Our activities

  As you can see in “Purpose of our organization,” the wheelchairs used by disabled children in Japan are to be outgrown and thrown away every two or three years.

(1)Our activity starts with collecting those used wheelchairs with the help of parents and through the network of our members.

(2)Next, we refurbish the wheelchairs.
   At monthly meetings, the collected wheelchairs are refurbished and remodeled if necessary.

(3)Then, we send the wheelchairs abroad four or five times a year.
   The wheelchairs are sent abroad to the Red Cross, the Government, public corporations, NPO, and NGO. We request these recipients to hand over those wheelchairs to disabled children and to take good care of the wheelchairs, including storing and repairing them, on their responsibility.

(4)The wheelchairs are sent abroad by ship, using big containers.
   We negotiate with transporting and shipping companies directly and arrange shipping, loading and exporting.

(5)The local organizations hold a donating ceremony to the final recipient
   homes and hand over the wheelchairs to children.

  In addition, we collaborate with the program “‘Smile for all in the World” by JICA, and deliver wheelchairs around the world through volunteers in JICA. Click here to the homepage, “Smile for All in the World.”
  We are doing public relations to make our activities known all over Japan, through newspaper, TV, radio and homepage.
  All our activities are covered by donations. We are trying to get enough money by collecting supporters and supporting corporations.
  We think it so grateful and also indispensable that more and more people join our activity as a regular member. We try to collect more members, both individuals and corporations.