collapsing when the container door is released, and the wheelchairs are loaded over it.

The container was almost full.

The doors are closed and sealed with a key called “yellow seal.”

The container left for Tokyo port.

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 Meeting with Nikko Assessment Management emps.*

  On April 2, a dozen employees of Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd., which has been supporting financially our activities for years, came to our Haijima Warehouse and worked with us.    To read more,,,

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 Meeting in the cold.*

  On March 12, we had a mini-meeting with Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, and voluntary members. The participants were 21 in total.
  Mr. Miyata, a wheelchair professional who runs a wheelchair and sitting-aid manufacturing business in Hanno City, was among the three voluntary members.    To read more,,,

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