One of our wheelchairs was delivered to Albania.

  Mr. and Mrs. Iida, who are residents of Germany, visited me the other day, asking for a wheelchair for their Albanian friends’ child. I sent one of our wheelchairs to Iida’s family home in Kanagawa, and the wheelchair was delivered to Albania by air.

  I’d like to share the child’s photos and the parents’ message, which shows how they have wanted and how grateful they are to have got their own wheelchair.

August, 2018 President Hirokazu Morita

“Thank you for your great help. We did not know such details what is good chair, so it is very useful and helpful for us. He is very happy to go out with the Wheelchair. We appreciate your great kindness. Thank you so much again. ”

アルバニア子ども1 アルバニア子ども2
   Albanian child on the wheelchair     

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