The project report from Laos is on the site.*

Mr. Somphet, president of The Aid Children with Disability Association(ACDA) in Laos, sent us the report of 90 wheelchair donation project. The report is on the site of “Donation Record (Laos March, 2017)”. The detail is from here.

The report itelf is from here.(You can see it directly)

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 The first monthly meeting in 2018.*

  We held the first monthly meeting in 2018. The detail is from here.

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 The boy in Tanzania goes to school on his wheelchair.*

  Mr. Ikeda, who made an ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro, sent us a mail saying that the Tanzanian boy goes to school on his wheelchair.
(For previous article)
  I got a mail with a couple of pictures from Peter, NPO member in Tanzania.
“Regan is back to school. Thanks. Please send our special thanks to NPO of Japan.”

The boy is behind his classmates because of his legs, but he has got to go to school of his own will, which is quite a big step forward.

I can’t say thank you enough. I really appreciate your help.


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 We loaded 84 wheelchairs on the ship for Philippines.*

 We loaded 84 wheelchairs on the ship for Philippines.
  We updated the Donation Record Graph. The detail is from here.

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 We held the handing over ceremony in Vietnam.*

 On September 27, we held the handing over ceremony with our partner, Vietnam Red Cross Society, at a Red Cross office in Phu Tho Province, two-hours’ drive from Hanoi. Executives from both Vietnam Red Cross Headquarter and Phu Tho Provincial Red Cross Chapter, representative children, and their families attended the ceremony.

IMG_0627 IMG_0618
(left) Recipients and Red Cross Society staff.
(right) Mr. Oda, greeting at the ceremony

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 Mr. Ikeda has made a successful ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Mr. Ikeda joined our monthly activity in May, 2017.(see the article in Japanese)

Mr. Ikeda has succeeded in the ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, and he also delivered a wheelchair from our NGO to a boy in Tanzania.

Mr. Ikeda’s schedule:
Sept.  6 : Depart from Japan
Sept.  7 : Arrive at Tanzania
Sept.  8 : Start climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
Sept. 11 : Reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Sept. 12 : Descend Mt. Kilimanjaro
Sept. 13 : Donate a wheelchair
Sept. 14 : Leave Tanzania
Sept. 15 : Return to Japan

The ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro

The boy without a wheelchair and on the wheelchair.
FB_IMG_1505632080640_3    FB_IMG_1505632103761_3

Mr. Ikeda with the boy, his fafmily, and Mr. & Mrs. Peter, members of KICEF, NPO in Tanzania.


  (Sept. 18, 2017 staff)

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 We loaded 95 wheelchairs on the ship for Nepal.*

 We loaded 95 wheelchairs on the ship for Nepal. The wheelchairs will arive at Calcutta Port in India on September 13.
  We updated the Donation Record Graph. The detail is from here.

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 We have finished refurbishing 90 wheelchairs for Nepal.* 

The detail is from here.

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  The two children who received wheelchairs in India.

  We sent 90 wheelchairs to JAN VIKAS SAMITI (JVS), a welfare association for the disabled in India, in October, 2016. JVS has sent us a report on the project, in which they introduced two children on wheelchairs. The excerpts of the article will show you how the children’s lives have changed.
(The English full text is from here . The Japanese one is from here .)

Salman is experiencing a new life in wheelchair.
サルマン写真   Salman hails from a very poor family. His parents were unable to provide him any sort of help due to their low economic status and their stereotyped understanding also played a significant role in looking down upon the child as inferior and less important in life.
He had never thought of education as part of his life, but now he is very happy to go to school by wheelchair. His elder brother takes him to school and bring him home. He also takes him around within and outside the family. Using wheelchair he goes to relatives & neighbor’s houses for social activities, attending religious activities, attending cultural activities in school. He feels accepted and loved by his parents and teachers in the school. He is very regular to school now. He is quite independent in his ADL. The wheelchair has become a means of complete mobility and the source of happiness to him and to his family. The family members are very happy and grateful to Volunteers Group Japan for being their source of joy and life to Salman.

Bringing a way of redemption to the a child that was abandoned by the parents
ビブハ写真   Vibha is a CP affected child of 10 years age. She belongs to a large joint family of 23 members. She has 5 sisters. Vibha was born normal but the disease of jaundice affected her health and followed by the disability of CP due to lack of proper care and medication.
She was completely bedridden. Her parents were least interested in her growth and she was on death bed. She was affected by bed sore all over her body everyone thought she would not survive.
The work of the CBR Coordinator touched everyone in the family. This became a turning point to the family. The mother on observing the selfless service of the CBR worker began to help the child. She expressed a sigh of relief in receiving the wheel- chair. She said that Vibha feels comfortable in the wheelchair. Now there is a lot of improvement in her life. Before she used to cry always even when she is on bed, now the moment she is kept on the wheelchair she keeps quiet. Her mother takes her to the farm and brings her back home when she comes back. Her siblings take her around in the village for playing.
  Vibha’s mobility has improved. Her mother expresses her joy in finding her daughter’s growth and is hoping to find her becoming normal again in life. The family members are also very happy to see her improving in life. They are very happy and grateful to Jan Vikas Samiti and Volunteers group Japan for helping Vibha to have better mobility in life.

    July 27, 2017 Staff wrote.

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 Sagami Women’s Uni students visited Kamakura special school.*

  On July 20, 2017, we, four students of Sagami Women’s University, visited Kamakura special school with two members of the NGO “Volunteers’ Group To Send Wheelchairs To Overseas Children”(VGSWOC) for the purpose of collecting wheelchairs.

 It was the last school day before the summer vacation, and we saw students going home while listening to staff of the school. Then, we loaded 16 wheelchairs, 11 supportive devices, and 2 electric wheelchairs onto the truck.
鎌倉訪問1 鎌倉訪問2

 After loading all of them, we had an opportunity to experience riding wheelchairs with the help of staff.
鎌倉訪問3 鎌倉訪問4
鎌倉訪問5 鎌倉訪問6
 By riding or pushing wheelchairs ourselves, we noticed what we should care in controling them and somewhat understood how wheelchair-users feel.

鎌倉訪問7  Photo with PTA members and voluntary members of VGSWOC

 It was a precious experience especially for three of us, who have visited a special school for the first time. We have understood the importance of our refurbishing work. If there’s something wrong with a wheelchair, it will affect controling it and may cause a dangerous situation for its user.

 July 20, 2017, Yokoyama
(Student of Sagami Women’s University).

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