Happy New Year!

  Due to the magnifying new corona virus infection since last year, our NGO’s activities have been greatly restricted. The regular monthly meeting has become irregular mini-meetings with a small number of volunteers. The overseas countries which have received wheelchairs so far are also in a serious situation. They say it’s hard to deliver lots of wheelchairs, 90 or 180, to needy children for the meantime and ask us to stop sending wheelchairs until this tough situation has settled down. So the number of wheelchairs we have donated since April 2020 remains 180 for Malaysia and 180 for Myanmar as of the end of December. We’re planning to select which country to donate wheelchairs, taking the actual state in the countries abroad into consideration.

  Under these circumstances, on the other hand, we have received so many donations from companies, organizations, and our members. I really thank you for understanding our activities and giving us support. In order to meet your expectations I’d like to move our activities forward with the help of volunteers for this year.

  I’d like all of you to continue your support to us and give your cooperation in our activities. I believe ‘we can make it if we work together.’

January 2021      Hirokazu Morita

The first sunrise of the year from Yokohama port.
(The photo offered by Mr. Mimuro in Yokohama.)

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