BIKE & CAMP is to be held in Kasumigaura.*

  Yamashita(His official site), one of our voluntary members, has been hosting BIKE & CAMP for years. It was held three times in Mie, but this time it is to be held in Kasumigaura, Ibaragi. The title, BIKE & CAMP KANTOU, also appeals that it is the event in the Kanto area.
  You can enjoy both bike and camp during the two-day event. There is lending of bikes and helmets, but you need to prepare a camping tent by yourself.

  We are going to set up a booth of our NGO to introduce our activity and raise fund for it. We will also help lending helmets there. All the rental fee is to be donated to our NGO. We’d like everyone to join the event.

= Oct. 11, 2019. Secretariat =

------------ BIKE & CAMP KANTOU -----------

Sub Title: Bicycle & Camping Touring Festa
Theme: Fire and Craft Beer
Participant: From teens to seventies, and/or families.
Time:November 23, Sat. and 24, Sun.
        23, Sat: 10:00~16:00
        24, Sun: 9:00~14:00 (Test riding ends at 13:00)

Place:Ayusaki Park, Kasumigaura, Ibaragi. (4784 Saka, Kasumigaura, Ibaragi.)
Access: An hour and a half from Tokyo by car. The park has a parking lot
      for 250 cars.
      Or, take a JR Joban line for Mito at Ueno, get off at Kandatsu, next to
      Tsuchiura. Take a bus for Ayusaki Park at the west gate of Kandatsu station.
      It’s about a forty-minute bus ride. For the bus information is from here.
      You can also rent a pay bicycle at Tsuchiura station.
      It takes about an hour to get to Ayusaki Park.

Admission fee: Free. (You can also park your bicycle for free.)
Camping fee: 2,000 yen for a night.
Website for this event:

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  We’ve got wheelchairs from two schools.

  We went to two special schools to receive wheelchairs today. Hachioji Higashi special school in Tokyo provided us with nine wheelchairs and Nakahara special school in Kanagawa twenty.
  We will surely take great care in cleaning and refurbishing them in our activity and deliver them to overseas children in need. We really appreciate their kindness.

Oct. 9, 2019. Secretariat


=At Nakahara special school=

PTA members bringing wheelchairs one after another.

(Left) PTA members with wheelchairs; the woman in red is the chairperson.
(Right) We expressed our thanks as well as telling them about our activity.

(Left) The chairperson seeing the truck off.
(Right) The truck heading for the warehouse in Hamura.

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 Fussa Blues Festival is to be held in November.*

  The 14th Fussa Blues Festival is to be held on Nov. 3, 2019. We’d like everyone to come and enjoy the professional blues. The festival is a charity concert and part of the event’s proceeds are to be donated to our NGO. The details are as follows.

= September 28, 2019 Secretariat =

〇The 14th Fussa Blues Festival(from Fussa Blues Festival page)
November 3rd (Sun), 2019
Time : 11:00 ~ 16:00
Place: Parking lot of MARUFUJI, in front of Higashi Fussa station
Fee : Advance ticket 3,000 yen
        Same day ticket 3,500 yen
        *Advance tickets are available by e-mail.

[For advance tickets]
  Fill in your name and the number of the tickets you need and send it to the above address. You can get your tickets at the reception at the entrance of the festival on the day. Pay for the tickets after we check your name and the number of the tickets you ordered.
  *There is no parking space for the event. Please refrain from coming by car.

  If you have any questions, please contact us:Fussa Blues Festival Executive Committee

The latest information about the festival is available on the facebook page.

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 We visited APL Yokohama Terminal for the 2nd time.*

  We made a visit to APL Yokohama Container Terminal for the second time. The members were Sagami Women’s University students, fifteen in total, and two emplyees of NTS Corporations, to which we entrust our export business, and one of our directors.

  Like in July, Mr. Uchida, Japan representative of APL, and Mr. Shirai, who is in charge of the Terminal, explained to us about American President Lines(APL), the present state of shipping business, and what it’s like to ship after the container is transported into the terminal. After that, we went up to the roof of the office and listened to the explanation about the cargo handling work of CMA CGM TIGRIS, which was at the terminal on that day, and the operation of the whole terminal. The full length of the ship is 300 meters and its maximum loading capacity is equal to 10,622 twenty-foot containers.This is the biggest container ship in APL and it was handling bananas from South and Central America.

  Mr. Takeshi Higashino, a former employee of APL, visited the Terminal to fit our visit. He is the father of Mr. Taro Higashino, a sales director of APL, and also the grandfather of Momoka Higashino, Sagami Women’s University student , who was a member of our visiting group this time. Three generations of a family got together at APL and seemed to be enjoying this opportunity.

