The ship for Malaysia has departed Tokyo Port.*

  We’ve promoted the project of sending special instruments to Malaysia. The request of our partner in Malaysia, Mr. Syed, former representative of Aleps Dream Factory, was to send him special instruments used for medical treatment rather normal wheelchairs. What we have prepared are as follows.

  sitting-aids      walkers        standing-trainers    bath chairs          orthoses
      12                   19                    5                        6                    183

  Besides the above instruments, we’ve sent 28 normal wheelchairs, 12 buggies, and 10 car seats. The ship carrying these devices and instruments left the Port of Tokyo at 19:00 on February 27, expected to arrive at Port Kelang, Malaysia, about March 15.

  We hope that this donation will help Mr. Syed expand the scope of his support for children and enable more children to lead healthy daily lives.

  This brings the total number of wheelchairs, buggies, and sitting-aids sent to Malaysia to 1,648 (not including the walkers, standing trainers, and other equipment that were donated this time). Click here for donation record graph.

March 7, 2023       Secretariat

〇Loading into the container
 Prior to the ship’s departure, wheelchairs and special equipment were loaded into containers on Monday, February 21. The container loading work was done at the premises of Tama Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.

(How to see the photos) Click on the photos to enlarge them and view them consecutively.

This big package is a standing trainer. This is a sitting-aid.

They use a forklift to carry packages on the pallet.

Orthoses were sent in boxes.

President Morita sealed the container after all the cargo were loaded.

  The truck left for the container yard at Tokyo Port. Export customs clearance was granted on February 22, and the ship left the Port of Tokyo safely on the evening of February 27.

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