The ship for the Philippines has departed Tokyo Port.*

  The ship loaded with 83 wheelchairs for Jesus V. Del Rosario Foundation, our partner in the Philippines, departed Tokyo port at 18:00 on April 6.

  Wheelchairs (52), buggy-types (9), standing trainers (6), sitting-aid devices (13), stretchers (3), etc. are loaded. They are to arrive at the port of Manila, Philippines, around April 22.

  JVR Foundation was unable to receive the wheelchairs for the time being because of the corona disaster and the lack of means to deliver them to the children. However, we decided to ship the wheelchairs to the Philippines because we were told that the corona crisis had finally subsided and that they would be able to receive the wheelchairs.

  This brings the total number of wheelchairs sent to the Philippines to 1,024. Click here to see the graph of donation results.

April 10, 2023       Secretariat

〇Loading the wheelchairs to the container
  We loaded wheelchairs into the container on Friday, March 31. The work was done on the premises of Tama Packaging Industry Co.
Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

(Left) All the wheelchairs were on the pallets, ready for loading.
(Right) Forklift loading wheelchairs into the container.

(Left) Loading done in order at the beginning.
(Right) At the end, a fence is set up to prevent the wheelchairs from collapsing when the container door is released, and the wheelchairs are loaded over it.

The container was almost full.

The doors are closed and sealed with a key called “yellow seal.”

The container left for Tokyo port.

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