Kids Art gallery

Kids Art gallery

Click the country in the table below whose paintings you want to see.
Country No. of Paintings National
Country No. of Paintings
エチオピア国旗 Ethiopia 28 タイの国旗 Thailand 21
フィリピンの国旗 Philippines-1 33 フィリピンの国旗 Philippines-2 40
パラグアイの国旗 Paraguay1 13 パラグアイの国旗 Paraguay2 7
ミャンマーの国旗 Myanmar 4 ベトナムの国旗 Vietnam
インドの国旗 India-1 31 インドの国旗 India-2 26
ラオスの国旗 Laos 23 マレーシアの国旗 Malaysia 20
ネパールの国旗 Nepal 17 Total 9 countries 271

Click here to download the Overseas Children’s Booklet of Paintings.

 Our NGO is now in its 15th year of activity.
We have been assisting in sending wheelchairs from Japanese people to overseas children and have delivered to more than 7,000 children in 23 countries so far.

 Overseas wheelchairs are very expensive and hard to come by, and every time we deliver wheelchairs. children get excited about the wheelchair they ride for the first time in their lives and are delighted with tears in their eyes.

 The wheelchairs have made it possible for them to go to village festivals and school with friends, and their everyday life has become a lot of fun. When they go out. people in their community kindly extend their hands. get to help each other and as a result deepen their understanding of disability.

 To celebrate our 15th anniversary, our friends from many countries abroad sent us pictures as a token of their gratitude to people in Japan. The pictures overcoming a language barrier fully show their joy and grateful feelings.

 We are proud that our NGO are able to contribute to this wonderful international support of delivering wheelchairs to disadvantaged children overseas and exchange activities following the aid. We are sure that our activity is not possible without your cooperation.

 We hope you will continue providing us with your wheelchair.

 Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for your support and cooperation during this exhibition and booklet making.

Decmber, 2018
 NGO Volunteers Group to Send Wheelchairs to Overseas Children
 President Hirokazu Morita