We need a lot more wheelchairs!

  We are really grateful that our organization has been supported by various kinds of people and groups.
 With the help of special schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area we have been delivering about 7,000 wheelchairs for children to 23 countries around the world since we started our activities in 2004.

  Wheelchairs made in Japan are quite easy to use and highly valued because they are adjustable to each child with different disabilities. A growing number of groups of supporting disabled children and nursing home overseas have been asking us to help them with our wheelchairs.

  However, the number of wheelchairs provided by special schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area this year is only the half of last year and our stock has become smaller too. Lack of wheelchairs will make it difficult to deliver the sufficient number of wheelchairs to needy children. At this time of the year many parents might be thinking of renewing their child’s wheelchairs. So, please call the PTA members for support and ask such parents to provide us with those wheelchairs which are not used any more.

  A transportation company in Hamura collects wheelchairs at a low price for us. In order to save money we ask the company to collect more than 15 to 20 wheelchairs for one time. When the number of wheelchairs at one school is small, the truck goes to a few more schools nearby and tries to collect as many as possible.

  We don’t want to see Japanese expensive wheelchairs thrown away, which is really “MOTTAINAI.” We want to make good use of them instead and deliver them to needy children overseas. We would like to ask for your cooperation.

Contact: Hirokazu Morita  
       TEL:090-7239-7264   E-mail:info@kotobukiya.com

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