State of emergency postponed until September 12.

  The Japanese government has postponed the state of emergency again until September 12, enlarging its areas from 6 to 13 prefectures. The new corona virus infection won’t calm down for the meantime. It’s also reported that the medical system has fallen into a critical situation. All we need to do is take great care so as not to be infected nor get others infected.

  The COVID19 crisis is not only in Japan. Our overseas partners have been raising their voices, saying “We do want to deliver wheelchairs to bedridden children right away, but every domestic action has stopped now and we cannot accept your wheelchairs. Could you send us in and after next year, or at least after the corona crisis has calmed down?”

  It’s not possible for us to hold mini-meetings, our main activity of refurbishing wheelchairs, during the period of the state of emergency. We suspend mini-meetings until September 12. Regarding collecting wheelchairs, however, we intend to continue until our warehouse is full to capacity. Although there’s risk of infection in receiving wheelchairs, we’ll do it taking sufficient measures. As for offering wheelchairs, please contact the secretariat in advance.

  Thus our activities are restricted now, but in spite of that, we try to grope for collecting wheelchairs and planning how to donate them to overseas children. Also we expect to restart a mini-meeting after September 12. We’d like your cooperation in the future.

August 24, 2021     Hirokazu  Morita

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