Jan.18, 2018 The first monthly meeting in 2018.

  Almost every monthly meeting is blessed with fine weather(there was heavy snowfall on the following Monday!). The participants today were Sagami Women’s University group, Vitnamese group, Ethiopean group, Tama Technical High School group, and other volunteers. Mr. Morita suggested making ‘amazake’ or sweet low-alchohol drink, which was a great idea. Every participant got warm after drinking a cup of amazake. We finished refurbishing 24 wheelchairs for Paraguay, making the total number 60. We are going to refurbish 20 more next month so that we will be able to send 80 wheelchairs in total to Paraguay.

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This is how we start working: each member chooses a wheelchair and start refurbishing.

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Sometimes two three people work together for one wheelchair and do close work carefully.

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We remove tires or cushions and clean thoroughly if necessary.

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Cushions are made one by one to match each user’s figure. We remake them into a regular form. After remaking we put a cover over the cushion and it’s finished!

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(Left) Ethiopian group and Mr. Katano.
(Right) Kanon and her mother.

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(Left) Vietnamese group having lunch joyfully.
(Right) Vietnamese group.

Each group is holding up their flags.

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