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2021/05/24 We’ve got wheelchairs from Matsudo Special School.*
2021/05/10 We’ve got wheelchairs from SO Company.*
2021/04/17 We had a mini-meeting after a long interval.*
2021/03/31 Another news of the Global Citizenship Award.*
2021/03/22 The ceremony of the Global Citizenship Award.


   We’ve got wheelchairs from NGO Saboten-no-Hana.

  On May 1, 2021, Ms. Yamanaka, representative director of NGO Saboten-no-Hana in Aichi prefecture, came over to my house to deliver six wheelchairs, driving for several hours by herself. NGO Saboten-no-Hana, which Ms. Yamanaka founded, is a multi-role facilities supporting children with seriously mental and physical disabilities and providing day care for children after school. I was impressed by the spirit of their activity with which the staff have been learning and trying to create a better place together with disabled children and their parents in that area. In their activities some wheelchairs are not to be used anymore with various reasons. Ms. Yamanaka didn’t want to dispose of those wheelchairs but to make use of them and has found our group.  

  I promised Ms. Yamanaka to deliver the wheelchairs to overseas children who need them and saw her leaving off.

May 6, 2021 Hirokazu Morita

Ms. Yamanaka(on the left)

~~~ About NGO Saboten-no-Hana ~~~
  “CANPAN Project”, run by Nippon Foundation, is a nationwide database regarding organizations which provide public services. The following is the introduction of NGO Saboten-no-Hana in that database.

  The organization was founded by mothers who had children with seriously mental and physical disabilities and it works on the three issues below with the viewpoints of children and parents concerned.

1. Creating a place for children with seriously mental and physical disabilities
    to stay in safety and in comfort, forever in their neighborhood.
2. Supporting children with seriously mental and physical disabilities so
    that they can find, improve and show their own talent.
3. Seeking a happy community life for children with seriously mental and
    physical disabilities, their families, their neighbors, and all the people
    related to them.

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