  Visiting the Terminal was the first experience for the university students, and it was also a rare chance for the employees of NTS. It happened to be a good opportunity for three parties, the owner of goods(our NPO), the export company, and the transport company, to meet at the same place.

  We’d like to express our gratitude to the APL staff for receiving us twice with great hospitality.
Thank you very much.

September 19, 2019 Secretariat

<Comments of the visiting students>
  Until this visit, I didn’t even know the term ‘container terminal’ or couldn’t make a picture of our refurbished wheelchairs being transported. Now that I visited the real terminal, I have a clear image of transport.(Sugihara:senior)

  I was surprised to learn that 90% of the world’s transport is done by ship. I didn’t know that Japan is a bit behind in shipping record though our rank in GPO is third in the world. Now I fully understand the fact that without container ships we could not send our wheelchairs to overseas children. I’m glad that visiting the container terminal gave me such important knowledge and changed my view.

  I learned about the procedure of distribution and how wheelchairs are transported. I also got some knowledge about the shipping industry, which I hadn’t even noticed. It was a valuable experience for me. I’d like to make use of this visit in our activity from now on.

  My knowledge about wheelchair activity was just refurbish and pack them until now, but through the visit to the container terminal I learned about after packing the wheelchairs. For example, containers do not always go straight to the destination, but stop off at another country and transship cargo there. In addition to learning new things, watching the APL staff working gave me a clear image of our activity. Now I have a strong intention to keep on working.

<Visiting members>

(Left)With the container ship handling cargo.
(Right)Listening to the explanation.

(Left)Plenty of containers arranged in order.
(Right)Higashino family’s three generations.

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 We received photos of the recipient children in Paraguay.*

  More than two hundred paintings showing ‘Thank you!’ were sent to us in August last year from the overseas children who had been donated wheelchairs. There were thirteen from Paraguay among them, and now we have received phohos of the recipient children in that country. The photos are on Kids Art Gallery. The paintings last year are titled Paraguay1, and the photos this time are Paraguay2. Enjoy all the paintings and photos!

Sep. 2019 Secretariat

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 It was a pleasant day for our activity.*

  It was cloudy, but pleasant for our activity, after the long, summer heat. We had about 50 participants:Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Yokota Air Force Base group, regular Ethiopian, Tama Technical High School group, voluntary members, and American President Lines,LLC(APL) group. To read more,

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  ‘Thank you!’ from the recipient child in Thailand.

  “We’d like a needy child abroad to use the wheelchair used by our son, who has gone to the kingdom of God” this is what Mr. and Mrs. Iwai thought, and they delivered their wheelchair to us on April, 2019, with one of our volinteers, Okada.

  The wheelchair was quite clean, no need to clean or refurbish. We sent it to our Thai partner, Association of Physical Handicapped Thailand(APHT), and asked them to let us know about the recipient child. Now we have got the information about the child, along with the gratitude from Mr. Vichian Hussathadul, vice president of APHT, and letters from the child and his parents, and some photos.

  We are glad to make a report about this and share the heartful international relationship with you all.

= Sep. 15, 2019 Secretariat =

——-The following is the message from APHT——-
  First of all, APHT would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Iwai for very late procedure to find an appropriate child to receive a wheelchair. We really appreciate for generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Iwai to choose Thai disability child to receive a wheelchair. We just got a child who is appropriate to receive it. A teacher from Srisangwal School helped us to choose a child.

-The information of a child who received the wheelchair-
Name: Mr. Nattee Iamrittikrai
Age: 7 years old
Education: Kindergarten 3, Srisangwal School
Disability characteristics: Muscular Weakness ( He is unable to do anything by himself.)

-Feeling of Nattee’s parents-
  “We deeply saddened by the loss of Iwai family’s son. We would like to thank you very much for a big support from Iwai family to give a new life to Nattee. We see brighter future and better life of Nattee to have chances doing many activities in sitting position for longer hours that he ever had before. We promise that we will use this wheelchair to be the most beneficial to their son. We will take care of this wheelchair as the best as your intention to donate it. Thank you very much again for your kindness to Nattee.”

-Nattee’s feeling-
  “I am very happy to have this wheelchair. It is very good and practical for disability children like me. I really love it. Thank you very much to donate it to me.”

Mr. Vichian Hussathadul, Vice President of APHT presented a donated wheelchair from Mr. and Mrs. Iwai to Nattee.

