July 15, 2018 We did refurbishing wheelchairs for Thailand in the fierce heat.

  More than seventy people gathered in high spirit to join our monthly meeting in spite of the intense heat.

  Today’s participants were from Sagami Women’s University, Vietnamese group, Tama Technical High School as usual, and from Akishima Rotary Club and Fussa High School. The work went on smoothly and we have finished refurbishing 43 wheelchairs for Thailand, which is more than we expected. We’ll finish 27 more next month and load 70 in total.

  Today’s issue was how to prevent heat illness. We put ice and water in a plastic pool and got watermelons and plenty of drinks ready. Plus salty candies for supplying salt. The members parked their cars outside to secure the shade for working space. Also we got started working earlier and were able to finish today’s work before it got really hot in the afternoon. We are relieved that no one felt sick during the activity.

Watermelon and cold drinks.
16 17

Fussa High School students refurbishing supportive devices.
4 1
3 2

Kaito, a fifth grader, in charge of refurbishing devices and measuring the weight of wheelchairs.The refurbishing work is not complete until the wheelchair is weighed by him.
5 19
20 24

Vietnamese group working vigorously, saying “We’re used to such heat!”
25 6

Abebe, Ethiopian, in his usual careful manner, engaged in polishing and packing wheelchairs with high school students. Many thanks! We trust you!
7 32

Sagami Women’s University students doing their job efficiently as usual.
28 33

(left)Rei, from Malaysia, joined us today. Thank you for coming!
(Right)Fixing work following the instructions from Mr. Nishino.
8 10

Mr. Takano, teacher of Tama Technical High School, is one of our core members.
9 12

(Left)Washing away dirt with water. Cool and fun task for today.
(Right)Fussa High School students working on wooden wheelchairs after refurbishing supportive devices.
26 31

Continuing the work in the shade, avoing the direct sunlight.
27 29

Akishima Rotary Club members joining our work. They have been supporting our activity for years and are going to attend the donation ceremony in Thailand.
14 13

Mr. and Mrs. Furuya, JICA members, asking two wheelchairs for Ecuador.
They are delivering the wheelchairs as their own baggage.
Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Furuya and President Morita.
15 23

(Left)Watermelons supply water.
(Right)Having fun with lunch and talk.
18 21

Vietnamese couple, knowing each other through this wheelchair activity, getting married in September. “Congrats!” from all of us.

It was terribly hot today, but we did our work on schedule.
Thank you so much, everyone!

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