We’ve got wheelchairs from Wakabadai Special School.*

  Yokohama Municipal Wakabadai Special School is the only special school with both intellectual and physical disabilities in Yokohama City, consisting of two divisions: the limb disability education division and the intellectual disability education division. The physical disability education division consists of an elementary school, a junior high school, and a high school. Approximately 80 students are enrolled in the school. (From the school’s website)

  This is the second time the school has provided wheelchairs since last August. The number of units is small, but they have been calling on us every year for the past few years.

  We got seven wheelchairs, one buggy-type, and one bath chair on July 27. School teachers and PTA board members helped with school name stickers and loading.

  We had a little extra time to talk with teachers and PTA members. There were questions such as ”Where will you send them?” “How do you decide where to send?” and “How do you send the wheelchairs?” When I answered, “The destination is going to be Ethiopia,” they looked surprised and said, “Wow!” We promised them to deliver the wheelchairs to Ethiopia by the end of FY2023, and then we left the school for our Haijima warehouse with the wheelchairs.

July 31, 2023      Secretariat

(How to see the photos) Click on photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

(Left) The school grounds are large, and the building is spacious. Wheelchairs were neatly lined up inside the room.
(Right) All wheelchairs had a large pink piece of paper on them indicating that they would be donated to our NGO.

Front row, from right, Mr. Masujima and Ms. Higo; back row, from right, PTA Chair Kojima and Vice-Chair Fujita.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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