The shipping schedule for Thailand is still unfixed.

  We had planned to ship 90 wheelchairs for Thailand at the end of March 2021 as the third project in fiscal 2020(April 2020 through March 2021). So, after shipping 180 for Myanmar in October we’ve had mini-meetings for refurbishing wheelchairs for Thailand. Due to the emergency declaration by the government on January 7, however, we’ve decided to cancel even mini-meetings and our activities are suspended now.

  We wipe the slate clean with the original project for Thailand and will start off with a new plan when we can do refurbishing work again and expect to finish 90 wheelchairs. Then we’re going to announce clearly when we will ship wheelchairs, judging the situation of corona crisis in Thailand.

  I hope everyone giving support to our NGO will be in good shape and overcome this crisis.

January 19, 2021 Hirokazu Morita

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   Happy New Year!

  Due to the magnifying new corona virus infection since last year, our NGO’s activities have been greatly restricted. The regular monthly meeting has become irregular mini-meetings with a small number of volunteers. The overseas countries which have received wheelchairs so far are also in a serious situation. They say it’s hard to deliver lots of wheelchairs, 90 or 180, to needy children for the meantime and ask us to stop sending wheelchairs until this tough situation has settled down. So the number of wheelchairs we have donated since April 2020 remains 180 for Malaysia and 180 for Myanmar as of the end of December. We’re planning to select which country to donate wheelchairs, taking the actual state in the countries abroad into consideration.

  Under these circumstances, on the other hand, we have received so many donations from companies, organizations, and our members. I really thank you for understanding our activities and giving us support. In order to meet your expectations I’d like to move our activities forward with the help of volunteers for this year.

  I’d like all of you to continue your support to us and give your cooperation in our activities. I believe ‘we can make it if we work together.’

January 2021      Hirokazu Morita

The first sunrise of the year from Yokohama port.
(The photo offered by Mr. Mimuro in Yokohama.)

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 We had the last mini-meeting of the year on Dec. 20.*

  On December 20, we had the last mini-meeting of 2020. The participants were five members from Sagami Women’s University group and a few voluntary members. To read more,

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 We did a mini-meeting with Sagami Women Uni group*

  We keep having a mini-meeting at our new activity base under the corona-influenced situation, and we’ve got used to working in a small group. On December 6, Mr. Takano, ex-teacher of Tama Technical High School, and five members from Sagami Women’s University group joined this meeting. It was a warm, pleasant day for December. To read more,

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 We did a mini-meeting with Vietnamese group.*

  Instead of holding a big monthly meeting, we’ve been doing a mini-meeting several times. On November 22, it was held mainly with Sagami Women’s University group, and on November 29, it was with Vietnamese group.
To read more,

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 We did a mini-meeting at our new base.*

  Since October 2020, our working base has moved to a new warehouse in Fussa. We’ve had a mini-meeting twice there mainly with Sagami Women’s University group and Tama Technical High School group, but we couldn’t cover these activities so there’s no report on them. To read more,

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   We’ve moved our working base to Fussa.

  It was December, 2013 that we placed our working base on the premises of Tama Packing Industry Co., Ltd. in Hamura. Since then many volunteers had been gathering and joining the activities of cleaning, refurbishing, and packing wheelchairs for seven years, until September this year. It was also the important site for storing wheelchairs and loading them into a container
  We’ve moved the working base thanks to the help of Ishikawa Brewery Co., Ltd., which built a warehouse in one of its sites and is kind enough to rent us the warehouse. The new base is a 16 minute-walk from Haijima Station of the O-me Line. [address:73 Kumakawa, Fussa City, Tokyo]
(The map is from here, The way from Haijima Station is from here.)

  Today Mr. Yahachiro Ishikawa, the present head of Ishikawa Brewery Co., Ltd., came over to our new base and we took a picture to celebrate its opening. I told him that I would send even more wheelchairs to overseas children from this new working base.

  Though it’s still quite hard for us to hold monthly meetings with a large number of participants, it’s possible to hold a mini-meeting. Please get in contact with our secretariats in advance if you’d like to join.  

November 15, 2020 Hirokazu Morita

(Left) Mr. Ishikawa in a blue samue (on the left) and Mr. Morita with our signboard in the background.
(Right) The complete view of the new warehouse.

(Left) There are piles of wheelchairs transported from the former warehouse inside. The new one can store more than 200 wheelchairs.
(Right) We put up a big signboard for everyone to see from a distance.

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 A courtesy visit to the mayor of Fussa.*

  On November 5, I paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Fussa, Mr. Ikuo Kato. During the visit, I told him that our activities have been supported by many volunteers, companies, private funds, and the government, adding that we have been donating 8,500 wheelchairs to children in 24 countries for 16 years. I also told him that the Council of Social Welfare of Fussa has been of a great help to us and various kinds of assistance from Fussa city has enabled us to donate such large number of wheelchairs to overseas children. Then I promised him that we would continue our activities even harder after we move our working base from Hamura to Fussa city with the great help of ISHIKAWA BREWERY Co.,Ltd.

  The mayor said, “I have known about your NGO since the very beginning and I think your activities considering overseas children are great. I am proud of your having worked for 16 years. Good for you and good luck with your NGO! I am the one supporting you.”

We talked only for a short while but it was a meaningful visit for me.

 The mayor, Mr. Kato(right) and me(Morita).

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 We’ve shipped 180 wheelchairs for Myanmar. *

  The ship loaded with 180 wheelchairs for Myanmar left Tokyo port on October 8, expecting to reach Yangon Port via Port Klang in Malaysia around October 28. The number of wheelchairs donated to Myanmar is going to be 495 in total. 180 wheelchairs are to be provided for four hospitals in affiliation with Myanmar Department of Health; National Rehabilitation Hospital, Yangon Children Hospital, Yankin Children Hospital, and Mandalay children Hospital. The Donation record graph is from here.

  We had difficulty in refurbishing wheelchairs for Myanmar this time due to the spread of New Coronavirus. We had planned 90 wheelchair donation at first, but we were asked to donate more as there are four hospitals which need wheelchairs for their patients. In order to meet their request, we held a mini-meeting several times with many volunteers’ support and finally we made it.

  It was Vietnamese group who played an important part in both cleaning and refurbishing work in those mini-meetings. There were also Sagami Women’s University group, Ethiopian group, and dedicated voluntary members joining the activity. Plus, the members of NGO Youth Support Center, who have been a great support for us, helped to clean, refurbish, and pack so many wheelchairs. All this help made it possible for us to send 180 wheelchairs to Myanmar despite the new coronavirus. We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who supported us.

  Before the ship’s departure, we did loading 180 wheelchairs into a container on September 29. As we wanted to avoid a big meeting, only a few people, employees of Tama Packing Company and our staff, did the loading work.

Putting wheelchairs stored in the warehouse on a pallet and loading them into the container.

Checking the number of each wheelchair and circling the number on the sheet, making it clear that 180 wheelchairs are surely loaded.

(Left) Putting boards in so that loads will not drop when the door is opened, and loading more wheelchairs.
(Right) Putting the red seal lock after finishing loading, sign of completion.

(Left) Today’s staff.
(Right) The container leaving for Tokyo port.

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 We had a mini-meeting on September 13.*

  September 13, a cool Sunday for a mini-meeting. The participants were Vietnamese group, Sagami Women’s University group, and voluntary members. We all took our temperature, sterilized our hands with alcohol, and started working with a mask on to prevent the new coronavirus infection.
To read more,

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