We’ve got 49 wheelchairs for these 3 months.*

  Since January this year we have got 49 wheelchairs from five special schools. The total number is 54 if we add 5 seating auxiliary chairs. We had expected a few more offers from other schools but they were postponed due to the new coronavirus infection expansion.
(The numbers in the parentheses are those including seating auxiliary chairs.)

-January 17  Tokyo Metroporitan Tamasakuranooka Gakuen     3(  4)
-February 4  Kamisugeta Special School   15(17)
-February 26  Sagamihara Chuo Special School     7(  8)
-March 12  Osaka Prefectural Minoo Special School     7(  7)
-March 23  Saitama Municipal Sakuraso Special School   11(12)
-March 27  Akiruno Gakuen     6(  6)
Total     49(54)

  We have got 437 wheelchairs from 22 special schools for the past year, from April 2019 to March 2020. The total number is 499 if we add seating auxiliary chairs. There are still more wheelchairs brought to us personally. All together we’ve got more than 550 wheelchairs. We’d like to say thank you for your great help.

March 2020 Secretariat

----------- How we get wheelchairs -----------

  This is how we got wheelchairs at Sakuraso Special School in Saitama on March 23. This school was founded as the second special school in Saitama city.

(Left)Complete view of the school (Photo from Wikipedia)
(Right)Wheelchairs were lined up in the hallway.

On the arrival of the truck, we loaded it with wheelchairs with the help of school staff.

Photo with the wheelchairs and school staff. Thank you very much.

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