State of emergency cancelled.

  The state of emergency for Covid-19 was cancelled in nine prefectures on June 20, but seven prefectures including Tokyo have been under the priority measures preventing prevalence. Although these measures are mainly for restaurants and diners, corona virus infection is still spreading. So we think it’s necessary for us to be strict about our behavior.

  We’d like to restart refurbishing wheelchair activity by holding a mini-meeting with a small number of people in July. The mini-meeting we assume is as follows:

    -The number of participants should be less than eleven.
    -Every participant should take their temperature before the meeting and
     should not join if they have anything unusual.
    -Every participant should disinfect their hands.
    -Every participant should wear face mask, face shield or mouth shield.
    -Every participant should work two meters away from others.
    -No loud voices.

  Mini-meetings are to be held on Sundays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. from this July. If you want to join the meeting, contact us to the secretariat. Then we adjust the schedule and get back to you. 

  The donation plan for 2021 is about 200 wheelchairs in total, much less than that of 2020. We intend to refurbish and send as many wheelchairs as we can to receivable countries by increasing the number of mini-meetings. We’d like to ask for your cooperation.

June 21, 2021 Hirokazu Morita

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