The photo left : From left Ms. Jutaporn Promnoon, Physical Therapista at Srisangwal School, (Center) Mr. Vichian Hussathadul, the Vice President of APHT and Mrs. Supapada. Tiwato, Caregiver of Nattee.
The photo right : Nattee on the wheelchair

——-The below are Mr. and Mrs. Iwai in our April Activity——-

(Left)Mr. and Mrs. Iwai, friends of one of our volunteering members, has donated their wheelchair. It’s sad to say that their child passed away just after their new wheelchair was made. They do request that their wheelchair be sent to an overseas child and be used effectively.
(Right) Mr. and Mrs. Iwai watching how wheelchairs are packed.

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 We have shipped 70 wheelchairs for Ethiopia.*

 The ship loaded with 70 wheelchairs left Tokyo Port for Ethiopia at the end of July. The donation this time was supported by three parties, the NGO Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association, presided by Mr. Abebe, one of our voluntary members, the Embassy of Ethiopia, and Ethiopian Shipping Lines Ltd. Those wheelchairs are to be delivered to Cheshire Foundation in the middle of September. The total number of the wheelchairs sent to Ethiopia will be 592. The donation record graph is from here.

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 We started the activity at nine, earlier than usual.*

  We started today’s activity at nine, an hour earlier than usual, as the temperature was expexted to be over 36℃. Lots of participants gathered instead of this early start, though: Sagami Women’s University group, Vietnamese group, Fussa High School group, Akishima Rotary Club group, U.S. Yokota Air Base group, Ethiopian group, Tama Technical High School group, and regular voluntary members. There were more than 100 people working, quite similar to last month. To read more,

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  We visited APL Yokohama Honmoku Container Terminal.

  We visited the Yokohama Honmoku container terminal of the shipping company APL(American President Lines). The members were seventeen in total:Sagami Women’s University group, regular volunteers, mothers of wheelchair-users, and our president and directors.

  We have booked APL ships mainly for India and Philippines so far, but most volunteering members have no idea about how the refurbished wheelchairs are handled at the port and shipped after loaded into containers. So a director, Oda, who used to work for a shipping company, made a plan to visit a container terminal, and thanks to APL, we had a good opportunity to see one for ourselves.

  First, we got fundamental information on container trade. Although it might be basic knowledge, everything was new to us. It was surprising to know that 90% of the world trade is covered by shipping. After learning the basics, we went up to the roof of APL building and from there we saw containers being loaded on a ship or unloaded to the ground with the explanation by APL employees.

  Now that we really saw plenty of containers at the terminal, we have a clear picture of how the full containers with our refurbished wheelchairs are treated at the port. Also, we understood the importance of measuring the weight of each wheelchair accurately and declare it in the shipping documents. It is needed in order to prevent accidents caused by losing ship’s stability during voyage due to wrongly declared container weight. One of our tasks, done far away from the port, is surely connected to different work at the terminal.

From the explanation:
APL, American President Lines, was originally an American company. But in 1997, it became a subsidiary of NOL, Neptune Orient Lines in Singapore. Then NOL was purchased by CMA・CGM Group in France, so now APL is one of its group company. A company named APL doesn’t exist but its name “APL” is still being used as a brand name with a solid history.
(Click the chart below to enlarge)
APL01-01 APL02-01
(Left) Large-sized container which can load 22 thousand containers.
(Right) The capacity of CMA・CGM ships ranks fourth in the world.

<At APL>

Created with GIMP 3D4A0255
(Left) APL employees gave us explanations about shipping trade.
(Right) APL members: Mr. Uchida,Cluster Director of North East Asia,
Mr. Shirai,General Manager of Terminal and Ms. Iijima.

会議室_消去版 3D4A0253
We listened carefully to Mr. Uchida and Mr. Shirai.

屋上_消去版 3D4A0340
(Light) Looking down from the roof.
(Right) Lots of containers on the ground. White ones are equipped with refrigerating or freezing functions.
All the containers are operated by the gantry crane’s operator in the control room, about 50 meters above the ground.

3D4A0477 APL-02見送り-01
(Left) Photo taken on the roof.
(Right) We met at Kannai and were taken to and from APL by its commuting bus. We really appreciaite it.

A reporter of The Japan Maritime Daily, major company among the trade papers, came with us and gathered materials. With APL’s consent, she wrote the article below.

click the chart to enlarge新聞記事_WEB掲載版      新聞記者-02
Ms. Sasaki from The Japan Maritime Daily.

== July 25, 2019 Secretariat ==

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