We’ve got wheelchairs from Matsudo Special School.*

  On May 19, we went to Chiba Prefectural Matsudo Special School to get 36 wheelchairs. Ms. Matsudo, chair of the PTA, showed us around the spacious school building.

  We put stickers of the school name and wheelchair management number on each wheelchair. With the help of PTA members and teachers, it took much less time than expected to finish putting stickers and loading the truck with 36 wheelchairs.
  We told them we’d send their wheelchairs to Thailand, and they offered to prepare wheelchairs for us again as they collect such wheelchairs once in two years, hoping their wheelchairs would be of help to children in Thailand.

  We’d like to express our thanks to PTA members and teachers of Matsudo Special School.

May 19, 2021  Secretariat

(Left  )PTA members and teachers helping us putting stickers on each wheelchair.
(Right)They also helped us by moving wheelchairs one by one for stickers and carrying them out to the place for loading.

Loading wheelchairs into the truck in the rain.

With a big call, “To Thailand!”
In spite of the rain, it was a heart-warming visit with a great help of people there.

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 We’ve got wheelchairs from SO Company.*

  The state of emergency for COVID-19 has been postponed until the end of May and the number of infected people is still increasing.
  Even though we’re in a difficult situation, we are glad to get some wheelchairs again. On May 8, Mr. Inagaki, who’s been doing nursing support and child support as an advisor at SO company, came over to deliver wheelchairs with his wife. He has often brought us wheelchairs which aren’t used anymore for various reasons in his workplace.
  We’re likely to get another wheelchairs from special schools from now on, so we’ll be able to collect about one hundred wheelchairs in the period from April through May. We really appreciate it.

May 10, 2021    Secretariat

The wheelchairs we’ve got was nine in total.

The logo of SO Company.

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   We’ve got wheelchairs from NGO Saboten-no-Hana.

  On May 1, 2021, Ms. Yamanaka, representative director of NGO Saboten-no-Hana in Aichi prefecture, came over to my house to deliver six wheelchairs, driving for several hours by herself. NGO Saboten-no-Hana, which Ms. Yamanaka founded, is a multi-role facilities supporting children with seriously mental and physical disabilities and providing day care for children after school. I was impressed by the spirit of their activity with which the staff have been learning and trying to create a better place together with disabled children and their parents in that area. In their activities some wheelchairs are not to be used anymore with various reasons. Ms. Yamanaka didn’t want to dispose of those wheelchairs but to make use of them and has found our group.  

  I promised Ms. Yamanaka to deliver the wheelchairs to overseas children who need them and saw her leaving off.

