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2020/10/10 We’ve shipped 180 wheelchairs for Myanmar. *
2020/09/15 We had a mini-meeting on September 13.*
2020/09/01 We had a mini-meeting, the last one in August.*
2020/08/24  A father and mother delivered wheelchairs for us.*
2020/08/24 We held a mini-meeting for the 2nd time.*
2020/08/09 We held a mini-meeting.*
2020/07/31 A member of our NGO has brought three wheelchairs.*
2020/07/26 We did refurbishing work in a small group.*
2020/07/24 A father and mother has brought a brand-new wheelchair . *
2020/07/05 Wheelchairs arrived in Vietnam and Malaysia . *


  We cancel our meetings from September thru December.

  We cancel our monthly meeting in the regular style from September through December. The new coronavirus threat seems to be in the midst of the second wave. The government has been carrying on the GO TO TRAVEL campaign, but Tokyo is not included in it. We should take great care of protecting ourselves.
We cancel our monthly meetings with a large number of people as we did before in order to prevent the infection from our activities. When the situation gets better and the corona threat comes to end, we will restart our regular meetings. We will announce it on our website then.
  During the time of cancelation, we’re planning to hold mini-meetings in small groups(5 ~ 10 people). The activities are cleaning, refurbishing, and packing wheelchairs. If you give a call to Morita, we’ll make arrangement for your convenience. We have prepared alcohol, thermometer(measurable in three seconds), face shields, and mouth shields. We’d like you to join our activity with the perfect countermeasure against corona.

   We’re looking forward to your participation in a small group. If you’d like to work in this way, please make contact to Morita.

  As for collecting wheelchairs, we will go and receive them as long as there are more than ten of them. If you know somebody who can offer wheelchairs, please contact Morita, too.

August 27, 2020    Hirokazu Morita