We’ve finished 70 wheelchairs for Malaysia.*

  It was surprisingly fair compared with a stormy weather yesterday. We continued to refurbish wheelchairs for Malaysia and finished today’s goal, 70 wheelchairs. Adding these to last month’s 100, we send 170 in total by a 40-feet container. To read more,

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  Jazz Concert was held at Kodaira.

小平jazzのFaceBook-4-2 Jazz concert held at Kodaira Citizens Cultural Hall on June 8 was a great success. Kodaira Jazz Association hosted the concert and our NGO offered support too. The association has held such concerts in order to back up our NGO, and gave us both donations collected at the concerts on June 8 and in February.

  I made a speech during the concert and introduced our activities. Souma, a host of Fussa Blues Festival, joined the concert and it reached a climax. I really enjoyed it.

  I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.
         June,2019 Hirokazu Morita

Notice of the concert by The Kodaira Jazz Association using photos of our NGO.

IMG_9336 IMG_9348
(Left)Their performance
(Right)Morita, making a speech duting the concert.

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 We loaded 90 wheelchairs on the ship for Thailand.*

  We loaded 90 wheelchairs for Thailand, whose refurbishing was completed at the regular meeting in April, on the ship on June 4 and they left Tokyo Port. They are scheduled to arrive at Bankok on June 16. The total number of wheelchairs for Thailand so far is 605 units. The detail is from here.

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 We have received paintings from India for the second time.*

  We received more than two hundred paintings from children in ten countries in August last year. It was to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our NGO. Friends from many countries abroad sent us the paintings as a token of their gratitude to people in Japan, and there were thirty-one from India among them.
  This time twenty-six more were sent to us again. We’d like everyone to see these pictures in Kids Art Gallery.
  These are paintings sent last year. These are this year’s. Enjoy all the pictures.

May 2019 Hirokazu Morita

インド2-03 インド2-05
These are new paintings from India. See all of them from here.

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 Mother and father have brought their wheelchair for us.*

  Mother and father who live in Nerima, Tokyo, brought their wheelchair for us today. They came all the way by train hoping strongly that the wheelchair will be used by someone overseas who needs it. It is quite a nice wheelchair with air mattress which will prevent bedsore and air pump as well. It was their son who used this wheelchair. I am really grateful to the parents and I intend to deliver the wheelchair abroad with great care.

May, 2019 Hirokazu Morita

IMG_0220 IMG_0215


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  Yamashita is holding the third BIKE & CAMP in Mie pref.

  Yamashita, who has joined our activity since August, 2017, is holding the third BIKE & CAMP in the city of Inabe, Mie prefecture, on June the 1st and the 2nd. As for details for the event and how it was held last year, see here. You can find a shot of the donation box for us. More than one thousand people are expected to join the event this year, and Yamashita is going to introduce our activity and appeal for donation to the participants.

1553088131992 sdr


(Left)Poster of the event. It’ll get bigger when clicked.
(Upper right)Yamashita talking about the event.
(Lower right)Sticker of the event.

Yamashita appealed for donation for our NPO by setting a box during the event last year.(picture from the movie of BIKE & CAMP 2018)

May 20th, 2019. Secretariat

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 We’ve finished cleaning 103 wheelchairs for Malaysia.*

  It was a fair, pleasant Sunday. Our work today was for Malaysia. We planned to send 90 wheelchairs at first, but we’ve changed the number into 160 to 180, so our goal today became 100. To read more,


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  We’ve left 14 electric wheelchairs to Saito Factory.

  Our NGO gets used wheelchairs from special schools in the Kanto district, refurbishes them and sends them to overseas children. We sometimes get electric ones among the collected wheelchairs, but we don’t send them abroad because it is difficult for our partners overseas, which receive those used wheelchairs, to fix electric ones or to get spare parts to fix them.

  However, electric wheelchairs are not only expensive but also high-performance, and overseas children are sure to be happy to use them if they can. We looked for organizations which can send electric wheelchairs abroad and have found a perfect NGO, SAKURA WHEELCHAIR PROJECT. MR. Sho Saito, president of Saito Factory, is the chief director of this project.

  SAKURA PROJECT has been sending electric wheelchairs to mostly Pakistan, 630 wheelchairs in total. Mr. Saito himself has visited Pakistan fifteen times to hand down his techniques. Recently the project has widened the area to Nepal, Mongolia, and Costa Rica. Mr. Saito is such an admirable man.

  As for electric wheelchairs, we intend to leave them to Saito Factory and ask them to send them to foreign countries.

April, 2019 Hirokazu Morita

IMG_0328 IMG_0317
Mr. Saito, the Tanabes(twins), who came to help us, and Morita. They loaded 14 electric wheelchairs onto their truck, leaving no room. They carry them to Ibaragi prefecture and refurbish them there.

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 We’ve finished refurbishing 40 wheelchairs for Thailand.*

    It was a pleasant monthly meeting day with about fifty participants in total; Sagami Women’s University group, Tama Technical High School group, Vietnamese group, Ethiopian group, and volunteering members. To read more,

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 We loaded 90 wheelchairs on the 2nd ship for Philippines.*

  We finished refurbishing 90 wheelchairs on March Meeting. We loaded them on the 2nd ship for Philippines. It left Tokyo on March 26th and they will reach Manila, on April 6th. We updated the Donation Record Graph. The detail is from here.

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