Aug. 19, 2018 We finished refurbishing 80 wheelchairs for Thailand.

  It was another hot summer day after several days of fierce heat. More than 70 participants joined the monthly meeting and finished refurbishing wheelchairs for Thailand.
  In addition to the regular members, Sagami Women’s university team, Vietnamese team, and Tama Technical high school team, there were Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members, who have been supporting the Thai project. We also had Fussa high school students and other high school students, a boy named Kaito, Picasso Maria Christina, through Fussa Volunteer Societ. Christina is a granddaughter of the famous painter, Pablo Picasso and has been a resident in Fussa for over 27 years.

  The wheelchairs complete with refurbishing are to be loaded into the container on 29th and shipped on September 2nd for Bankok. The donation ceremony is to be held at the end of October, after the Asian Paralympics, and Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members are palnning to attend it.

Fussa high school students joined the activity like in July.
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Akishima Chuo Rotary Club members.
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Christina and our president, Mr. Morita.
Christina said she knew our activity and had been interested it.
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Kaito, like last month, was in charge of weighing wheelchairs and got relaxed in a packing sheet during his work.
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A Nepali family joins our activity almost every month.
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Participants working together.
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Working in the shade, preventing the strong sunlight.

Yamashita, who visited Ethiopia last month, Ethiopian team, Nagamine, and her daughter, Kanon.
They had fun talking about his stay in Ethiopia.

Relaxing time with lunch.
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Water melon and cold drinks for preventing heat illness.
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Having fun watermelon splitting after today’s work.
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Thank you everyone for your work!

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