The activity site paved with asphalt.

  On April 18, 2024, the asphalt paving of the ground at the Haijima Warehouse, where our NGO bases its activities, was completed. Until now, we had to be careful when cleaning wheelchairs because the ground gets muddy during activities after rain.

  During cleaning and maintenance, wheelchairs are placed on plywood or old tatami mats. After cleaning and maintenance is complete, the wheelchairs need to be moved for packing, weighing, and storage. If the ground is muddy due to rain, the wheelchairs are lifted and moved to prevent them from getting dirty. This was a considerable burden.

  However, now that the ground has been paved with asphalt, the wheelchairs no longer need to be lifted to move them. This will reduce the burden on the volunteers a little. It will also reduce the amount of dirt on the volunteers’ clothing.

  With the newly asphalted area, we hope to maintain more wheelchairs and deliver them to children overseas.

April 21, 2024      Secretariat

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The work area has been nicely paved with asphalt. This is a photo of the warehouse from the road side.

(Left) This is a photo from the back of the warehouse, opposite the road. It looks easy to work.
(Right) The area under the roof where the firewood racks are located has also been asphalted. In case of sudden rain, we can take shelter here and continue our work.

(Left) The level difference at the warehouse entrance has been eliminated, making it easier for wheelchairs to go in and out the warehouse.
(Middle) Areas that could not be asphalted are now covered with gravel, allowing for a larger work area.
(Right) A drainage ditch was also installed to drain rainwater.

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