‘Thank you!’ from the recipient child in Thailand.

  “We’d like a needy child abroad to use the wheelchair used by our son, who has gone to the kingdom of God” this is what Mr. and Mrs. Iwai thought, and they delivered their wheelchair to us on April, 2019, with one of our volinteers, Okada.

  The wheelchair was quite clean, no need to clean or refurbish. We sent it to our Thai partner, Association of Physical Handicapped Thailand(APHT), and asked them to let us know about the recipient child. Now we have got the information about the child, along with the gratitude from Mr. Vichian Hussathadul, vice president of APHT, and letters from the child and his parents, and some photos.

  We are glad to make a report about this and share the heartful international relationship with you all.

= Sep. 15, 2019 Secretariat =

——-The following is the message from APHT——-
  First of all, APHT would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Iwai for very late procedure to find an appropriate child to receive a wheelchair. We really appreciate for generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Iwai to choose Thai disability child to receive a wheelchair. We just got a child who is appropriate to receive it. A teacher from Srisangwal School helped us to choose a child.

-The information of a child who received the wheelchair-
Name: Mr. Nattee Iamrittikrai
Age: 7 years old
Education: Kindergarten 3, Srisangwal School
Disability characteristics: Muscular Weakness ( He is unable to do anything by himself.)

-Feeling of Nattee’s parents-
  “We deeply saddened by the loss of Iwai family’s son. We would like to thank you very much for a big support from Iwai family to give a new life to Nattee. We see brighter future and better life of Nattee to have chances doing many activities in sitting position for longer hours that he ever had before. We promise that we will use this wheelchair to be the most beneficial to their son. We will take care of this wheelchair as the best as your intention to donate it. Thank you very much again for your kindness to Nattee.”

-Nattee’s feeling-
  “I am very happy to have this wheelchair. It is very good and practical for disability children like me. I really love it. Thank you very much to donate it to me.”

Mr. Vichian Hussathadul, Vice President of APHT presented a donated wheelchair from Mr. and Mrs. Iwai to Nattee.

The photo left : From left Ms. Jutaporn Promnoon, Physical Therapista at Srisangwal School, (Center) Mr. Vichian Hussathadul, the Vice President of APHT and Mrs. Supapada. Tiwato, Caregiver of Nattee.
The photo right : Nattee on the wheelchair

——-The below are Mr. and Mrs. Iwai in our April Activity——-

(Left)Mr. and Mrs. Iwai, friends of one of our volunteering members, has donated their wheelchair. It’s sad to say that their child passed away just after their new wheelchair was made. They do request that their wheelchair be sent to an overseas child and be used effectively.
(Right) Mr. and Mrs. Iwai watching how wheelchairs are packed.

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