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2022/11/23 Second meeting with Bloomberg L.P. employees.*
2022/10/30  We’ve sent 37 wheelchairs to Pakistan. *
2022/10/29  Minimum mini-meeting with 5 volunteers. *
2022/10/28  10th anniversary of Sakura Wheelchair Project. *
2022/10/20  A meeting with MFS Investment Management employees. *

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  “BIKE&CAMP KANTOU 22” is an event chaired by Mr. Yamashita, one of our voluntary members. “BIKE&CAMP is Japan’s only bicycle and camping themed ‘travel event.’ It is not a bicycle event nor a camping event. It is a travel event for travelers.”(from the website of BIKE&CAMP) The event was held on the shores of Lake Kasumigaura in Ibaraki Prefecture over two days on November 19 and 20.

  Many visitors enjoyed biking and camping in the spacious grounds of the venue. Mr. Yamashita invited our staff to join the event and set up a booth. We placed a wheelchair for children, panels, and a donation box next to the event headquarters. There were visitors and exhibitors who were interested in seeing the panels and receiving materials. Although we do not usually put a donation box for fundraising, we were grateful every time someone put in a small amount of money, even if it was a small donation.

  In the evening, the biggest event, the “Auction Competition,” was held. Manufacturers and distributors of stalls at the event donated various bicycle and camping-related goods to the Executive Committee, which auctioned them off. The goods are coveted by all participants. All of the money raised at the auction was then donated to our NGO by the Executive Committee. The amount is several hundred thousand yen. We are truly grateful not only for the opportunity to have a booth, but also for the donation of the auction money.

  Thank you to all the visitors, exhibitors, Mr. Yamashita and all the committee members. We hope to use your donations to send as many wheelchairs as possible to children overseas!

November 24, 2022  Secretariat

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〇Event venue

(Left) This is a general view of the BIKE&CAMP headquarters. Our exhibition booth is on the left side of the tent.
(Right) A wheelchair, panels, and a donation box were placed to the left of the headquarters booth. Our mission at the event is to be in charge of the “Helmet Rental” located on the left side of the table. We will rent helmets to visitors who wish to try out the bicycles and do not have one, for a small donation. The money from these volunteers was also given as a donation to our NGO.

(Left)Mr. Yamashita greets exhibitors and staff prior to the opening of the event.
(Right)As the event opened, visitors gathered one after another in front of the headquarters to complete the admission procedures.

(Left) Tents are pitched against the backdrop of Dutch-style windmills on the shore of Lake Kasumigaura.
(Right) A group of tents by the lakeside, where the autumn leaves are also changing color.

There were many stalls selling food and goods.

(Left) Visitors enjoy a bicycle test ride with their parents and children.
(Right) Mr. Yamashita shares his passion at the evening event. He also introduced our NGO. Thank you very much.

The auction started. It was so hot and exciting that it blew away the cold.

  Photo of all parties involved. It was a fun two days. Thank you all for such a good opportunity.

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