May 6, 2021 Hirokazu Morita

Ms. Yamanaka(on the left)

~~~ About NGO Saboten-no-Hana ~~~
  “CANPAN Project”, run by Nippon Foundation, is a nationwide database regarding organizations which provide public services. The following is the introduction of NGO Saboten-no-Hana in that database.

  The organization was founded by mothers who had children with seriously mental and physical disabilities and it works on the three issues below with the viewpoints of children and parents concerned.

1. Creating a place for children with seriously mental and physical disabilities
    to stay in safety and in comfort, forever in their neighborhood.
2. Supporting children with seriously mental and physical disabilities so
    that they can find, improve and show their own talent.
3. Seeking a happy community life for children with seriously mental and
    physical disabilities, their families, their neighbors, and all the people
    related to them.

〇Click here for detailed information of their activities.
   All is written in Japanese.
・NGO Saboten-no-Hana – Basic Information
・NGO Saboten-no-Hana – Home | Facebook」
・NGO Saboten-no-Hana – Blog page

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 We had a mini-meeting after a long interval.*

  As the state of emergency for COVID-19, issued on January 7, 2021, was lifted on March 21, we had a mini-meeting on April 11, after a long interval. The participants were Sagami Women’s University group and Vietnamese group.
To read more,

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 Another news of the Global Citizenship Award.*

  The Nishitama weekly paper ran an article of the Global Citizenship Award on March 12, 2021.

  The article says that the Award was founded in 1985 and that in 2020 three out of ninety-eight organizations applying for the Award have won the prize. It also shows how we have been doing our activities and that Mr. Morita, our president, started sending wheelchairs to overseas children after miraculous recovery from cancer.

  Mr. Morita expresses his determination by saying, “My life is a saved one. I’d like to promote social contribution and international exchange to show my gratitude.”

March 31, 2021    Secretariat

Click to enlarge.

(Right) Mr. Morita and Tanabe brothers, who’re Fussa residents and have been supporting our activities. The center is Hidehisa Tanabe, elder brother, and the left is Naohisa Tanabe, younger one.
(Left) Refurbishing wheelchairs.

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 The ceremony of the Global Citizenship Award.

  The ceremony of the Global Citizenship Award held on February 24, 2021 is in the website of the Global Foundation.  Click here.

  Three organizations out of 98 applying for the 2020 Global Citizenship Award won the prize after a fair and strict judgment and in the ceremony the reasons for the awarded organizations are presented. There are also moving pictures of the activities of each organization and delighted comments by the three representatives.

  Our president, Mr. Morita, expresses his gratitude and determination by saying, “It’s all thanks to lots of support that we’ve been able to continue delivering wheelchairs to overseas children for 17 years. There are not only Japanese volunteers but plenty of foreign residents in Japan joining and supporting our activities, which is great help to us. We’ll keep on working from now on, longing for children in the next generation to live with dignity and enjoy freedom.”

Click in the following links for related articles(Japanese).

March 22, 2021 Secretariat

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 We’ve got the certificate and inventory of the Award.*

  The award ceremony of the Global Citizenship Award was held online on February 24. The certificate of the Award and the inventory of the extra prize, two million yen, have been delivered to us.
  The funds for our activities consist of every member’s annual fees, donations and subsidies, which would be said goodwill of many people. The extra prize of the Award has meant a great support to us. Although we’re still under the corona crisis, we’d like to make the best use of the prize so that we can deliver as many wheelchairs as possible to overseas children.

March  4,  2021    Hirokazu Morita

       certificate        inventory


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 News of the Global Citizenship Award.

  Several newspapers have reported that our NGO received the Global Citizenship Award by the Japan Foundation.
  The Global Citizenship Award was found in 1985. The Award aims to encourage organizations which collaborate with both Japanese and foreign citizens, exchange wisdom and ideas with them, and think together.(from the website of the Japan Foundation)

  As for the year 2020, nearly one hundred organizations applied for the Award and we were selected one of the three winners after a strict and fair judgment.

  Since the announcement of the prize winners by the Japan Foundation on February 4, we’ve got applications for news coverage by the press. In answering their questions, our president, Mr. Morita, said, “It’s all thanks to our supporters who have helped us for a long time that we’ve got this great award. Let me express my gratitude to all of them. I’d like to deliver as many wheelchairs as we can to overseas children from now on.”

Our sincere appreciation for your support on our activities.

March 6, 2021     Secretariat

Click articles to enlarge.
”Nisino Kaze Shinbun” March 4,2021  ”Yomiuri Shinbun” March 2,2021

”Minichi Shinbun” Feb. 23,2021
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  We have received the 2020 Global Citizenship Award.

  We’ve received “the 2020 Japan Foundation Global Citizenship Award“. The Japan Foundation, an individual administrative agency, is the only specialized institution in Japan that has been practicing international cultural exchange all over the world and the Award given by this Foundation is for organizations which promote collaboration of Japanese citizens and those overseas, exchange information and ideas of both sides, and think together through international cultural exchange.

  There are almost one hundred applications for this Award annually and a strict and fair judgment is made on them. I’m proud of our NGO elected one of the three winners of the Award in 2020. What was appreciated through the examination is that we’ve continued to work in cooperation with everyone who help us in various ways since 2004, I think.
  Moreover, there have been a growing number of voluntary people joining our refurbishing activities, high school and university students, office workers, retirees, plus lots of foreign residents in Japan. Our refurbishing meeting now serves as a gathering of people across different generations and nationalities, that is, a place for international exchange, which was highly evaluated this time.

  The supplementary prize of the Award is a big amount, bigger than ever. Although we’re still in the midst of the corona crisis, I’d like to make good use of the money and deliver as many wheelchairs as we can to needy children abroad.

It’s all thanks to everyone who have supported us that our NGO was awarded.
I am really grateful for your help.

February 4, 2021 Hirokazu Morita

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 The shipping schedule for Thailand is still unfixed.

  We had planned to ship 90 wheelchairs for Thailand at the end of March 2021 as the third project in fiscal 2020(April 2020 through March 2021). So, after shipping 180 for Myanmar in October we’ve had mini-meetings for refurbishing wheelchairs for Thailand. Due to the emergency declaration by the government on January 7, however, we’ve decided to cancel even mini-meetings and our activities are suspended now.

  We wipe the slate clean with the original project for Thailand and will start off with a new plan when we can do refurbishing work again and expect to finish 90 wheelchairs. Then we’re going to announce clearly when we will ship wheelchairs, judging the situation of corona crisis in Thailand.

  I hope everyone giving support to our NGO will be in good shape and overcome this crisis.

January 19, 2021 Hirokazu Morita

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