A father and mother delivered wheelchairs for us.*

  While we’re having a mini-meeting with Vietnamese group, a father and mother from Yamanashi delivered a wheelchair and a sitting-position aid chair for us. Their daughter had grown out of the chairs and they’d been wondering what to do with them. Then they happened to find the website of our NGO.
  They called our president, Mr. Morita, and decided to deliver the chairs on the day of our mini-meeting, August 23. We told them we’re sure to take care and send them to Myanmar. Both the wheelchair and the sitting-position aid chair are so clean that they need no cleaning nor refurbishing. They say that the father was taking care of the chairs daily and did extra cleaning for this delivery. We feel really grateful to them.

August 24, 2020 Secretariat

 Father and mother, wheelchair, sitting-position aid chair, and Mr. Morita.

(Left) We made entry of the chairs right away. They are in very
good condition. They also have hoods for sunshade and rainproof.
(Right) Sitting-position aid.

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