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2020/08/09 We held a mini-meeting.*
2020/07/31 A member of our NGO has brought three wheelchairs.*
2020/07/26 We did refurbishing work in a small group.*
2020/07/24 A father and mother has brought a brand-new wheelchair . *
2020/07/05 Wheelchairs arrived in Vietnam and Malaysia . *
2020/06/20【Notice】We cancel our monthly meeting on 6/21. *
2020/06/15 We’ve shipped 180 wheelchairs for Malaysia . *
2020/06/04【Notice】We cancel our meetings from June thru August. *
2020/05/28 90 wheelchairs for Paraguay have arrived at Asunción *
2020/05/08【Notice】We cancel our monthly meeting on 5/17. *


   Our activity in a new style.

  The new coronavirus infection has been spreading so widely that we could say it might be the second wave. It’s a situation we can get infected anytime and anywhere. So our activities such as collecting wheelchairs, cleaning and refurbishing them and finally sending them have been greatly restricted. We’ve already canceled our monthly meeting from March through August, and it’s impossible to say when and how we can restart it. We will let everyone know when we can judge it’s possible. Until then we will not hold the monthly meeting on a large scale as we did in the past.

  Although our situation is like that, there are lots of overseas disabled children waiting for our wheelchairs. So we’ve tried working in a small group so as to meet their requests. Voluntary members of five or so have met to do refurbishing work a few times. The members come when they are available, not on the fixed day. As they work in a small group, the results are cleaning about ten wheelchairs or refurbishing about five wheelchairs; rather small numbers compared to regular monthly meetings. Even so, these small gatherings have made it possible to increase the number of wheelchairs we can send to overseas children. Our present activity is wheelchair cleaning, refurbishing and packaging for Myanmar.

  As for collecting wheelchairs, we’ve done almost nothing since April, but we’d like to restart it, taking good care not to get infected. We can go and receive wheelchairs as long as there are more than ten of them. Please make a contact to Morita.

August 7, 2020    Hirokazu Morita