We shipped 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay. *

  The ship loaded with 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay left Tokyo port on Feburary 24, expecting to reach Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, around April 10. This marine transport is done for free thanks to Ocean Network Express (ONE) JAPAN. About a dozen employees of ONE JAPAN joined our monthly activity of refurbishing wheelchairs too. We feel really grateful to ONE JAPAN.

  The 90 wheelchairs are from several special schools written below and some individuals.
   -Chiba Prefectural Sakuragaoka Special School
   -Tokyo Metropolitan Shikamoto Gakuen
   -Ryokuseikai Seiikuen DayCare Center
   -Tokyo Metropolitan TamaSakuranooka Gakuen
   -Yokohama Municipal Kamisugeta Special School

  The number of the wheelchairs sent to Paraguay so far is 512. We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who have supported our activities.  The donation record graph is from here.

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