Article on wheelchairs to Ukraine.*

  Wheelchair donation to Ukraine, realized from the enthusiastic request by Mr. and Mrs. Kimura, journalists living in London, was reported on several newspapers.

  The desire to support those suffering from the ravages of war led to three organizations providing wheelchairs: “Wheelchairs of Hope,” “Go! Fly! Wheelchairs,” and our NGO.

  To the right is an article published by the Asahi Shimbun. (Click to enlarge.)

  In an interview with a reporter, President Morita said, “To me, the children in developing countries we’ve supported and the injured children in Ukraine overlap. It’s been almost a year since the Russian invasion to Ukraine began, but I think Japanese people still have much interest in it.”

  Our goal is to send a total of 500 wheelchairs to Ukraine in this all-Japan project. We would like to continue to provide wheelchairs upon request.

February 23, 2023     Secretariat

Articles about Ukraine in this All-Japan project were also published in other newspapers.
    Yomiuri Shimbun          Tokyo Shimbun

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