President Morita was featured in the newspaper.

  President Morita was featured in the July 30 Chunichi Shimbun newspaper. The newspaper’s “Who’s Who” section carries the headline “Hirokazu Morita, 64, Continues to Send Children’s Wheelchairs Overseas. (Click the article on the right to enlarge.)

  The article says how he has been sending children’s wheelchairs overseas for the past 20 years, as he believes it is a waste that they are no longer used despite their high price and usable condition, and that he has also sent them to Ukraine recently.

  It’s also described briefly how he started this activity after being diagnosed with cancer. The newspaper is published mainly in the Tokai district. The introduction of President Morita in areas outside the Tokyo metropolitan area will lead to wider recognition of our activities. The same article also appeared in the Hokuriku edition of the same newspaper, which means that our activities were introduced in an even wider area.

  At the end of the article, Morita says, “I am really happy when I hear stories about going to the zoo or something like that.” The members who are working together share this sentiment. With the support of many people, we would like to continue to deliver as many wheelchairs as possible overseas.

September 13, 2023     Secretariat

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