Wheelchairs to children in Ghana.

  Our wheelchairs, 20 in all, are to be sent to children in Ghana. This project was born from friendship between a member of Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Organizing Committee, Mr. Akiyoshi, and the secretary-general of Ghana Paralympic Team, Mr. Peter Adjei. They got to know each other at 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games held in August 2021, and talked about what they could do to Paralympians in Ghana. They thought of sending them wheelchairs and found an NPO, “Wheelchairs of Hope” on the net. Mr. Tani, chairperson of the NGO willingly agreed to donate them wheelchairs. Then Mr. Adjei told Mr. Tani his another plan of sending wheelchairs for children in Ghana who’re aiming to be Paralympians. Mr. Tani introduced this project to Mr. Morita, our president, who accepted this request thinking that our wheelchairs would be used with care, since the recipient is a national department of Ghana.

  The handover ceremony was held at Biblical Church of Tokyo, the base of Wheelchairs of Hope, on November 30.

  The ceremony was held connected with Ghana in Africa through Zoom. The attendants from Ghana were Mr. Adjei, secretary-general of Ghana Paralympic Team and Mr. Henry Larbi, Principal for the Prosthetic and Orthotic Training School in Adoagyiri (Eastern Region of GHANA) and Ghana Paralympic Committee Board member. The attendants at Tokyo Church were Mr. Nana Kusi Magrabi from the embassy of Ghana, Mr. Akiyoshi and Mr. Kobayashi from Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Organizing Committee, Mr. Tani from Wheelchairs of Hope, Mr. Morita from our NGO, Ms. Oyama from Biblical Church of Tokyo, and others.

Mr. Akiyoshi started the ceremony as a moderator and translator.

Mr. Adjei expressed his gratitude and explained how he and Mr. Akiyoshi started this project and told us that Mr. Nana Kusi Magrabi have supported him in various ways.

  This is how we came to donate 20 wheelchairs to children in Ghana as well as 20 wheelchairs for grown-ups from Wheelchairs of Hope to Ghana. So we’ve donated 8,837 wheelchairs to 25 countries so far.

  The wheelchairs we donate to Ghana are from the following schools and others.
    -Fuchu Keyakinomori Gakuen
    -Saiatama Prefectural Miyashiro Special School
    -Itabashi Murasaki Aiikuen
    -Wakabadai Special School
    -Tokyo Metropolitan Machidanooka Gakuen

We are grateful to everyone involved with this project.

November 30, 2021 Secretariat

All the attendants at the ceremony.

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