We’ve received children′s photos from Myanmar.

  In October 2020, we sent 180 wheelchairs to four hospitals under the Government Ministry Health (below) in Myanmar.
      -National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH:90 units)
      -Yangon Children Hospital (YCH:30 units)
      -Yankin Children Hospital (YKCH:30 units)
      -Mandalay Children Hospital (MCH:30 units)

  Due to the corona crisis, it was on December 22, 2020, about three months after the shipping, that the partner in Myanmar received the wheelchairs. The doctor of National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRC), who was in charge of this project, introduced three doctors in other three hospitals and said they would report about wheelchairs provision to us since then.

  Since the coup de tar, which occurred on February 1, 2021, however, we lost contact with them. Then, in December 2021, the doctor contacted us, saying that a therapist in NRH would take over making reports on the project.

  We received two children’s photos from the therapist in December that year, two more photos in February, and four more photos in August this year.

  It has taken about a year to deliver 8 wheelchairs to children. Probably it takes longer to deliver wheelchairs than usual under various circumstances. Even so, I’m glad to know that our wheelchairs are delivered to needy children one by one. I hope providing wheelchairs will proceed more in the near future.

September 1, 2022      Hirokazu Morita

~~~ Children on their wheelchairs provided by NRH in Myanmar ~~~
             (The children’s names are shown in three initial letters)

           ==Report on Dec. 21, 2021==

              KZH (15 yrs. old)                                 KKL (12 yrs. old)
(Right) KKL is wearing a traditional Myanmar makeup, Tanaka. Generally, both children and grown-ups are said to wear Tanaka. It’s a kind of citrus tree and they rub it with a special inkstone, dissolve the powder that comes out in water, and apply it to the face.

           ==Report on Feb. 13, 2022==

            CMN (7 yrs. old)                                 MKT (12 yrs. old)

          ==Report on Aug. 29, 2022==

                TTA(5 yrs. old)                                 KAK (5 yrs. old)

                ZAM (4 yrs. old)                             THS (7 yrs. old)

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